Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project 366: Day 8 [February 24th]

I cleaned the house first thing in the morning. Seriously, isn't that the best feeling? There is nothing I like more than to sit down and look around and know that everything is swept, mopped, dusted, and cleaned. I love a clean bathroom. I love a clean toilet. I love clean, shiny floors. I love all my dishes washed and put away. I love my fridge cleaned out. I love beds made. and I love all of our laundry done. It just brings me great joy and honestly-- I get excited for it every single Friday. Do you find me weird? That's okay- my husband does too, even though he agrees that a clean house is a happy house. He just thinks I'm odd because I actually enjoy doing it. It's fun to me. I crank up music. Bust a few moves. It's incredible.

But after I got done cleaning, you could tell Tayler was ready for some play time, so we got down on the floor and played with blocks. Those are her favorite. Go figure, I spent like $3.00 on them for our maternity pictures. haha! :) 

She looked adorable today too. Her shirt says, "Best Friend" on it and it has a little girl with her doggie. Precious! :)

After that, I decided it was time to make some 'Appetizers!' Remember I told y'all last week that on occasion, we have an 'Appetizer Day' where I make a few of our favorites and that's our entire meal. This week it was Taco Dip (E's favorite) and Bacon Cheddar Dip (my favorite!) I'm going to show you the steps (for most of it) so you can make it! Hopefully your family enjoys it as much as mine does!!

For the Taco Dip, you are going to need: refried beans (we used black refried beans because those are Ethan's favorite), sausage (we used the Great Value), sour cream (I used Great Value, 16oz.), Con Queso Salsa (We used Tostito's Medium), a cup of shredded cheese, an onion, and a green pepper. 

First, start browning your sausage because that takes the longest out of any step. Also, while this is browning, cut up your onion and green pepper.

 (My hubby bought me that new cutting board! I LOVE it. Before, I chopped veggies on a plate, haha!)

Then, open the can of refried beans you have. After you are done browning the sausage, rinse it, then pour it into a bowl along with the refried beans. I added about half of the green pepper to this bowl along with half of the onions.

Stir all of that up really well. After that is done, get a casserole dish and spread it along the bottom of the dish.

It should look something like that! After you have done that, spread on a layer of the sour cream. Use it alllll! Don't be stingy, guys! Then, add a layer of the Con Queso Salsa. You're allowed to take a few bites of that stuff because it is freaking amazing :) It should look like this after:

Then, add a layer of the shredded cheese, the rest of the green peppers, and the onion.

And there's your final product! We served ours with the bite size tortilla chips! I love this little things! 

And the next appetizer I made was the Bacon Cheddar Dip (AKA Crack) that you see all over the internet. It really is as good as everyone makes it out to be. Shoot son, I'm having it for breakfast! ;) What you need for this is: 16oz of sour cream, one packet of Hidden Valley Ranch, 3oz of bacon bits (in the bag), and about a cup of shredded cheese.

And for some reason, I didn't take any pictures after this? I know Ethan came home, but I must have been seriously sidetracked to forget that! But basically, all you do is mix ALL of that together in a big bowl. Refrigerate for about 12 hours (if you want!) It tastes good regardless, I promise ;) We served ours with crackers.

And we decided to let Tayler have a 'big' moment yesterday and we put the dips on her plate along with some crackers and a soft tortilla. She was dipping the stuff in the dip and having a grand ol' MESSY time. We sent this picture to Gigi... she had it EVERYWHERE.. in her hair, on her shirt... yeah.


And I should add this: Ethan went out last night to purchase some long johns. The crazy man is playing in a ball tournament Saturday, 2/25... uhm. They're calling for SNOW. Yea, we won't be going to watch, haha! But anyways, E was worrying about freezing to death, so he went out to buy the underwear. He came home and put his whole outfit on and was modeling it. It was hysterical. He kept asking if he looked 'new' to the game or if he looked like a 'veteran.' LOL Yes, baby.. you look like you have been playing for years!

And since Tayler was so messy (and we had the little girl I baby sit) tonight.. we knew it was BATH TIME. Tayler adores bath time. She could probably play in there all day! Thank God... because when we first brought her home from the hospital, she cried until she was red in the face during bath time, haha! I was fearful that I'd have to be shoving my 12 year old into the shower, after she threw herself on the floor in rebellion. 

And after that, we all cuddled up. The girls fell asleep and Ethan and I turned on 'Sweet Home Alabama.' It's BOTH of our guilty pleasure although E won't really admit that ;)

Sweet Home Alabama: First off, Shaun B from the city tweeted me yesterday. Shout out, whaaat? Okay- anyways... I was quite shocked that Joey AND Todd went home. I hadn't pegged those two for going home quite yet. Who do I wish would leave the darn show? LANDON. He is the most judgmental person I have ever seen. He talks so bad about everyone.. and I don't understand how Paige doesn't see that terrible side of him. All of the guys of the house see it, which is why they give him a hard time. He is so paranoid.. and did you see the previews for next week? Please tell me he seriously does not propose. And if he does, PLEASE GOD ALMIGHTY, tell me Paige says no HAHA! And of course, the person I want to win is BUBBA. Such a good guy.. and seriously? Such a sweet thing he and the other guys did for country Shawn. Made my heart melt. 

And finishing up the news from today--

my husband's sister had her baby today! A sweet baby girl named Kynleigh! We were really excited to hear she was in labor! We have 4 nephews right now (HI BOYS!) soooo getting a niece was a wonderful blessing! :) I am thankful that Mommy and baby are doing well! 

Cheers Project 366!

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