Friday, October 28, 2011

Project 365: Day 131- October 25th

Good morning...

well. I think, haha.

Someone was not ready to wake up yet. 


I sent this to mom and dad because they were out of town the past few days. They loved it.

I kept singing "Good morning, good morning, good morning. It's time to get out of bed. Good morning, good morning, good morning, wake up you sleepy head!" (That's my song to her every morning!) She kept fussing and trying to wake up, but still hadn't opened her eyes. Hilarious!

We dressed her in Gigi's favorite shirt today.

It says "Grandma's Little Pumpkin" and that she is :)

Stinkin' adorable. And big! :)

And she is SO close to crawling like a crazy woman. She moves her legs like 4 steps, then stops like she's absolutely worn out, hehe! I took a picture of that, of course!

Definitely makes me giggle.

She's almost there! I'll keep everyone posted when she's really on the move.

And we posed for a picture today. Papaw and Gigi were coming home, so we told them we were really excited to see them!

Love me some Mommy and Tay time!


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