Friday, March 15, 2013

Project365x3: Day 10- March 14th

I worked on editing my senior session from Wednesday night allllll morning :) But by mid-day, I was starving and I knew Tayler was too, so I made lunch.

We had pop corn chicken, banana chips, apple slices, and juice. I'm a kid at heart, what can I say :) Tayler dips her chicken in ranch.. I'm a mustard fan myself. And notice are awesome 'Yo Gabba Gabba' plates for the occasion??? Lunch is special in our house :)

And I was looking through photos for 'Throwback Thursday' on Instagram and I came across this 32 week picture of my belly with Tayler... so I HAD to match it with a 32 week bare belly shot of Quinn. I know some people out there think bare belly shots are tacky, but I like to remember them :) 

I think it looks like I'm carrying Quinn a lot lower than I was carrying Tayler. What do you think?? :) Hard to believe this time 2 years ago, I was 36 weeks pregnant with Tayler. My baby is ALMOST 2!

When I went to check the mail this morning, I found a cookie in there that was shipped to me from a sweet friend of mine for my birthday. How cool is that?

It was delicious!

After that, I had a few photo sessions, then Ethan, Tayler, and myself headed to my parent's house. Thursday evenings are our tradition! We always go over there and spend the evening.. and Tayler REALLY looks forward to it. All night Wednesday night she was asking for Gigi. I swear she knew it was almost Thursday, haha! She has soooo much fun over there! Her and Papaw had play time.. and they cuddled to watch 'Yo Gabba Gabba' :)

She was having a blast. I don't think they love her at all ;) haha!

After that, we all came home.. got our showers.. and got ready for some 'American Idol.'

Can I just say I was SHOCKED tonight???

Curtis DID NOT deserve to go home. I just couldn't even believe it!! :( Were any of you just as shocked??? 

Hope you all had an amazing day!

Cheers to Project 365x3!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project365x3: Day 9- March 13th

So, first of all.. Today marked being 32 weeks pregnant :) 

I posted my weekly pregnancy blog below this one, so if you're interested, you can check that out :)

I spent the morning straightening up the house because the appraiser was supposed to be here at 10AM. Tayler was being a complete sleepy head, so I cleaned the entire house, grabbed her out of bed, changed her diaper, and headed out the door. They weren't sure how long it was going to take, but he told me to stay out of the house from 10-11AM, so Tayler and I just camped out in a parking lot nearby where I could see the house to know when he had left. I made Tayler some breakfast and her strawberry milk (her favorite) and a few toys :) And this was my view the entire time we were waiting:

Haha, Tayler had my phone watching 'Bubble Guppies' so Quinn and I settled in with a crossword puzzle. I'm addicted. I have always had a love for those darn things :)

It was a frustrating day.

They called at 10:56 and said, 'Oh, the appraiser had to cancel. He's sick.' So I ran my car for an hour.. fought with a daughter that didn't want to be in her car seat. Got up early and cleaned (although, my house needed it haha) All for them to wait 56 minutes to tell me he cancelled. FRUSTRATING. So, they rescheduled for Friday. Lets hope it actually happens then. Prayers would be appreciated :)

Once we got home, I worked on some things for Tayler's birthday party (I'll reveal more about that later!) and then Ethan came home and it was time for a senior session! It was FREEZING out. It was snowing through part of her session, haha, but we made it through. Ethan gave me lots of long johns to wear. I was super warm.. and that's a change because usually I freeze my booty off, haha!

Once we got home, we watched 'Bubble Guppies' with Tayler for a little bit while we ate dinner (breakfast bake and biscuits!) Isn't she cute?

She did not want to stop for breakfast or a picture. 'Bubble Guppies' had her in a trance! HAHA!

And I was having a very frustrating day with a few other things in my life, so Ethan told me to go up and take a warm bath. On my way up the stairs, I noticed my 'belly shadow' and I had to take a picture. 

Isn't that cute? HAHA :)

I had a nice, warm bath while listening to Adele (love Pandora!) and when I came downstairs, Ethan had cleaned up the supper dishes, had the dish washer running, cleaned up after supper, and had Tayler changed. He's awesome ;) 

Then it was time for 'American Idol.' Any fans?

