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May Activities

It's almost Summer!! I'm so excited for warmer weather-- and to be able to go outside and do activities with the kids! How about you?? If so, lets get Summer started with a bang! Here are the May Activities-- we are going to celebrate Memorial Day, Mother's Day, the alphabet, and more!

May Activities-

May 1st- Make a construction paper letter 'C' craft. (LINK HERE) 
*Bible verse of the day- Luke 12:27-28  (This week we will read some Bible verses about flowers because April showers bring May flowers)

May 2nd- Do a random of act of kindness for someone today.
*Bible verse of the day- Isaiah 40:8 (flowers wither)

May 3rd- Bake cookies together for letter 'C' week and watch a movie starting with the letter 'C!'
*Bible verse of the day- Song of Solomon 2:1-2 (A Bible verse about lillies)

May 4th-Make tacos out of construction paper for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow! (LINK HERE) 
*Bible verse of the day- Job 14:2 (Bible verse about flowers)

May 5th- Have tacos…