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17 Weeks Pregnant!

We are 17 weeks pregnant today, folks! According to my nifty 'What to Expect' App, baby girl Sawyer is the size of a sweet potato this week :) She is measuring in at approximately 5.5" long and 5oz. I'm going to venture to say she's probably a bit longer than that considering 3 weeks ago she was already 5" but who knows! :) We will find out soon more accurate measurements.. but more about that later! :)
Alright, now for a belly picture!

I honestly felt Sawyer EXTREMELY well for the first time this week :) It was amazing! It just feels like these little pokes, but oh my word, it's wonderful. Feeling Tayler kick and move was my favorite part of pregnancy and I am so thankful I get to do this all over again. I have been thinking about pregnancy a lot the past few days. There are certain parts of it that I absolutely dread (getting my blood drawn, cervix checks, reduction of my coffee intake, watching what I eat... haha) but do you know how many women out th…