Friday, September 30, 2011

Project 365: Day 105- September 29th (and Project 52)

Tayler turned 26 weeks old today :) As you know, as a part of Project 52, I take a picture of her every single week :) So, here's Tay's 26 week snapshot:

Isn't she just a'growin?? :) You can click on PROJECT 52 on the right and you can see what she looked like as a newborn and how she has grown through the weeks.

After we got up and moving, we got ready and headed back to where we used to live to pick up some things and we hung out with Matt, Carrie, Kelly, Jaylee, and Gabi. Here's Tayler and Jaylee having fun:

I told the girls, so many pictures have been taken of them on that rug, haha!

Then Gabi came to hang out with them. She's 11 months old, so she's got the crawling thing nailed. The girls just watched and dreamed, haha! Bless their hearts.. we're almost there ladies!
 We had such a good time :) 

Once we came home, we enjoyed some Mexican, then E, Tayler, and I went up to the school and played some basketball and guess what? I beat E in PIG. Yes, I did, haha! I've never done that before.. and I beat him with a behind the backboard shot. What what? haha! He wasn't thrilled.

But he still took my picture....


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Project 365: Day 104- September 28th

Yes... yet another porch swing picture, haha! We went out early this morning though. It was so awesome. We had blankies, I had coffee. We were so happy and content, hehe! It was absolutely perfect.

It's such a cuddly time, hehe!

Once we got inside, Tayler thought she would be a big shot and hold her bottle on her own ;) haha! I can't believe how big she is. Every time I look at her, it still boggles my mind (which probably isn't that hard to do ;)) haha!!

After doing chores and writing articles.... We got ready and headed out. Papaw and Gigi offered to watch Tayler this evening so we could go out for a little bit with some of our friends. We met Kelly, Josh, Kiel, TJ, Lakin, Jess, and DJ and B-Dubs and oh my word, we had such a fun time!! :) Here's Lakin, Kelly, and me while the guys were out for a "smoke break" LOL
Aren't they gorgeous girls? :)
Here are some of the guys gettin' their draaaank on. I was the DD. Fun times, ;) haha! Plus, I had to go home and take care of Tayler, ya know?? Can't be drunk and do that, let me tell ya! haha!

So instead, us girls that weren't drinking toasted with our pop and waters. :) We still have a good time... regardless ;)

We had so much fun! I cannot wait to do it again! Thanks for watching Tayler, Mom and Dad. We appreciate it so much!


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Project 365: Day 103- September 27th

If you haven't noticed by all of the pictures I take outside on the porch swing, that is Tayler and I's favorite place to be. It's getting cooler out now and it is just PERFECT. We cuddle up with some blankets and long sleeved shirts and we sit out there and sing and talk :) It's special moments that I wouldn't give anything in the world for. 

Love that little girl right there :)
We spent a lot of time together today. When it was time for Daddy to get off of work, we went and picked him up and headed to an all you can eat ribs place. As you remember, E's best friend is home for a few weeks, so we decided to meet him and his family there :) I didn't get a lot of pictures because well, I was busy scarfing down food, haha.. but I took a couple of terrible pictures to remember the night LOL 

Once we got there, however, we found out they were out of ribs LOL  E had been looking forward to this foreverrrrrr haha! But he settled on all you can eat chicken instead ;)


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Year Photo Challenge

I love taking pictures, obviously--- hence the entire point of this blog, haha, but I know I could be better at it so I am starting the ONE YEAR PHOTO CHALLENGE.

I got the idea from HERE. All credit belongs to her. I just took the idea, made some pictures for each month, and ran with it...

Now, I'm asking all of you to join me in this. I don't know all of that crazy, awesome stuff you guys do. I don't know how to make a button for people to use to follow this challenge... I don't really have that many followers either, haha. I don't know how to 'link up.' I'm blog-challenged, but I still wanted to throw this challenge out there for you guys.

I'm starting October 1st, 2011 and I want everyone to join because I want to see your pictures, get tips, etc. So who is with me??
Here are the monthly prompts:

 Out of order obviously, but I just wanted all of them displayed.

I can't wait to get this started. I want to be a better photographer so much! I don't want to be professional, but I do want my pictures to be better quality! :)

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Project 365: Day 102- September 26th

I have to share Tayler's new peejays. Why are they so special to me? Because she had the SAME ones when she was born... and they were premies!



