Saturday, November 27, 2010

Project 365: Day 361- November 26th

This morning I got up lacking a great deal of motivation, haha! Just being honest here! I think Thanksgiving wore me out. So, I vegged today. I'm serious. I relaxed on the couch with a HUGE crossword puzzle and "The Office: Season 5." How enjoyable :) Honestly, I just wanted Ethan home and I was completely bummed he had to work :( But oh well, it happens, huh? :) 

He FINALLY came home later on in the afternoon, we ran some errands, and came home to put Tayler's changing table together (okay-- he put it together, haha! He's better at that stuff than I am LOL) Here he is working on it:

And here is the finished product :) We LOVE it. It matches the crib perfectly!

And we finally put the storage unit in her closet too:

ANDDDDD, her mattress came today for her crib :)

And I think Ethan probably detested me today LOL No, I'm totally kidding! We put our Christmas tree and our decorations up after getting Tayler's crib together :) My mom and dad soooo graciously let us borrow their pre-lit fake tree hehe, so that's what we used and I bought bulbs and decorations for it awhile ago so we were prepared! :) Here is Ethan working on putting the tree together:

And unfortunately, I forgot my camera was on the couch, which Ethan took FULL ADVANTAGE of while I was decorating, haha! It didn't start out too bad:

Then we started getting pictures like this:

 HAHAHHA! What a creeper LOL! And you can tell, as I'm decorating.... I'm oblivious! :) But we finally got the tree decorated. Here it is along with a shot of the tree skirt and the star (which Ethan put on :))

And the tree skirt: (Yes, we have some gifts under there already-- and yes, I am choosing to do gift bags as opposed to wrapping. I suck at wrapping, hahaha!)

And the star on top of the tree:

And our stocking tree :) We have personalized stockings hehe, I love it!

And our kitchen table with our tea lights:

And to make it even more traditional, we had our pine/vanilla/and cinnamon candles lit and we were drinking Egg Nog :) Good, good times! After that, we cuddled up and watched "Grown Ups"... such a cute, funny movie!

After watching it, we went to his mom's house for some leftover Thanksgiving Day food :) We spent some time with Carol, Arena, and Jon... then Ethan decided to go to Walmart with TJ to do his own Christmas shopping, hehe! I, of course, stayed home and went to bed! I was absolutely beat! But I was awaken at I don't know what time in the morning to Ethan telling me he had a present for me :) Guess what it was?

HAHAHAHA! How funny is he?? LOL He had me immediately try them on and they were really comfy and warm! Loved them :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Project 365: Day 360- November 25th

Thanksgiving-- what an amazing holiday :) A day full of thankfulness, family, and food. Who wouldn't love that? haha! I wrote a note on Facebook about Thanksgiving, but I think I'll post that after I post my Project 365 update so everyone can see what I am TRULY grateful for. But not only was today Thanksgiving, it also marked 21 weeks pregnant for our family :) Only 19 weeks to go. Here are some belly shots:

She's growing by leaps and bounds. She kicks to where you can feel her on the outside now-- amazing! Today, I laid down on the ground and put my cell phone on my tummy and everyone watched her kick it hehe! It would jump and move around, haha! It was the neatest thing! Even her Aunt Susan got to feel her :) She's such a good girl already hehe! And speaking of Tayler, we got to my parent's house early to spend time with my family for a little while before everyone got there and Makala came early too and brought us a present for Tayler. She bought a storage unit for Tayler's closet where we can put her socks, hats, etc. and she bought Tayler 5 outfits!! How sweet is that?? Here's a shot of Tayler's storage unit:

And here are the outfits:

(The yellow dress says "Sweetheart")

(The green dress says "Dream Big" and the pink dress says "Adorable" hehe!)

(This dress says "So precious" hehe!)

And she bought us TONS of hangers for Tayler's FUTURE wardrobe, haha! The girl has more clothes than me, let me tell ya!

How cute are those?

And we got to finally see the bassinet and car seat that Starla gave us :) Thank you so much Starla! We LOVE them! Here is the bassinet:

And the car seat for Ethan's car:

And then we had Thanksgiving at my parent's house with my side of the family :) I'll just show about 4 pics from that since we took a ton! LOL

Here is Ethan and me (Tayler's wayyyy cool parents hahaha!) 

And here's a shot of Mom, Tayler, and me :)

And Makala, Chloe,and me! :) This is a traditional picture for us on Thanksgiving, haha! :)

And daddy and Corey (Dad with his cast. He has to keep his leg straight for 2 weeks, poor fella!)

And after dinner with my side of the family, we headed over to Ethan's mom's house for dinner with his family :) We had deviled eggs, turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls... yum! :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Project 365: Day 359- November 24th

Our morning started at 4:30AM today. My dad was having knee surgery at 6AM. Sadly, he hurt his knee playing softball last year and it just gradually got worse. My mom, dad, and grandma picked me up about 5:15AM and we were on our way. We got there and it seemed like a waiting game. Finally, about 7:00-7:30, they told us we could come back and see him before surgery. We waited with him and it was finally time for him to go, so mom, grandma, and I sat out in the waiting room and talked, I surfed the web, and we relaxed. And yes, I mean RELAXED (or at least tried to in spite of our nerves. I hate that he had to go under :()

Here's mom and Grandma "chillaxing"

And I guess the preggo lady got special treatment? LOL I laid down on the long couch they had there and a doctor came out and gave me a pillow AND a HEATED BLANKET. Yes, they warmed it up before giving it to me (it was FREEZING in that waiting room haha) Here's a shot of what I did during dad's surgery LOL

Comfy, huh? haha! And finally we got word that dad was out of surgery about 8:30AM. And recovery would be starting. He got really sick from the anasthesia, so it was a bit longer of a recovery, but he finally got his tummy feeling better and was released. How did we take him home? We laid one of the seats down in the murano and he laid in the back with 2 pillows LOL Here's a shot of that:

I think the nurses were scared to send him home with us because we kept teasing about how he was going to sleep in the garage because it was easier for us.... and how we were gonna bathe him with the hose out in the driveway HAHAHA. He knows we love him :)

When I got home-- Tayler's crib was delievered! How exciting, right?? Then it was the waiting game AGAIN-- waiting for Ethan to get home! But he finally did and we (ahem, I guess I should say HE) got started, haha! He took us (scratch that HIM) about 30 minutes. I supervised and looked at the instructions and held things that were falling LOL But we finally got it done. Here's Ethan working on it:

And here are a few shots of the finished product. I'm planning on purchasing a rug for the floor to cover that 70s carpet, haha!