I'm not sure how they are going to do the voting off tonight, but this is what I've determined as the 'Bottom 3.'

1. Lazaro Arbos (I wasn't a huge fan)
2. Devin Velez (played it too safe!)
3. Janelle Arthur (Wasn't a fan of this song either)

And I think Lazaro will be going home tonight.

What are your thoughts?? I definitely think it's a girl's year to win! I've already predicted the Top 2 as being Angela and Candice. LOVE them both (but Angela is my favorite!!) 

Hope you all had a great day!


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March 13th, 2013 marked: 8 MONTHS (32 Weeks) PREGNANT!!! 

Whoohooo :)

Here's our 32 week shot:

What's going on in week 32??

'The Bump' says that Quinn is the size of a squash this week. 

They estimate she is about 15.2-16.7" long and about 2.5-3.8 pounds. I am going to assume that's pretty accurate, but we have another ultrasound March 24th to see how big she is! :) I am excited because our ultrasound with Tayler at 33 weeks, 2 days pregnant said she was 17" long and 4lbs 3oz. I will be 33 weeks, 4 days pregnant when I go this time around with Quinn. It will be interesting to see how they compare :)

We had our weekly check-up on Tuesday. It felt so good for the doctor to walk in the door and say, 'Oh man, Momma. You're almost done!' WHOOHOOOOO :) We are getting SO close to meeting our baby girl!

And when I say closer... I get anxious.

I am also getting closer to being in labor *big eyes* 

I keep telling myself.. 'You've done this once. You've done this once. You've done this once.' But I don't think that really prepares you considering every labor is different. I have already been praying for His peace to compass me. I get so nervous when it comes to  medical things (I know.. why do you have babies then? LOL I get that a lot. I just know the outcome is worth it!) 

I have been having A LOT of Braxton Hicks contractions here lately! It's just all getting so real. EEK.

As of today (I'm one day behind, I know, haha) we have 34-55 days until we could have her! As a matter of fact... as of Sunday, I have one month until I'm considered full term and could go in to labor any time after that! Kinda freaky, eh? :) I had Tayler exactly one week early. We'll see what Quinn has up her sleeve! ;)

Everything else this week has been pretty good. I'm having a REALLY hard time sleeping and staying asleep anymore. It's my back, honestly. It hurts SO bad. Sometimes, I'd much rather try and sleep sitting up, haha! Warm baths seem to help, but I dread having to get out of my nice, warm bed to get one! :) 

Alright, now for our week 32 questions:

How far along? 32 Weeks
Total Weight Gain? 23 pounds total. I'm still pretty proud. Now if I can just keep it below 30 I will be ecstatic, haha! I gained 40 with Tayler.. and I don't want to go anywhere near there LOL!
Maternity Clothes?  Oh yes. Pretty much everything I put on is maternity anymore, haha!
Stretch Marks?  I had them with Tayler! lol 
Sleep? Not great this week! :( I have so much back pain with this pregnancy!
Best Moment of This Week:  Hearing Quinn's heartbeat Tuesday and hearing Tayler count to '3' for the first time!
Miss Anything? Comfortable sleep. Having a stiff drink after a stressful day LOL!!! Drinking a buttload of sweet tea. Having a skinny body lol!
Movement? Oh my heavens, yes! You can see it SO well on the outside anymore. Sometimes I feel like she's trying to break free, haha!
Food CravingsI honestly have been wanting that raspberry lemonade from 'Bob Evans' ever since I had it, haha!
Anything Make You Queasy/Sick?  Poopy diapers. Trash. BLEH.
Gender: GIRL!! :) Our Quinn Makenzie!
Labor Signs?  Braxton Hicks. That's about it!
Symptoms: Constant peeing. Back pain. Braxton Hicks.
Belly Button In or Out?  Quinn almost has her completely out, haha!
Weddings Rings On Or Off? On for now! :)
Happy or Moody this week? Very happy! :)
Looking Forward To:  Tayler's birthday party March 23rd :) Our ultrasound on March 24th.. :)  

Cheers to 32 weeks... on to 33 weeks!!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 8- March 12th

Tayler and I had a lazy day today. With all of the cleaning yesterday, I thought we deserved it, haha! ;) But not too lazy... we had our 32 week doctor's appointment for baby girl today! :) I can't believe we are getting that close!

