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Today [1.23.2013] marks being
25 weeks pregnant!
We are 62.5% of the way there. WAHOOOOO! :)

I am so grateful that we have made it this far! I find myself praying over her constantly. I did the same thing with Tayler. I was just telling one of my friends the other night that pregnancy is such a beautiful thing, but it is so nervewrecking at times because I feel like I can't protect her like I want to on the inside, if that makes sense. I, of course, want her to keep baking, but I find myself counting her kicks.. making sure I feel her on a regular basis.. I just can't wait to see her sweet face in about 84-105 days! (that's right... that's ALL we have left!!)
And can I just say...
We still have nothing done. :(
Ethan and I were just talking about it last night how at this point, everything was done for Tayler. We were just waiting on my baby shower to see what else we were going to be blessed with. And with poor Quinn, we have half of her room painted.. that's it …