Once we got done putting the crib together, we were starving so I made steak fajitas-- one of Ethan's favorite meals! :)

It was super yummy but IMMEDIATELY gave me heartburn *sigh* haha! Oh the joys of pregnancy hehe! :)

Tayler was moving around A LOT yesterday. I think she knew mommy was a bit nervous and was trying to keep her distracted :) At one point, I had a huge bulge on the left side of my tummy to where my tummy looked lopsided haha! I freaked out and started showing my grandma and she was like "Oh my Lord, Alyssa.. Look at that tummy!" Yes, my daughters butt was trying to push out of my stomach, haha! Too funny! I am SO in love with this little girl and her personality already!

After dinner, Ethan and I cuddled up and he FINALLY let me watch "Beauty and the Beast" haha! :) 

Cheers to Project 365!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Project 365: Day 358- November 23rd

I had a lazy day today. This weather once again has my sinuses going HAYWIRE... what does that mean? It means I had a throbbing headache.. all. day. long. *sigh* haha! Sneezing, watery eyes-- oh the joys! hehe! So, that called for ANOTHER boring day for me. Except for the yummy dinner I started about 9AM :) What was it you might be wondering? Southern Green Bean and Potato Casserole! Yummy! 

This is a crock-pot/slow cooker recipe.
Slice 4-6 red potatoes into pieces/slices and throw those in the crock pot.
Pour 2 cans of green beans (drained) in.
Dice 1 onion and add it to the mixture.
Fry 6 slices of bacon, drain, and cut up and throw into the crock pot.
Add 1 can of Cream of Celery soup.
Add salt, pepper, and garlic to taste.
Cook for approximately 7-9 hours on low. 

Enjoy! (We ate bread and butter with it-- yummy!)
While that was cooking, I enjoyed more of "The Office." Oh, how I ADORE that show!

After we had dinner, we grabbed some cranberry juice and cards at the store and we headed home to watch "The Wolfman." We got about.... 30 minutes in to it IF THAT and we were both exhausted and ready for bed------ at 7:30PM. Sad? Yea. We are officially OLD, hahahaha! 

Cheers to Project 365!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project 365: Day 357- November 22nd

Today was cleaning day. For some reason, this house gets terribly messy over the weekends. I blame the man of the house-- Ethan, haha! But nonetheless, dishes pile up, floors get dirty, clothes get piled up... it's a problem. So, I did a massive house regrouping today. Vacuumed the floors, dusted, swept the kitchen, mopped the kitchen, did the dishes, scrubbed the bathroom sink/toilet/tub, made our bed, cleaned our room... anything you can imagine got done today and boy did it feel GOOD once it was done! Now, lets hope it can stay this way... at least until next week, haha! And since cleaning at times seems to be a huge chore to me... and since we FINALLY have our cable box.. I turned it to a music channel and blasted out today while cleaning :) Made it much more adventurous, haha!

Yes, Chris Daughtry was on at this time :) LOVE it, haha!

And once I got done cleaning, I started making Buffalo Chicken Dip in the crock pot. Want the recipe? Of course, I'll share it. 

Diced or Shredded Chicken (Use as much as needed for the people you are preparing it for)
2 cups of bleu cheese dressing
1/4-1/2 cup of tobasco sauce
2 handfuls of shredded cheese.

I added a little bit of Ranch dressing as well and we served it with jalapeno chips.. and I made chicken quesadillas to go with it :)

It was yummy :) After that, Ethan ran some errands and picked us up a new fridge... so I watched some Game Shows, haha! And then he finally came home and we cuddled up and watched "Americas Funniest Home Videos" and "Holiday in Handcuffs." hehe!

I love those little moments when we can just cuddle up :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Project 365: Day 356- November 21st

One thing I absolutely LOVE about the holidays? Parades :) And the first one was today! Ethan and I traveled down to where my parent's live for their Christmas parade. We originally were going to go to Quiznos and guess what? That location closed down, haha! So, we walked to Burger King which is a personal favorite of mine anyways, haha! And then we walked to dad's truck to get ready to watch the parade :) Here is dad and Ethan waiting for it to start:

Ethan-- always a creeper face, haha! And here's mom and me (and Tayler of course) waiting for the parade to start:

That's the new shirt she bought me hehe! Love it :) And here are a few of the floats in the parade that I really liked:

It was so much fun! :) After that, we hurried home because the cable guy was coming to give us our RIGHT package. We were paying X amount of money for basic cable, digital phone, and internet when we should have been paying the same amount for a cable box, digital phone, and internet. So, we were getting jipped out of about 500 channels or so. Not that we needed that much, but we figured if we're paying X amount, we at least want to get our worth from it, you know? haha! The guy was super nice that we talked to and it was great! So, now we have our cable box!

Whoohooo! We'll see if Ethan can figure out the remote now hahaha! :) I just love him! After the cable guy left, we cuddled up and watched "Elf" :) My favorite Christmas movie *sigh* How I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year!


Cheers to Project 365!