Friday, October 28, 2011

Project 365: Day 133- October 27th (and Project 52)

Tayler turned 30 weeks old today!! :) It's crazy. I was going through old pictures and saw a picture of my 30 week belly. It's insane how life changes SO much and SO quickly. I will say this-- I did not appreciate my pregnancy as much as I wanted to. I LOVED it but I shouldn't have wished it to go by so fast because now, I miss it. I adore Tayler being here, but man, I miss her kicks and rolls. :) 

Okay. Done with my past for awhile, haha! Here's a picture of our 30 week old:

I originally tried to take the picture with the flash. It didn't go over so well LOL

How about those socks? Look like shoes! Wahoo! :)

And of course, what makes ANY mommies day is SNUGGLE TIME!! :) I LOVE these moments!! 

And snuggly she was!

And so, we hung out all night with Daddy. We watched our TV shows (Person of Interest and Sweet Home Alabama ;)) and then guess what? It was almost 11:00PM and Tayler was still wide awake!!! LOL She's usually asleep by at least 10 or a little after, so this was surprising haha! I mean, she was going full force. 


We had a great day!


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Project 365: Day 132- October 26th

As you can see, we haven't gotten out much lately. The temperature has been dropping, so we've been hanging out inside. PLUS, Daddy takes Mommy's car to work now, so she'd have to take the HUGE truck out and about and that's not always fun, haha! :) Soooo, most of my upcoming pictures are going to be of Tayler, but we're all okay with that, right? :)

Here she is hardly holding still because she wants to go! LOL

Ornery face. She's almost off....

And there she goes! :) 4 steps andddddddddd...

She's safe! :)

Such a sweetheart. My heart longs for her to crawl because I see how frustrated she gets when she lands on the floor like that! Bless her heart!

After that, we went outside, snuggled up, and watched Daddy rotate the tires:

Hard workin' man!

After that, we went and stalked our house, stopped at Walmart, and cuddled up for scary movies!


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Project 365: Day 131- October 25th

Good morning...

well. I think, haha.

Someone was not ready to wake up yet. 


I sent this to mom and dad because they were out of town the past few days. They loved it.

I kept singing "Good morning, good morning, good morning. It's time to get out of bed. Good morning, good morning, good morning, wake up you sleepy head!" (That's my song to her every morning!) She kept fussing and trying to wake up, but still hadn't opened her eyes. Hilarious!

We dressed her in Gigi's favorite shirt today.

It says "Grandma's Little Pumpkin" and that she is :)

Stinkin' adorable. And big! :)

And she is SO close to crawling like a crazy woman. She moves her legs like 4 steps, then stops like she's absolutely worn out, hehe! I took a picture of that, of course!

Definitely makes me giggle.

She's almost there! I'll keep everyone posted when she's really on the move.

And we posed for a picture today. Papaw and Gigi were coming home, so we told them we were really excited to see them!

Love me some Mommy and Tay time!


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Project 365: Day 130- October 24th

Okay. So, seriously.

How cute is this little girl I get to wake up to every single day?

I mean, come on!

What a face, haha!

So anyways. 

I got her dressed because it was like 60 degrees in the house today, which is actually freezing for it being indoors, haha! I turned the heat on but it just wasn't warming up quick enough, so she wore an adorable little outfit..

She was like a giant Winnie the Pooh LOL :)

During her diaper change, she had fun with her pants. Maybe TOO much fun!! 

Goofy girl. Notice the sock too? She has too much excitement in her life haha! :)

After that, we got ready and met Daddy when he got home so we could run some errands and then go grab some food at our favorite Mexican restaurant with our friends! You know, I think I'd have just as many "labels" for "Mexican Food" as I do for "Project 365" if I labeled it every single time, haha! Here's Tayler enjoying some "food" 

And of course, I took a picture of my favorite chips and salsa!

This stuff is amazing!

And we splurged for dessert. This is like a baked cheesecake with whipped topping and lots of other yummies. It is AMAZING!!!!

