Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I thought I'd share a few HALLOWEEN pictures of my 19 month old for all of you :) She turned 19 months old on Halloween.. can't believe how big she is getting!

There's our not-so-happy Foofa, haha :)  We woke her up to head out and she wasn't a happy camper to say the least, but oh well, she still looks adorable! LOL :) 

It was SOOOOO cold this year for Halloween. Last year wasn't too bad. I remember being in a hoodie and jeans.. or how about I just share a picture of Tayler and me last year for Halloween? She was 7 months old.

She looks so tiny. I can't believe how quick life goes.

And now she's a big 19 month old!


Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!! We sure did :) Hard to believe next year on Halloween we will have a 6 month old an a 32 month old :) 


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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

13 Weeks-- SECOND TRIMESTER!! :)

We are 13 weeks pregnant today!! :) Finally in the 2nd trimester. Does it seem like this is flying by to anyone else? I can't believe it. Ethan and I were talking last night about how it's been 9 weeks since we announced we were pregnant... doesn't even seem like it.
I feel so blessed that God saw it fit to give us a new life. He has surely given us more than we could have ever asked for. We have a gorgeous, smart, happy 19 month old (she's 19 months old today actually!) and she's healthy... and I pray the same thing for this baby. I know what an honor it is to be able to be pregnant.. and give birth.. and have this precious gift. I just plead His blood over our lives every single day. That he keeps us healthy and growing on schedule. I trust Him.
So how's 13 weeks working out for us?
Good! Still nauseous, but I don't know why I'm surprised. Lol I was sick with Tayler almost the entire time, haha! I'm not sure why I thought it would be different with this one. They're both boogers ;) But I guess that's a good sign to me that the baby is still healthy. It's a comforting (yet overwhelming) feeling... especially when you can't feel the baby moving :) I guess you've got to take the good with the bad.. and I'm perfectly okay with that!
I craved a steak this week. That's really weird because I don't typically enjoy just a plain steak, you know? But I kept wanting one and wanting one... so Ethan ended up surprising me at stopping at the corner market on his way home from work and picking one up for me :) He made me a ribeye steak with mushrooms and onions, green beans, potatoes, and bread and butter. It was delicious! It makes me want another one... with A1 sauce. Although, I'm sure baby won't be happy about that later, haha! I was up half the night with heartburn thanks to pasta salad and italian dressing I had at like 9:15PM. *sigh* Bad decision on my part, haha! :)
Alright, now for some pictures!

Added a little bit of Halloween touch this week :)
and for a close up--

I'm still as confused as ever on the sex, so lets not discuss that, haha! :) Like I said, I have felt like it's a Sawyer (girl) from the start, but everyone keeps saying it's a boy, so it really confuses me. But I'm holding on to all of Tayler's old clothes just in case. Honestly, it would be easier to have a little girl, but I'd be thrilled with a boy too ;)
And now for some questions!
How far along? 13 weeks
Total Weight Gain?  We had a doctor's appointment Friday and it said I gained 2lbs in 4 weeks. He said normally they allow 1lb a week, so I did great for my 2nd appointment! That made me happy because I feel chubby haha!
Maternity Clothes? Nah! Just a belly band. They say that happens quick with your 2nd one :)
Stretch Marks? As I said last time, I'm not really sure? I had some with Tayler, but I don't see any new ones. I lather my belly in cocoa butter in hopes it will help this time!
Sleep? Alright except for the nights I struggle with heartburn :)
Best Moment of This Week: We got to hear the heartbeat Friday. Such a beautiful sound :)
Miss Anything? Not getting heartburn every time I eat something with a bit of a kick LOL
Movement? Nothing I can feel! I'm sure they are boogeying down there though ;)
Food Cravings? Steak!
Anything Make You Queasy/Sick? So much. Certain foods, poopy diapers, trash...
Gender: 11 days and we will know!
Labor Signs? No way!
Symptoms: Nausea. Peeing constantly. Fatigue. Sore breasts!
Belly Button In or Out? She's an innie!
Weddings Rings On Or Off? On for now! :)
Happy or Moody this week? Emotional (I'll admit, I've been watching Christmas movies and they always get to me) but happy!! :)
Looking Forward To: Finding out the sex next Sunday!! :)
Alright, now time to get ready for our evening! Our 19 month old is going trick or treating tonight :) I'll try to remember to post pictures later. Wait til you see how cute she looks in her costume!! :)
Happy 13 weeks.. on to 14!

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