Friday, October 28, 2011

Project 365: Day 132- October 26th

As you can see, we haven't gotten out much lately. The temperature has been dropping, so we've been hanging out inside. PLUS, Daddy takes Mommy's car to work now, so she'd have to take the HUGE truck out and about and that's not always fun, haha! :) Soooo, most of my upcoming pictures are going to be of Tayler, but we're all okay with that, right? :)

Here she is hardly holding still because she wants to go! LOL

Ornery face. She's almost off....

And there she goes! :) 4 steps andddddddddd...

She's safe! :)

Such a sweetheart. My heart longs for her to crawl because I see how frustrated she gets when she lands on the floor like that! Bless her heart!

After that, we went outside, snuggled up, and watched Daddy rotate the tires:

Hard workin' man!

After that, we went and stalked our house, stopped at Walmart, and cuddled up for scary movies!


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