We left as soon as Ethan got home from work. He said, 'You carry Tayler out to the car (who was fast asleep) and I'll get the rest of the stuff.' Well, I had to get a picture of him leaving, haha! I said he looked like MR. MOM! LOL

Bag, drink.. everything. So cute, haha!

On the way there, something funny happened. I have to tell you about it, haha!

Ethan had his GPS stolen out of our car the other day (while it was sitting in our driveway no less.. Just wanted to give you a little background story lol) So anyways, we are driving down the street and these people make room for us to cut across the lanes, but I was super nervous because we couldn't see the lane beside them so I kept saying, 'Don't go. What if there are cars coming!' He says the famous Notebook line, 'Trust. You need to learn to trust humans, Alyssa. God made them... And I trust them 100%...' To which I replied, 'Then where's your GPS??' Lol and he replies back, 'See, I trust that they needed it for a good reason.' LOL I love him haha!

Then it was time for our doctor's appointment :) I will tell you-- it is super relieving for the doctor to walk through the door and say, 'Almost there, Momma!' WHOHOOOO :) Thank You Jesus, the doctor's appointment went great! Quinn's heart rate was 135.. and my blood pressure was 120/68. This is a HUGE deal to me because with Tayler, I always had high blood pressure, so this is a big blessing! I feel so relieved and thankful! Quinn is measuring right on schedule and we go back in 2 weeks for our 34-week check up. Hard to believe we have our 34-week check-up, then 36-weeks.. then it's every week! She's ALMOST here. And all of our doctor bills are paid for as of yesterday! Another relief :)

They give you that nifty paperwork when you leave now. Pretty awesome :)

And my sweet Tayler... she was beat. I think this time change has her a wreck, haha! She slept til about 10:00AM and she was asleep at 2:00PM.. slept through the doctor's appointment.. she's just worn out!


She's too cute!!

After the appointment, we went to Kohl's to pick up a few things for my Dad's birthday (which is today!!) and I bought two shirts that were on sale. I get tired of not having very many shirts that fit, haha, and I needed a dress shirt for church (the gray one)... it is really cute!!  Can't wait to wear it!

Then we went to Bob Evans. We were taking Mom & Dad out for Dad's birthday. He turned '47' today!  I got the Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich with fries. It was AMAZING. Oh my word. I could go for another one right now, haha! :) 

The sandwich was on Ciabatta bread with bacon, grilled chicken, lettuce, and tomato. YUM.

And I got raspberry lemonade. I haven't had this before, so I decided to give it a try and OH MY WORD. I told Ethan this will officially be my drink of the Summer, haha! I could seriously go pick one up right now.. it was THAT good.

I definitely recommend it, folks!

And here's Tayler chewing on my sanitizer holder, haha! We were waiting for our food... she was trying so hard to be patient and wait for her chicken tenders and fries (with ranch to dip in of course!)

She's too cute!

And here's E and me.

My bff ;)

And here's Dad eating his sundae for his birthday!!!

He wouldn't smile for a picture. He just kept saying, 'Take one of me eating it' LOL so there you have it!!! HAHA!

And we had the birthday boy get his picture taken with Tayler! It was so precious. She had the biggest smile on her face. Her loves her papaw!

We hope you had a great day today, Dad!!! 

After that busy day, we came home and got cuddled in for 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'The Lying Games.'

Sooo... Spencer is part of 'Team A' eh??? Did anyone see that coming? I was completely shocked!! Was she the one that took Malcolm?? I saw those tickets so I was trying to put everything together! I am so excited for next week's episode, but sad too because it's the season finale :( HOWEVER, I did hear that it's coming back on June 11th.. so at least we don't have to wait TOO long!

