Friday, August 20, 2010

Project 365: Day 262- August 19th

Journal Prompt 9: Choose another person who is very significant in your life right now. It can definitely be the same person that we wrote about on day 3, but I chose to do someone different. Anyway, this prompt is going to be all about those wonderful adjectives, and typography. Describe your special person with as many words as you can fit. For each word, try to use a different font or writing style. This is a great way to practice fun typography!

E (my baby's daddy, hehe) This is all about him.

I know it's suppose to be a journal challenge, but I'm trying out using the computer and printing these off and saving them hehe :) just something different! I'll get back to real journal pages soon! :)

I chose Ethan. He's very important to me right now because I'm so far away from my family, he is all I have at this present moment in time :)

First of all: He's generous. Any time I want something to eat or something to drink that's different from what we have in the house, he drives and gets it for me. I am so thankful. I've been craving lemonade here lately and he always gets me a giant one from the gas station hehe. I just love him.

He's forgiving. Whenever we are arguing, he encourages us to just stop and cuddle. He lets things go and some days, I wish I could be like him in that aspect. I'm so stubborn! lol

Trustworthy. There is no doubt in my mind that this man would ever cheat on me. I trust him with everything! I appreciate his faithfulness and his love.

He's charming. Oh, he's always throwing out those lines! "How did I get an angel?" "There's too much beauty in this room..." hehe! He makes me smile and giggle! I'm a sucker for them!

And he's sensitive. He's one of the most sensitive men I have ever met and I LOVE him for that. He's a cuddler. He's romantic. I adore him
And after I worked on this, I spent HOURS (literally LOL) working on
a grocery list and planning our meals for the week.. and clipping some coupons, yay!
Then, Ethan came home and we had some yummy Subway! :) And we went over to his momma's house and we watched Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift hehe

Then Ethan and i went BACK to Subway LOL We LOVE that place and i have been CRAVING it haha!

Cheers to Project 365!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project 365: Day 261- August 18th

Journal Prompt 8:
Today, I want you to illustrate an "inside joke." I want this to be a page t
hat only you and a few other people would get. Inside jokes are always fun (well, when you are apart of them I guess).
I have a journal page from my first year in college where I filled the entir
e page with inside jokes. Ummmm....I only "get" like two of them :) I have no clue what the other ones even mean anymore. Isn't that crazy?Easy enough :)

I chose to do something different today. Instead of drawing/writing a journal entry. I made one on the computer and printed it 0ut. It's 4 things that represent the "insiders" my significant other and I have. They aren't jokes, but they're still mean a lot to us :)

First-- is a picture of me and that's because E will wipe the hair out of my face and say "You're so beautiful" and I'll reply "You always say that" and he'll say back "Because I always think it." :) We say this back and forth at least once a day, hehe, and i LOVE it :)

Second- a picture of me pinching my index finger and thumb together. Laying in bed, E will often say "You know how much I love you?" and I'll say "Sure don't!" and he'll put his index finger and thumb together like that and I'll reply "That's not a lot" and he'll say "Yes it is. It goes from the top of my index finger all the way around the world to the bottom of my thumb. hehe :) Corny, but it's our adorable lil' thing!

Third- "I miss you"... E works a lot of hours, so whenever he calls my phone, when we're getting off the line, he'll say "I miss you" and I'll say "Miss you more" and he'll say "It's not even possible." It's a tradition hehe, but we love it :)

Fourth- Mistletoe. If you haven't seen "Four Christmases" starring Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, then you won't really appreciate this haha! But anytime we're somewhere.. and one of us is ready to leave, we whisper the word "mistletoe" and the other knows... it's time to hit the road, haha :P

After I worked on this, I did some homework, made part of the grocery list, and made beef and noodles over mashed potatoes for dinner :)

Then, we headed to the basketball courts. Ethan played, of course, and I read my book and watched :)

Here's Ethan playing:

And my books :) AND my lemonade... yummy!

And here's Ethan and I just hanging out hehe :)

Oh... and Ethan... was wearing 2 different shoes LOL

Cheers to Project 365!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project 365: Day 260- August 17th

Journal Prompt 7: Today is an easy one... How are you feeling today? Sometimes it's really good to reflect on your feelings and try to figure out why you are feeling a certain way.