Now look at my baby.... in 6-9 month ones!

Isn't she getting super big?

But we soon got out of our peejays and she wore an adorable outfit we picked up at the yard sale Saturday. It's a little purple dress with pretty silver dots and the leggings had silver dots too.. plus her toenails matched ;)

Stinkin' cutie patootie.

We worked on a project today that we found on the great...


Are on there? If not, JOIN. You will not be sorry. Okay, maybe you will when you don't do anything else around your house...


We made letters for our new livingroom
Our colors are brown and a blueish-teal so they work well. The plan is to have those with our pictures we are hanging up! I can't wait to see the finished product and of course, I'll post pictures once we move in :)


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Project 365: Day 101- September 25th

The first thing on our agenda today was to go to Columbus and hang out with my brother and his fiance Marie. We went to their apartment and it was decorated so beautifully. Marie is so crafty! Hopefully I can do that with our new house. After that, we all loaded up our vehicles and went to Steak-N-Shake. One of my favorites! I got some yummy chicken tenders and fries and fed Tayler some apple sauce in her high chair. Ethan kept putting the Steak-N-Shake hat on her haha and she mangled that place mat to death, haha!

We had a great time, but we couldn't stay long (sorry guys!) because E's best friend was coming home from overseas. He is in the army and has been gone for about 5-6 months and Ethan was SO excited to see him!! We met up at b.d's Mongolian BBQ. It was my first time there and oh my heavens, it was amazing! I got chicken, green peppers, onions, fajita sauce, and seasoned salt. It was amazing! I took some home considering we had just ate... and Ethan was so excited they gave us a small Chinese box. He loves those things! 

And I took a picture of Ethan, his bestfriend, and their 2 girls. They had their daughter in October 2010 and then we had Tayler in March 2011. It's crazy how a year changes so much!

The girls are getting so big and it's almost Gab's 1st birthday! :)

After that, we said our goodbyes and let them spend time as a family and we headed home. Ethan was on his phone most of the time, haha, so I just took pictures.....

We had a great day!


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Project 365: Day 100- September 24th

Saturday morning typically means yard sales, right? haha! Well, not usually for us, but after going through all of Tayler's clothes on Friday and putting her 0-3 month and 3 month clothes in bags, I realized we had next to nothing for Fall/Winter! Crazy, right? I thought we were prepared, but we were far from that. She had about 4 long sleeve shirts, haha! So, my mom and I decided to go a yard-salein' today! :)

We ended up getting Tayler about 15 shirts, 10 pairs of pants, 2 winter coats, 10 sleepers, and 2 toys for $13.00. Seriously! You cannot beat that!! :)

I was so relieved because we have a lot to work with now!

And of course, I dressed Tayler in OSU today! I remember buying this dress for her back right after Christmas and now look at her wearing it. AND IT'S 12 MONTHS! Not even right folks, not even right!

Not sure what that face is she's making, haha, but still adorable! 

We headed out later and picked up our new fridge for our new house, then we went to a Mexican restaurant that was right there by it-- our favorite! And we always take pictures of Tayler in the high chair because we still cannot process that she's that big already. So cute!


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Project 365: Day 99- September 23rd

Friday, Tayler and I spent Gigi's last vacation day with her :) We watched some movies and relaxed. It was really nice! After our Daddy came home, we got ready and went to Matt and Carrie's house to hang out :) We met up with Matt, Carrie, and Cassie (Ethan's sister, who found our she's having a baby girl in February! YAY for a neice :)) 

For awhile, Tayler was the only baby there because Jaylee was at her aunt and uncle's house and Kyra hadn't arrived yet, so Matt played with Tayler and the giant caterpillar, haha!

She LOVED it :)

And FINALLY, Bentley got there and it was time for Tayler and him to play, haha! He kept touching her feet. She didn't like that much. It was hilarious to see them interacting together! 

And then, JAYLEE arrived! It was sooo cute to see them all together again. If you remember correctly, they were together right after we had them. Tayler was 11 days old.

And now look at them, all of them turning 6 months old this month!

I cannot believe how big they have gotten! Seems like just yesterday we were all sitting around with some big ol' bellies, haha! Now, they're finally here and growing like weeds!

We had such a fun night! Tayler fell asleep about 9:30 right after her bottle with Daddy. Adorable.


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