And 'The Lying Game.' INTENSE season finale. Ethan has been saying for awhile that he thought there was something 'off' about Thayer.. and looks like he was right. I seriously didn't see that coming whatsoever. Sad it was the season finale.. but hopefully we don't have to wait too long for the new season either! I am just so glad that the truth is finally starting to come out about everything! Relieving!

So, that sums up our day! Hope you all had an amazing day!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 7- March 11th

We had a pretty boring day today. We went from 70* sunny weather to 40* rainy weather. What a bummer huh?? Nothing like telling your almost two-year old that she can't go out and play. They just don't understand why one day it's gorgeous and the next day... blah! LOL :) But oh well, I tried to make things fun today:


An appraiser is coming over Wednesday morning to appraise our house (so we can sell this bad boy!) so I spent the whole day scrubbing things and trying to get the house prepared for that. I have a few things left to do, but for the most part, the house looks amazing! Tayler always helps by dragging out everything that I put away ;) She's awesome at that! ;)

That's a view of the kitchen after we did all of the dishes, scrubbed the counters, and scrubbed the floors :) We even got all of the laundry done! Whoohooo! :)

But I think all of that 'work' (notice the quotes ;)) wore Tayler out because about 2PM, she CRASHED, haha! So, since she was snoozing, I decided to take advantage of that and watch 'The Client List' from Sunday night. Do any of you watch it? It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Lifetime Channel. Oh my word, I love it! And I was so excited tonight was the season premiere! :)

If you haven't seen it before, I definitely recommend it :) They're only in the second season, so you can catch up quickly! :)

Then we had dinner! I made hamburgers, creamed corn, and I baked some french fries. Not the healthiest meal, but it was tasty and for some reason-- I have been craving mustard, haha! I forgot to buy buns at the stores (go figure lol) so we had to eat our burgers on bread, but oh well. It was still tasty!

Notice the pepper. It's an addiction, haha!

After that, I swear-- we all got our baths and got in our peejays. Tayler had already had her bath earlier, but we got her in her peejays after she woke up with her new pair of slippers from her friend Olivia :) Here she is sitting on the end table like she's not supposed to, drinking her juice.

Yeaaaa, I'm that mom. She gets in trouble AFTER the picture, haha ;)

And we all cuddled up for the night. We played some games with Tayler and then (I think even Ethan was excited....) we turned on


Has anyone else been watching this season??? GAH. Love it! Like I said, I even have Ethan watching it with me, haha! And I took a photo of the TV while watching it. Not the best quality, but you get the point.

This was right after he proposed to Catherine. Such a sweet moment. I just love those two together :) And OH MY GOSH. I am excited about:

1. Their wedding airing on TV! I will SO be watching that!
2. Des being the next 'Bachelorette.' I LOVE LOVE LOVEDDDDDDD her!! I know she's going to have so much fun doing that :) 

I can't wait!

Hope you all had a great day!!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 6- March 10th

My dad invited us to a new church last night, so we decided to get up this morning and try it out :) We have been talking about wanting to go for quite some time now (to some church.. somewhere..) and so this just seemed like a good idea to try a new place. We got Tayler all ready in her new outfit that Uncle Corey and Aunt Marie bought (they also bought Quinn a matching one ;) I can't wait for them to wear them together.) I thought she looked ABSOLUTELY adorable this morning!!

Gosh, she's adorable :)

She did so good at church too. We had a couple moments of 'I'm really bored and I want to do something' but for the most part, she did amazing... especially considering we haven't had her at church since she started walking LOL :) It was a great service and I am very thankful that we were invited :) The preacher talked about sitting at the king's table. He told the story of Mephiboseth in 2 Samuel 9. He talked about how at the king's table, you were not allowed to pick up the table cloth. It covered the table all of the way to the floor.. which was a blessing for Mephiboseth who was crippled. He talked about how all of Mephiboseth's imperfections were covered at the king's table. It didn't matter what was in his past there, because NO ONE was allowed to pick up the table cloth to see what was under it. That's how it is for us too. We have a spot at the king's table... and it doesn't matter what is in our past. He loves us regardless and He won't allow other's to bring up what things we have done in our past. It was very  encouraging :)

They sang a song that I loved too.. I spent all night trying to find it on youtube but I couldn't remember the words exactly lol. Finally, I found it!!!

