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Anxiety... and Peace

You know, the saying goes, “There's no such thing as the perfect soulmate. If you meet someone and you think they're perfect, you better run as fast as you can in the other direction. 'Cause your soulmate is the person that pushes all your buttons, ticks you off on a regular basis, and makes you face your stuff." I didn't fully understand that quote until yesterday. As most people know, I struggle with anxiety.. especially when it comes with anything medical. I rarely go to the hospital to visit people. Some people ask me how I had two children and I simply say-- I go to the doctor appointments for them, not me.. and somehow it makes it slightly easier (although I still struggle with being nervous!) Well, as many as of you know, my dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He has a blood clot in his leg. Immediately I became overwhelmed with fear. For him.. and selfishly, for me. That was my dad. The person who would drop anything for me. I HAD to g…