How am I feeling today?

Relaxed-- Yes, I did this journal entry laying in bed watching Mona Lisa Smile :) The fan is blowing on me, I have a glass of lemonade. Mmmm, lovely day, thank God :)

Nauseous-- Hence what the lemonade is for :) It alleviates the nausea. Plus, it's really yummy hehe!

Blessed-- I am so blessed! That I have the honor of relaxing at home, cleaning the house, working on homework. I have a precious child growing inside of me. I have an amazing family and a boyfriend that works hard for this family.

Loved-- I feel loved. Why? Because I woke up to a text message this morning from E that says "Miss you so much it's not even funny. I just adore you."

Lonely-- E has been working long days and I'm in a new city... I don't really know a lot of people here and I'm 40 minutes from "my" family. *sigh* Somedays, I do get a tad bit lonely, but it's okay :)

After I worked on my journal entry, I started my new class :)

Seems like it's gonna be a little tougher than my old class, but 'eh... it's a challenge, right?

Then I cooked some YUMMY stirfry with red, yellow, and green peppers and purple/red onions with chicken over brown rice. Scrumptious!

Then I cuddled up and watched the premiere of Melissa and Joey... pretty funny, I gotta say :)

Cheers to Project 365 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Project 365: Day 259- August 16th

Journal Prompt Number 6:

It's time...
It's definitely time to do something. It may be a new season for you in your life, or a time to make some goals, or it may just be time to relax (because it's Saturday right?).
Draw something that represents the word time and then make a list of things that you need to do at this time in your life, or day, or we
ek :)

A new season of my life: HAVING A PRECIOUS BABY

I'm 6 weeks, 4 days pregnant today hehe! And I have 234 days left (approximately) until I deliver this little bundle of joy!

We've decided on the names :) Tayler Serenity ________ or Parker Ethan ____________. We LOVE 'em hehe! And we've even got nick-names haha! Hey, we're new parents! lol Sue us :P

Tayler is gonna be our wittle Tayter-Bug and Parker will be our Pac-man. <3>

And the list of things to do:

I still need insurance. It's applied for, now it's just the waiting game.

Clean out our back bedroom to get things ready for the nursery.

Clean out both closets!

Clean our our storage room and move things to the storage unit.

Keep taking those vitamins!

We are so excited for you already, Tayler or Parker and we LOVE you :)
And after working on this and finishing my final project for class, I got
things ready for roast!
And after it was done cooking, Ethan's mom came over and we all enjoyed some roast.
Ethan even rented "Date Night" for us to watch :)
And Carol brought over some scrapbooking things she bought for the baby's scrapbook :)

And I got the chance to do one page of the baby scrapbook yesterday in between the cleaning and laundry hehe :) this is a page of our first doctors visit in August:

Cheers to Project 365!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Project 365: Day 258- August 15th

Journal Prompt Number 5:
We are all obviously bloggers right, or else you wouldn't be here :
) Even if you don't have a blog, I know that you read them.This page is dedicated to your favorite blogs!! What are they? Are there any blogs that you can't go a day without checking?

First off (in no particular order)- CecilliaMarie: This woman has some amazing pieces of writing. She pours her heart in to her blogs. You can feel her love for God, her husband, and life. She offers encouragement and encourages me to be a better person.

I-Create: I enjoy checking out Ev's blog because it makes me laugh and we all can use a good dose of humor in our lives right? Sure, we can! It's a light-hearted blog that's quite neat and interesting to read.

unabridgedtales: She isn't afraid to put her beliefs on her page and I admire that. She is easy to talk to and is an amazing writer. I had to give her some major props here recently when I posted a blog about "why I believe in God" and she didn't once bash my beliefs. It was a respectful reply back to my post and it was appreciated. I give much respect to this woman!

x_rachelizabeth: This woman has a heart of gold. If you want to read something that blesses you, touches your heart, and makes you grateful for what you have in life--- stop by here. Every time I visit her page, I leave lifted. AMAZING.

starshine_faerie: I'm pretty much a "creeper" of her page, haha! As awful as that sounds, I do not really know her, but I LOVE her writing and short stories! If you're ever wanting a good read, I definitely recommend stopping by her page and I promise, you'll enjoy it :)

misstalisa_quotes: Amazing quotes, amazing pictures. She offers support and encouragement in everything that she does! I love checking out her page.. because, well, I love pictures and quotes. She bares her heart on everything that she does.