It's called 'Nothing Remains the Same' by Clint Brown. If you have a second, check it out. It's beautiful. I could hardly hold back the tears. Just a huge blessing to hear it :)

So, all in all, we had a great morning! I came back home and got ready for a few photo sessions.. it was gorgeous out so I didn't mind! But I had some snuggle time with Tayler beforehand.. trying to get her to nap ;) haha!

Look how tired she was LOL! :)

and I took a photo of my two girls!

Eek :) I am so excited for Quinnie to be here soon! As of today, it was 38 -58 days until she's here! Woot woot! :)

After I got home from sessions, Tayler woke up from her nap and we took her outside to play... AGAIN! She was in heaven! :)

She is so freaking gorgeous. :)

Daddy was washing the cars, so she was having a blast getting sprayed by water (well, a mist.. haha) It was hysterical! :) After Daddy washed the cars, we took her to the park!

She had a dirty butt from sitting in the mulch lol :) We call that her 'sexy walk' haha! She just sways her booty back and forth. It's hilarious!

Daddy was pushing her on the swing. She absolutely loved it!

Hench her partially toothless grin, haha! Don't mind that. She fell and chipped her tooth. She's got a dentist appointment coming up for that ;) Should be fun ;) LOL! Just call her Miss Grace. But how adorable is that smile still?????? 

Sometimes I wonder what we EVER  did without kids! :) She is our whole world. We both love spending time with her... especially outside!! :)

We had such a great day! Tayler was beat when we came inside, haha! She took a bath, ate some dinner, and hit the sack.. and so did we! That time change got to us all I think :)

Cheers to Project365x3!

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Project 365x3: Day 5- March 9th

I woke up this morning still not feeling too hot, but it was SO gorgeous out.. I knew I had to get feeling better and pronto because Ethan had a ball tournament and I wanted to get Tayler outside. The poor girl was BEGGING me to go outside. She kept taking me to the door.. desperate to leave, haha! So I finally pulled myself together, picked up my Momma, and we headed down to where his ball tournament was. Tayler had a blast! She absolutely LOVES being outside and I was so thankful we finally had a nice day to do that!

That's the field where they were playing :) 

Here's Tayler enjoying the breeze!

Gigi and her had a blast together. She kept running from her and everyone from the other team would say, 'GO GO, RUN RUN, SHE'S COMING AFTER YOU!!' Tayler got a kick out of that, poor Gigi, haha!

Aren't they adorable?? Lol Tayler was running everywhere. I knew she had to be thinking, 'Finally! I'm not in my play room or at an indoor play place!!!' LOL :) We hung out there for awhile.. but Tayler was getting extremely tired, so we headed back to my parent's house and of course, Tayler crashed on the way there ;) We hung out there for the afternoon while Tayler napped and Ethan finally came back too! :) And then...


I was a tad nervous because we always do our shopping on Friday nights and not Saturdays so I wasn't sure if it was going to be extremely busy or not, but fortunately, it wasn't packed at all! They liked to give me a heart attack by doing some kind of test while we were there though... all kinds of sirens going off. I thought we were being invaded lol! 

I love a nice, stocked fridge, that's for sure!! Lots to snack on and drink :) 

And I made our dinners list for the week:

We are having a Breakfast Bake by Marie Callender's on Monday. I'm kind of excited to try it. I had a coupon for it and for me to make my breakfast casserole.. it costs a little more than what I paid for this breakfast bake. I'll let every one know how it tastes :) Tuesday, we are taking my dad out for his birthday. Wednesday, I'm making homemade pizza. Thursday, we are having turkey slices, mashed potatoes, and gravy. And Friday, it's hamburgers and french fries. A favorite in our house ;)

Do you organize your dinners at the beginning of the week or do you just kind of wing it through out the week?

And after that, I had to give Tayler a bath. She was a mess from being outside all day. And while I was giving her a bath, I could feel Quinn putting her feet in to my stomach and I got this cool shot of her feet poking through my shirt. Can you see it? :)

So cute!

We had a great day outside today :) Hope you all did too!

Cheers to Project365x3!

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