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Project 366: Day 57 [April 13th]

Morning bloggers!!
Hope you're all having an AMAZING day today!
I started off this morning CLEANING.
You all know the drill, I don't need to even explain it, right? Friday is the cleaning routine. With one kid.. or two kids.. haha! It HAS to get done, but let me tell you! It was quite the experience this morning with two kiddos under the age of 13 months running around here!  ;) I give mad props to any of you moms that do it on a regular basis- it's definitely some work! BUT. We got it done and that's what is most important! :) I cleaned out the fridge, mopped the floors, scrubbed the tub.. the usual! Love me some cleanliness! 

I even washed all of our decorative plates and candle holders and table cloth! I felt like I was on a roll, haha!
I got a phone call from my mom that morning and she asked if my dad and her could come over for lunch. Of course I say--ABSOLUTELY! I love spending time with them! :) So, I quickly turned on my Scentsy to make it smell good in here!…

Project 366: Day 56 [April 12th]

Morning fellow bloggers! Hope you're all in good spirits today and anxious for the weekend to get here :)
We'll start off first with the April Photo Challenge!

Today's task was: STAIRS.
And here's the shot that I took:

What stairs did you take a picture of? :)
And while I was taking and editing that photo, I tried out photoshop again with two other pictures I had of our sweetheart. These are only my second and third attempt. I'm still getting the hang of it, but practicing is a lot of fun, especially with such a cute model ;)

She's just gorgeous :)
After that, Tayler, Kenton, Ethan, and myself went for a walk! It was beautiful out today. A nice breeze and gorgeous! Here's the kiddos all bundled up:

And let me just share this. I know I'm going to sound like some paranoid parent, but this really aggravated me and I got a video of it, but I won't share it because of the vulgarity. We were going for a walk and we live near a baseball field owned (I bel…

Project 366: Day 55 [April 11th]

Morning all of my sweet bloggers out there!
Can you believe it's hump day already? Personally, I think this week is FLYING by! How about you??
I got up today and had determination on my mind:
I wanted to start learning photoshop. I know it is a HUGE program and it will likely take me forever to learn ALL of it, haha, but I wanted to test it out. And I did on an older picture of Tayler. She'd just turned 11 months old here:

What do you all think?
Like I said-- I know I have A LOT to learn, but it was my first try! I felt pretty good about it to be honest! Hopefully I can squeeze more time in the next week to learn more! :)
And then I decided to take a picture of the Photo A Day Challenge for April!

Today's challenge was: Where You Ate Breakfast.
Well, here you go:
Pretty amazing right? haha! Yes, I had a protein shake (like I do EVERY morning.. I love those things!!) and I ate it right here! :) I'm boring, what can I say, haha!
After that, Ethan got home and we loaded K…

Project 366: Day 54 [April 10th]

That's right. Today is my husband's 22nd birthday! So, Happy Birthday, E! :)
He woke up to breakfast in bed.
I don't want to toot my own horn. But I'm an awesome wife, haha! ;)

He had a cup of coffee, toast, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns with peppers and onions. I think this has to be one of his favorite breakfasts. I was so excited to make it for him! :) He took the day off work this morning, so he got to enjoy it.. and he got to sleep! What a birthday! :)
While he was eating that, I got started on making a taco dip. He claims it's his favorite meal that I make and he wanted it for his birthday.. and he loves it cold.. sooooo I got started making it AND the bacon cheddar dip that I LOVE. (Hey-- it's not my birthday, but I'm working my booty off! Might as well get something I LOVE too, haha!)
And the photo challenge today happened to be 'COLD' so I posted the ingredients to the bacon cheddar dip:

You nee…

Project 366: Day 53 [April 9th]

What a wonderful Monday! Hope everyone is doing great out there today! :) 
I know, I'm beyond on the blogging, so I am attempting to catch up really quick! 

Today's task was-- A YOUNGER YOU.
And everyone that knew me when I was a baby tells me over and over again that Tayler is a split image of me. So, I figured I'd post a picture of her and I. I didn't take this picture (my sweet husband did!) but it's edited and I think it's a nice picture of my daughter and myself!

She's my best friend.. I'm proud that she's my mini-me!
And I had a little photo session with the little guy that I baby sit through the day and Tayler today and I think this is my favorite picture of our session today:

What do you all think?? :)
After that, Ethan came home and we all got ready to go out to dinner for his birthday! His birthday actually isn't until Tuesday, April 10th, but this is the one night of the week that my mom, dad, and our family had free so we decided to…

Project 366: Day 52 [April 8th]

Good morning bloggers!
I hope everyone had an AMAZING Easter!
I love this 'holiday' because it reminds me of the fact that my sins are washed away. It reminds me of the fact that ONE man died so that I could live FREELY. It literally brings a tears to my eyes thinking about the fact that I can ask for forgiveness without going to a priest.. or giving an animal sacrifice. I can talk to Him.. every single day! I am so grateful for the sacrifice that He made! That's why I LOVE Easter! Why do you love Easter?
When we got up this morning, we told Tayler that the Easter Bunny came for her! We took her downstairs and there her Easter basket sat on the couch! He didn't hide it like a lot of other mean Easter bunnies I saw ;) hahaha! 
Here she is opening it and check out that messy, messy hair LOL

HAHA! She's a rough waker-upper ;) But she's so gosh darn cute! The Easter bunny brought her a bath toy, a soft stuffed animal, and two new peejays! He's such a cool guy …