Saturday, October 16, 2010

Project 365: Day 319- October 15th

Woke up this morning and met my mom at Sam's Club so we could go shopping! :) While there, I bought Southwest Chipotle Egg Rolls. I should have taken a picture of them, but I forgot. Dang it, haha! But we had been looking EVERYWHERE for these things because they taste JUST like the Arizona Egg Rolls we had at Tumbleweed forever ago. Oh my heavens, they were so yummy! Then we headed to Walmart where we went grocery shopping and clothing shopping. I bought a new sweater that actually fits over my ever-growing tummy, a new bra (oh yes, I've grown a cup size, haha!), new panties to fit over my ever-growing behind, new jeans that I don't have to unbutton when I sit down, and new flannel pajama pants that are super comfy :) And of course, I bought groceries for our bare refrigerator, haha! I got plenty of snacks, drinks. Finally, we have food! I had such a good day with my mom :) It was just nice to get away and relax for a few!

Then Ethan came home and we just chillaxed for the evening. He worked on one of his friend's cars and I hung out with Carrie and Cassie for awhile at their apartment. Then, Ethan gave me my "Sweetest Day" present (yea, I don't really celebrate it but Ethan told me he wanted to celebrate it, haha-- a "Valentine's Day" in October? LOL) 

He bought me:


So you can obviously guess how we spent our Friday night. That's right.. cuddled up on the couch in our flannel peejays with our afghans, hot chocolate, and socks! :) Here I am with my yellow gingerbread person:

And here's Ethan shuffling the cards and being weird, haha!

And, yes... I won... 4 games in a row. He even tried to cheat, LOL! But I caught him! haha! You should have seen his shocked face! That's right sucka, momma saw you! 

And here he is mad.... punching my gingerbread man LOL

And of course, I had to get him a gift for "Sweetest Day" :) It wasn't anything special, but he got some Halloween cookies and a card that sings to him, haha!

Cheers to Project 365!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Project 365: Day 318- October 14th

In honor of Project 101 in 1001, I decided to try a new recipe today in my new crock pot. I'm just going to be honest here-- I hate using new appliances, new pots, new pans... new anything because I hate getting them dirty! lol I want them to stay beautiful, perfect, and clean forever. But, obviously that can't happen, so if I'm going to get a crock pot dirty, might as well make it dirty with some yummy, yummy food! My first new recipe was: Cheesy Potatoes. Ethan's mom gave me the recipe and it was so good. I tweaked it just a little bit for my own taste, but here's what I did:

- Throw in one bag of Tater Tots on the bottom of the crock pot
- Add a bag of shredded cheddar cheese
- Add a small bowl of sour cream
- Add a can of cream of chicken soup (I think I should have added two)

Put all of that on high for a little over an hour and voila-- cheesy potatoes! We ate these with some toasted turkey/ham sandwiches and it was a great, quick, easy dinner! :)

And after dinner, we obviously had dirty dishes and GUESS WHAT. Oh yes, I did those in my new sink :) They look so good and smell so good afterwards. I am soooo happy!!

And is it sad that most of my excitement these days comes from new appliances, new plates/bowls, and new glasses? We got some new glasses tonight for only $4.00 and oh, I was in heaven! I poured a glass of sprite with tons of ice and it was HEAVEN. hehe! :)

And today, 10/14 marked 15 weeks pregnant! :) That's right folks. Baby B has been baking for 15 weeks. And we have only 21-25 weeks to go, eek! And, we have 9 days til we find out what Baby B is! Ahhh, we can hardly wait! Here's a few snapshots of my tummy this week:

And Ethan and I ended our night cuddled up watching "Cop Out," but unfortunately, I couldn't stay awake. Dear heavens, this is the 2nd night in a row I've fallen asleep during our movie time haha! I just get so at peace laying on his chest, hehe :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project 365: Day 317- October 13th

I got to be a house-wif.. er... girlfriend today :) I did 4 loads of laundry and oh my heavens, I LOVED it! You know, you hear people complain all the time about doing laundry, but let me tell you something-- when you don't have a washer/dryer in your home for almost a year-- having one will BLESS YOUR SOUL hehe! I was in complete heaven today. All of the clothes in our house is clean and they smell so so good! I even washed our sheets and what not :) Oh, it was a good day hehe! 