As you can tell, we already wiped half of it out, haha! 


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Project 365: Day 129- October 23rd

I woke up this morning and IMMEDIATELY recognized this date.

October 23rd, 2010... we found out Tayler was a sweet baby girl! :) Check out that story HERE

And now, she's almost 7 months old :)

My how she has grown. This time last year, she was only 6" long and only about 6 ounces. Now, she's 28" long and about 20 pounds, hehe! Oh the difference 1 year makes!

We got up and atum, had some food, and then headed down to our storage unit to pick up a mattress. Then Ethan decided he wanted to play some ball with his friends. :) I took a picture of him prior to anyone getting there... he was warming up with his pants around his boobs LOL

What a goof ball! Finally they came and I told E I would take some pictures of him playing some ball, so here are a few of those!

What a baller! haha!

Tayler and I played during that time! She's so much fun :)

And once we got home, we ordered some pizza and watched "Bridesmaids!" I had both babies by my side LOL


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Project 365: Day 128- October 22nd

Even thought there wasn't a Buckeye game today, Tayler still sported the good stuff, hehe! :)

I love her little leggings, haha!

After that, we went to the grocery store and Tayler got some Strawberry-Apple Puffs. It was her first time trying these, so I went ahead and snapped a picture. Uhhhh, she was less than impressed, honestly, hahaha! :)

She still spits them out. We'll see if she likes them more down the road LOL

Then her and I went on a walk. It was kind of chilly out though, so she sported her OSU hat. It matched perfectly, so of course, it was a must! :)

And well, that walk must have wore Tayler out, cause she cuddled up with Gigi shortly after and took a nice little nap! This has to be one of the cutest pictures ever!

After she woke up, we loaded up the car and went to visit Tayler's Grandma Carol! We surprised her and she surprised us with having hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, hehe! And of course, brownies! Ethan can't let me forget! :) 

Then we drove around and took some pictures for my  One Year Photo Challenge. (Click my label down below to see information on that!) Here are a few that we took Saturday: (A scarecrow, bare trees, a haunted house, and trick or treaters!)

We had such a fun night!


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Project 365: Day 127- October 21st

Aw, Friday. How we love you around here :)

I spent the first part of the day with Dad and Tayler, then he FINALLY got the call that his truck was fixed. His transmission went out last week and we've been pacing waiting to hear about it since. And he's been driving E's truck so I think all parties were glad to get back to their original vehicles, haha! Prior to leaving, Dad checked the mail and guess what arrived??

THE GLASSES E BOUGHT ME! I broke my black ones that I wore when I gave birth to Tayler (absolutely devastated me :() So, we ordered some regular black and brown ones so I could quit color coordinating my glasses with my outfits LOL Here's a shot of the black ones (the brown ones look just like it!)

I love them! Thanks for buying them for me sweetie!

And this picture... it was taken prior to going to get my dads truck. While driving back to the house in E's truck with Tayler, I thought the brakes were acting "funny." They just seemed a lot "easier" to push than I remembered, but it had been FOREVER since I drove the truck and my dad had just drove it, so I just pushed the thought aside and pressed forward. Well, when I went to park in the driveway, I could barely park the truck. Ethan checked it and here the brake fluid was BONE DRY. He said he had no idea how we even made it home safely. And I know it's because the Lord had His hands on us! Here his brake line had broke and was leaking. It's fixed now, but I just want to thank God for watching out for us even when we do not know that we are in trouble!

Once we got home, we all decided it should be a family movie night. We rented Zookeeper and snuggled. Someone fell asleep though. Lameee. haha!

Like father, like daughter, right?

But they were soon excited because BREAKFAST CASSEROLE was for dinner with warm biscuits and grape jelly. YUMMY!

And I have to share these pictures. Ethan will get behind the couch now and Tayler will "peek" around the corner at him. I LOVE how she leans like that to find him!!!!
Too cute!


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