Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project365x3: Day 9- March 13th

So, first of all.. Today marked being 32 weeks pregnant :) 

I posted my weekly pregnancy blog below this one, so if you're interested, you can check that out :)

I spent the morning straightening up the house because the appraiser was supposed to be here at 10AM. Tayler was being a complete sleepy head, so I cleaned the entire house, grabbed her out of bed, changed her diaper, and headed out the door. They weren't sure how long it was going to take, but he told me to stay out of the house from 10-11AM, so Tayler and I just camped out in a parking lot nearby where I could see the house to know when he had left. I made Tayler some breakfast and her strawberry milk (her favorite) and a few toys :) And this was my view the entire time we were waiting:

Haha, Tayler had my phone watching 'Bubble Guppies' so Quinn and I settled in with a crossword puzzle. I'm addicted. I have always had a love for those darn things :)

It was a frustrating day.

They called at 10:56 and said, 'Oh, the appraiser had to cancel. He's sick.' So I ran my car for an hour.. fought with a daughter that didn't want to be in her car seat. Got up early and cleaned (although, my house needed it haha) All for them to wait 56 minutes to tell me he cancelled. FRUSTRATING. So, they rescheduled for Friday. Lets hope it actually happens then. Prayers would be appreciated :)

Once we got home, I worked on some things for Tayler's birthday party (I'll reveal more about that later!) and then Ethan came home and it was time for a senior session! It was FREEZING out. It was snowing through part of her session, haha, but we made it through. Ethan gave me lots of long johns to wear. I was super warm.. and that's a change because usually I freeze my booty off, haha!

Once we got home, we watched 'Bubble Guppies' with Tayler for a little bit while we ate dinner (breakfast bake and biscuits!) Isn't she cute?

She did not want to stop for breakfast or a picture. 'Bubble Guppies' had her in a trance! HAHA!

And I was having a very frustrating day with a few other things in my life, so Ethan told me to go up and take a warm bath. On my way up the stairs, I noticed my 'belly shadow' and I had to take a picture. 

Isn't that cute? HAHA :)

I had a nice, warm bath while listening to Adele (love Pandora!) and when I came downstairs, Ethan had cleaned up the supper dishes, had the dish washer running, cleaned up after supper, and had Tayler changed. He's awesome ;) 

Then it was time for 'American Idol.' Any fans?

I'm not sure how they are going to do the voting off tonight, but this is what I've determined as the 'Bottom 3.'

1. Lazaro Arbos (I wasn't a huge fan)
2. Devin Velez (played it too safe!)
3. Janelle Arthur (Wasn't a fan of this song either)

And I think Lazaro will be going home tonight.

What are your thoughts?? I definitely think it's a girl's year to win! I've already predicted the Top 2 as being Angela and Candice. LOVE them both (but Angela is my favorite!!) 

Hope you all had a great day!


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