Time Warner Cable stopped by and hooked up our new home phone today :) We even bought another cordless for the bedroom, so we have 2 phones in our house! I LOVE it. Of course, our first phone call was for food, haha! But we are so so happy we have this!

And Aaron's Furniture came and delivered our new fridge! We are going to rent one right now until we find one we can afford. It's only $40 a month, so we figured "Why not?" right? We LOVE it! So pretty, so big! I'm in heaven, haha! I keep saying that a lot, huh? :) I am just so happy!

And the inside--

Enough stuff for my lunch and for dinner tomorrow, haha! It's a work in progress lol!

And I got a new crock pot because my old one broke :/ sad, sad day! I loved that precious thing, but this one is gorgeous too hehe!

And by the end of the night, we were beat once again! It's been a long week moving, shopping, etc. So, we cuddled up in bed and watched "Surf's Up." (Ethan's favorite animated movie, haha)

Cheers to Project 365!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Project 365: Day 316- October 12th

We woke up this morning, went and got breakfast (since we still do not have a fridge *sigh* lol) and headed over to the store to buy a few other things for the house. I bought a laundry basket for the bathroom, a new trashcan, a small fan because it gets SO hot in there during the day, and I bought a new basket for Ethan's deodorant, cologne, etc. We feel a lot more organized! :) And we bought a new trash can for the kitchen-- a small trash can. We love it:

After making these purchases, we came home and Ethan got things together to go find a refrigerator and to go pick up our new couch. While he was doing that, I decorated the kitchen:

We have a coffee maker, blender, sandwich maker, toaster hehe! And adorable fall decorations, right? lol As the day went on, Ethan and Bobby went and picked up our couch and unloaded it in the living room and my parents came up later that night with our new DVD stand/book shelf..... and here is what the living room looks like now:

We are SO unbelievably blessed!! Here's an up-close view of our new couch and our DVD stand/holder:

I am so so in love! Thank you to my mom for bringing us the Longaberger baskets she brought us to decorate with! Now, we're just going to work on getting some colors to match with the tan/brown and get a blanket for our couch, some curtains, and a few other decorations :)

We even have end tables and a home phone:

Love it :) We even have a candle that matches hehe!

And my parents brought my desk up and we had that placed in our room! :) We even have a TV now, DVD player, Nintendo, printer, laptop, etc. Love it hehe!

And another view:

And we have established a "swear jar," "fight jar," and "prayer jar" in our household! The "swear jar" is where whenever someone curses, they have to put .10 in the jar. We are trying to eliminate that from being present in our house before Baby B is born! The "fight jar" is where Ethan and I put $10 a piece in the jar whenever we have an all out fight. We're trying to learn to argue in an adult, discreet manner :) And the "prayer jar" is for whenever we see it, we get to pray for one person in it!

We are finally all moved in! It was another busy day-- but it was most certainly a BLESSED day!

Cheers to Project 365!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project 365: Day 315- October 11th

The day, as every day it seems, started out rough. I should probably just quit writing about it, haha. But anyways, once Baby B and I got some food in our system, we headed out to meet Grandma (excuse me, Gigi) at Pizza Hut. Yes, I have a huge craving for that place-- every single day. I had a huge salad (ranch, lettuce, cheese, eggs, onions, bacon.. oh yes, it was amazing), 3 slices of pepperoni deep dish pizza, and 2 breadsticks... with tons of pizza sauce. Oh my heavens, I could go for that right now! But anyways, it was yummy and since mom is on vacation this week, she went with me to purchase some decorations for our new house because today was moving day! First stop was Walmart, wahoo! We bought a new welcome mat, towels, shower liner, basket for the bathroom, tooth brush holder, soap dispenser... You'll see pics of that once I show our new place! :) And we went to Hobby Lobby. I purchased some bulbs for our Christmas tree and a star, but those will be shown later, haha!