shining_garnet: This woman will remind you about the simplicity and beauty of life. She takes a picture a day and I thoroughly enjoy checking those out! They are great photos and great reminders that we should all be trying to find beauty in our daily lives :)

findingvanessa: This woman is not afraid to bare her soul and for that, I admire her. She is real. She lays out her weaknesses, her strengths, her fears, her hopes. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Check out this page. You won't be sorry.

oftmisunderstood: We recently became friends and I love visiting her blog and hearing what she thinks, has to say, etc. She is a part of this journal challenge and she has the cutest pictures and stories with them! Check her out!

There are TONS of others that I read on a daily basis, but I only had so much room! If I didn't mention you, don't worry, I still appreciate your writing :)

And after I worked on this and my final project, I went with Ethan to watch him play some basketball with his boys :)

And here's what I did while watching them play ball:

And after they played ball, Ethan and I ordered some pizza and wings and enjoyed those while watching "Kicking and Screaming" with Will Ferrell... then we headed up to the laundromat to do some laundry!

And on our way home from doing laundry.... WE RAN OUT OF GAS. Here's a not happy Alyssa LOL

And here's Ethan putting gas in the car after we walked to the police station to get a gas can and to the gas station to get gas! lol

What an eventful day!

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project 365: Day 257- August 14th

Ethan and I started out the morning making a trip to Lowes and Auto Zone. Then we headed home and watched Little Giants and Sky High. We're still kids at heart, k? haha :) Then we got ready and went to MOPAR 2010! Here are some shots of that:

[The whole crew: Ethan, me, Dad, Mom, Linds, Evan, Mikey, Corey, and Brad]

[old cars and burn outs. that's what it's all about hehe!]

[and we celebrated Corey's 21st birthday at Tumbleweed and with a cookie cake made my mom]

We had SO much fun! :)

also, we got some things for the baby! Mom bought the baby's first onesie:

[I heard this is going to be all too true, haha]

And Lindsey and Mikey bought us a card! it was so sweet!

And thought I'd show my lil' pouch I got goin' on for Baby B haha :)

It was a GREAT day! We were sooo tired when we got home, but we had a blast!

And journal challenge 4 for the day was:

What does your heart look like? It can be literal, it can be symbolic..

This is a symbolic representation of my heart (and yes, i love markers, haha)
To me, the heart is a plethora of emotions. Our heart is how we feel, how we think. It is our very heartbeat (not only literally, but metaphorically)
The black swirl leading down to the black x represents my confusion, pain, and hurt. As much as I try and let these things go, they have still scarred my heart. I pray that one day, they will no longer be present, but only time will tell....
The blue "river" represents a "river of emotions." I'm a very emotional person. Even when I was not pregnant, I was still emotional. I have a soft heart. My feelings get hurt easily, although I probably won't tell you that. I go from happy to sad to mad to glad to excited to anxious in the span of an hour. I truly wear my heart on my sleeve.
The black "snake" next to the river represents fear and how it often attempts to creep back in to my life although I've ordered it to leave me alone, time and time again.
The purple arrows pointing up represent my thankfulness. In my heart, I know I am blessed. The arrows symbolize me sending my thankfulness back to God for all He has done for me. My life hasn't been perfect, but it sure has been blessed!
The green circles go from big to small. They represent the peace I feel in my heart on any given day. Some days, I feel a greater amount of peace than others. Other days, I'm struggling to find a stable foundation to walk on.
The yellow above the black represents my happiness. With everything that I once struggled with, I'm still a very happy person! I know I have a reason to be. And life is too short not to be.
And all of this is encompassed by pink: Love and Compassion. It is the driving force of my life. I have so much love and compassion for the world. I want to help the hurting, make a way of escape for those that feel they have no hope. I live by the motto: You must be the change you wish to see in the world. *sigh* I want to change the world....
And today while working on this journal entry, I listened to "Down" by Jason Walker.
"I don’t know where I’m at
I’m standing at the back
And I’m tired of waiting
Waiting here in line, hoping that I’ll find what I’ve been chasing."
Cheers to Project 365!