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Project 365: Day 186- June 4th

I've recently become obsessed with side pony tails. I'm not even really sure why, but I like having a curly ponytail off to the side of my head hehe! :) So, there's a little shot of that.

Then, I FINALLY got a new cell phone cover, haha! For those of you who have seen my precious lil' phone recently... you know how badly I needed this, haha! I LOVE it and it totally fits me! :)

(the front, obviously, haha)

(and the cute little back to it hehe!)

Then Ethan came home and we went to NTB to get his oil changed and for him to get new tires. Here we are waiting, haha:

No, he never has his eyes open! LOL And here is being lazy, hahaha:

And he took a random picture of me waiting with my polar pop! lol We were watching "Ice Drivers" or something like that on the History Channel. Pretty interesting!

And one more random shot of us waiting, haha:

Oh yes, he loves me, haha! And then after that, Ethan went out to the garage to see how things were going and there was a lady sitting…

Project 365: Day 185- June 3rd

Ugh. Yes. I got my first speeding ticket ever. Sad day in the world of Alyssa. 45 in a 35, dangit. But funny story to go along with it. So, I see him behind me, and I pull over. I sit there for a second, he gets out of his car, and stands behind my car for a minute. I'm like thinking "Uh, what's going on?" And he's talking to someone on his radio... and so I roll down my window and look back and say, "Sir?" And he says "I need to see your weapon." HAHAHA. Okay, if you know me at all, you know... I wouldn't even know how to operate a weapon, let alone carry one around in my car. So, he walks up to the window (of course just his head is peaking in with his hand on his holster) and says "We just ran your plates, your registered ccw. I just need to see your weapon." I was like "Sir, I'm not trying to be rude, but I have no idea what a ccw is or how I got registered for it" and he says "You're registered for ccw…

Project 365: Day 184- June 2nd

I spent the better part of my day reading "Differentiating Instruction" for class tomorrow. I have 2 discussion forums due and 3 chapters to read by Thursday so it was go time haha! It's not exactly the most interesting stuff, but it's stuff I gots ta know, haha

Then Arena (Ethan's brother's girlfriend) came over because we were going to cook some Mexican food for the boys! We sipped a lil' wine, haha, and got started cooking! Arena browned the hamburger, I chopped the veggies.... and the boys ate it, of course! Well, Arena decides we should get pictures together so we have Ethan and Jon take pics for us... they wouldn't count to 3, they just kept snapping pictures... and here's what we got LOL

haha, and after that whole experience failed, we all hung out for awhile... and then started freaking out cause the first naaaaaaaaasty, bad storm of the season hit!
Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 183- June 1st

So, Ethan could not believe I had never seen "Superbad" haha, so we went and rented it... and I have to say.. pretty funny movie lol. I giggled in a lot of places, haha! Ethan always quotes some parts of it LOL like the part where Seth says "That's the coolest story I've ever heard" to Fogle, hahahaha! Jerk. LOL

And we had roast for dinner. Yummy! It seems to be the meal we have at least once a week cause we're all absolutely in l-o-v-e with it!

Then I made chocolate pudding muffins. They look really messy, but oh well, haha! They were yummy! You bake chocolate muffins like normal, poke a hole in the middle of them, make chocolate pudding, pour that chocolate pudding down the hole and all over the top and there you have it! I have to say... they taste amazing! :)
Then we headed to the store to buy mexican stuff so Arena and I can make Jon and Ethan dinner tomorrow night! It's taco salads in this house tomorrow haha! We got hamburger, chicken, taco seas…

Project 365: Day 182- May 31st

Happy Memorial Day everyone!
Our day started with Ethan and I heading down to my grandma's house for a yummy cook-out hehe! I was so excited because Ethan hadn't met the rest of the family yet! And they absolutely LOVED him hehe! ESPECIALLY grandpa, haha! They're legit like best friends now, lol! See:

And here's Ethan trying out Chloe's jump rope. I was dying laughing LOL

The parade. Don't blink or you'll miss it LOL

Aunt Shelly singing the National Anthem:

And the speaker at the parade:

Adam (my older cousin) and his two boys- Trinton and Brady hehe! They were in the parade:

The flags half mast. God bless America.

The rest of the family at the cook-out:

A random card I got in the mail today with no return address and it wasn't signed. Weird, huh? haha

And then we went to Ethan's mom's for a cook out to see his sister and his grandma.. and while there, we decided to go intertubing! Wahooooo! :) hehe! Here's a shot of Jon and Arena airing up their tube…

Project 365: Day 181- May 30th

Well, it was a pretty non-eventful day in the home today. Ethan had to work today, so I spent my day reading the Bible, practicing the piano, cleaning.... this is just a view of the hallway back to the bathroom and back bedroom. Whenever Ethan is home, the house seems to get seriously messy because I'd rather spend time with him then clean LOL But I was tired of the mess, so I spent about an hour vacuuming, sweeping, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom (toilet, sink, floor), and sweeping/organizing the back bedroom. It desperately needed it!
And then I went outside and cleaned out both of our cars. Mine was getting too much bottles of water in it and too much dust! Ethan's car looked like it was legit collecting dust, haha! I forgot to get before/after shots of his. I really wish I had, but here's an after shot of mine. MUCH better :)

And after that, I made two big bowls of pasta salad for both of our family cook outs today! :) I LOVE eating pasta salad AND making pasta …

Project 365: Day 180- May 29th

Ethan and I are starting to become regular ol' yard-salers hehe! We went out this morning and came across this house where they were fixin' to close up, so the lady sold me these 4 bags/purses for only $2. How can you beat that, you know? Amazing! :)

And then I came across her entire snow man collection... and for those of you who know my mother, this was a section of great importance haha! So, I bought her this:

I hope she loves it hehe! :)

Then Ethan and I went to Ace Hardware in Coshocton where Ethan bought a nice, big intertube: The River Run. He was so proud hehe! Then I went and bought a cheap one at Dollar General, haha! It's a nice lil' thing though... pink, my favorite color :) It has 2 drink holders... definitely works for me! Here's Ethan's tube:

And my tube:

And then we were off to go intertubin' with Carrie and Matt. Oh my gosh! We had so much fun, haha! We lost Ethan for a bit, I fell out to save my 7up bottle, Carrie and Matt were like 50,000 feet…