And then it was moving day! Here was what we saw at our old apartment:

And we left all of this behind and went and picked up a U-Haul to start packing it all up. I was dreading it with the 80 degree day we had going on, but fortunately--- THE U-HAUL HAD AIR CONDITIONING. So you best believe that sucka was cranked full blast for momma, haha!

 And after picking up the U-Haul, we headed over to our new house and picked up the keys!! How exciting is that?? It's officially ours :)

And we headed back to our apartment and Ethan started packing things up and loading it into U-Haul. Wahoo! 

And we started unloading it all in our new place. It took a few hours. We packed the smaller things in my car (shoes, clothes, decorations,etc.) but we got it all placed in our new house-- with a few breaks here and there for some food and drinks, haha! 

Here is our living room:

We are getting a couch on Wednesday and we are getting a DVD Stand on Tuesday! Then the decorating can begin once we saw the colors we have to work with :)

And here is our kitchen:

And then I told Ethan could have his own room for this junk.. oops, excuse me-- his prized possessions, haha! 

And this will be the baby's room. Obviously, we don't have much in here yet, haha!

And the bathroom (my mother so graciously helped me decorate!)

And here's our bedroom (but the bed needs made and my parents are bringing my desk, dvd player, tv, and desk chair later on Tuesday!)

We also have a washer and dryer BLESS GOD ALMIGHTY! :)

We finally wrapped up unpacking about 10:00PM... there are some other things we have to do and I'll update with those later on, but that's all I have for today!

Cheers to Project 365

Monday, October 11, 2010

Project 365: Day 314- October 10th

Happy 10/10/10 :)
Ethan and I woke up this morning, grabbed some breakfast, and started working on some personal tasks. He wanted to learn a new song on his guitar and I needed to catch up on my Project 365 and another project I was working on (more about that later...) After we spent some time a part, we decided to go for a walk on the nature trail together. I've been working on walking 3x a week and Ethan has been helping me with that goal! :) While on the way there, I HAD to take some pictures of the gorgeous trees that are changing colors. Golly, this is my favorite time of year :)

Isn't that just gorgeous? I, of course, had to take another picture, haha! I am in love :)

I can't wait til the trees have all changed! Be ready for those pictures, haha!

After our walk on the trail, we stopped by our new place just so I could get some pictures of the outside. Oh yes, get excited haha! More pictures of the inside will be to come because moving day is steadily approaching!

It's quite amazing that that is OUR trailer! Oh my heavens! It's soooo nice inside! Eek, i can't wait to take some more pictures! hehe!

After that, Ethan headed to one of his friend's weddings (that I have never met lol) so I stayed home and worked on my other Project-- 101 things in 1001 days. I made a list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days (July 8th, 2013 will be my stopping point.) I am so excited! Here's what this blog looks like:

If you want to check out the list, stop by here or click on the button on my Project 365 home page! :) 

Ethan came home from the wedding and his buddy TJ and TJ's girlfriend stopped by. Laken and I chit-chatted about upcoming events in our lives and Ethan and TJ checked out Ethan's new car-- and Ethan found something AMAZING (well, his words were-- "Alyssa, I found something that made this car well worth the money I spent on it!) I was curious to know--- did we strike gold in the trunk? was there a million dollars hidden underneath of the jack? Nope...

LASER TAG GUNS-- the kind you played with when you were a kid, haha! They were running around the living room shooting one another-- *sigh* They're special LOL 

And since I worked really hard on my 101/1001 list... I decided to start working on one of them. What might that be? DRIVING STICK SHIFT. And Ethan was going to teach me. haha! I knew this was going to be quite the experience and I was really really nervous, but I jumped in the drivers seat and took off (well, the 2nd time I tried. The first time I stalled the engine. Ooops!) Here's a picture of me driving. This is after I made his car have like 45 convulsions because I didn't press the gas at the right time haha!

Yes, I was laughing. Ethan was cracking up and just kept saying "Gosh, I love you..." hahaha! It was a good test run and I think I just might be getting the hang of it lol! My goal is to be able to just jump in the car and go. We'll see how this goes. Here's my after our first lesson:

Oh, it was a good day! We finished it off by cuddling up and watching "Notorious"-- Ethan's choice, haha!

Cheers to Project 365!