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My Pre-Baby Parenting Theories... And Now... (Project 52- 8 weeks)

When I first got pregnant, I had 'amazing' theories on how I wanted to raise my child... and while I still have an amazing child, I have cut down on my theories :)
When I first got pregnant, I was DEAD SET on quite a few things:
1. She was NOT co-sleeping whatsoever. She was napping in her crib/bassinet. She was sleeping in her crib/bassinet. There was no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I refused to have a 3 year old that still slept in my bed (no offense if there are those of you out there that do this-- this was my take on parenting.. there is nothing wrong with this if it's what you desire, so please don't take me the wrong way here...)
2. I was breastfeeding for as long as I could. Simple as that! My daughter was getting the nutrients she needed and people that formula fed were selfish. (Once again, this was my RIDICULOUS theory on parenting.. I had no children.. this is simply what I THOUGHT.. read on before you send me a comment/message please, haha!)
3. No binkies. I w…


What are Scentsy wickless candles?
The safest and newest candle "scentsation"
Scentsy wickless candles are highly scented bars of wax called "Scentsy bars" that melt at a very low temperature in our specially designed electric warmers. Since scentsy bars are not burned using a flame and they melt at such a low temperature, the "scentsy system" poses NO danger to children or pets! Scentsy bars contain more fragrance than out competitors jar candles and are less expensive too!!

Take a few minutes to look through the catalog; with over 80 scents to chose from and over 40 warmers you are sure to find something you'll love!

Scentsy Precautions
Certain fragrances may trigger allergies or asthma in some people. Please read fragrance descriptions carefully before smelling testers if you've had a reaction to fragrances in the past, some common fragrances which may cause sensitivities are cinnamon, euclayptus and pine.

Even though S…

Marriage: The Ultimate Classroom

I'm stubborn. Fine, I'll go ahead and admit that right now. It's not something I'm exactly proud of, but it's what I deal with in this thick-head of mine! I have a hard time admitting I'm wrong, I have a hard time compromising... oh, yes, I'm quite fun to have a relationship with ;)I have struggled with this stubbornness all of my life, but it really reared it's ugly, ugly head when I got married. My parents had the final say in our comprises... in our arguments, etc. There was no arguing about that. But now, now that I'm married, I felt like I was on level playing ground.... E is my partner. We're equals. There's not one person who's 'allowed' to have the final say, so why not argue about how I feel about EVERYTHING right? Right.
Wrong. Wrong in the matter of-- I shouldn't feel the need to argue about everything. (Not wrong in the matter that we aren't 'partners.')
I'm basically writing the following blog to ge…

Project for Pap and Gigi :)

Tayler and I sat down Thursday and worked on a project for Papaw and Gigi. We wanted to do something sentimental for them, so we had this nifty idea to get a photo album and fill it with pictures and a story. Prepare yourself for Tayler's poem to her grandparents :)
Page 1: Gigi and Papaw, you were there when I came into the world.

Page 2: And Now I'm becoming such a big girl.

Page 3: I love coming to your house and spending time with you

Page 4: I love how you make me smile with the silly things you do!

Page 5: I'm so glad that you are together after all these years...

Page 6: ... so that mommy and daddy could see true love, the smiles and the tears

Page 7: We hope you love your party, we hope it was a surprise!

Page 8: I've been trying not to tell you... and mommy and daddy are telling lies!

Page 9: Mommy got me ready in a really pretty dress...

Page 10: .. she hopes that in it I don't make a really big mess.

Page 11: Uncle Corey and Aunt Marie worked really hard on this sh…

24th Anniversary Party

As some of you read on my post the other day, my parent's 24th wedding anniversary was May 19th. So, my brother Corey, his fiancee Marie, Ethan, and myself decided to plan a little surprise anniversary breakfast for them Saturday morning! We had a plan all set... we were nervous, but we were hoping it would all go off without a hitch.
Corey and Marie hit the road about 7AM and we hit the road about 830AM to be at the location to start setting up. I was so excited (mostly for them to see the project Tayler and I had been working on, hahaha!)
We got there, started decorating, and then Ethan, Tayler, and myself went to Bob Evans to sit and wait for my parents. Here was our plan: We told them we wanted to have breakfast with them for their anniversary at Bob Evans at 10AM. Ethan, Tayler, and myself was going to go and sit and watch for them. When we saw them passing the gas station, we were going to text Corey, who was then going to call and tell them that his car broke down up the ro…