Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project 366: Day 9 [February 25th]

Tayler and I woke up this morning and got all bundled up because guess what? It was a friggin' cold day today! The wind was EXTREMELY bitter. I told Facebook, I am one that adores Fall and Winter. I'd rather cold than hot. Just being honest. BUT, even I can admit that today was just too much. Tayler and I were both bundled up and we were still freezing coming out of the grocery store. I felt so bad for her :( But, the good news is we got our groceries and we came home and snuggled up. My husband on the other hand played in a ball tournament today. SERIOUSLY. It was SNOWING. Better him than me.. all I'm saying, haha! :) To represent this, I took a picture of my coat and scarf on the way home :)

Stay warm out there folks :P

After that, Ethan came home and we got all ready to go out to eat with my parents, then we were hitting up the mall. I was SO excited about this all day long, haha! :) I just love going out with Tayler and seeing her have fun! Our friend bought over her little girl so we could baby sit her while she was at work.. and we headed out! We went to my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant. Yes, I write about that quite often, but I was pretty devastated last night though. There is nooo way I can eat that YUMMY salsa right now.... darn wisdom teeth. It has little seeds in it and I surely don't want to risk that. Yes, it made the wait for my food that much longer! But it FINALLY came.. fajita chimichanga, refried beans, rice, tomatoes, guacamole, and sour cream.. with queso covering it ALL. OH MY WORD. It is amazing. I seriously should have taken a picture and I didn't even think about it. 

After that, we went to the mall. We decided to walk around with the girls and let them play! I got a cute little double stroller from some friends of ours that moved away, so it was the PERFECT occasion to use it!

Sorry it's a little dark, but aren't they super cute?? (FYI: Tayler DID have shoes on...... yeah, those get kicked off. I need to start purchasing ones that tie! LOL)

We walked around the mall and I went to The Children's Place. Ladies, if you do not have one of these stores near you... find you. But if you love money, don't! haha! That place honestly sucks you in! Ours was having a sale today and wouldn't you know.. I HAD to buy something! There's too many babies around us not to! :P

We got all of that including the sleeper that Tayler is wearing for $17.00. That's pretty impressive! We got that 'Little Monster' shirt for friends of ours that just had a baby boy. The onesie with the bow is for Ethan's sister who just had a baby girl. The pink 'Birthday Girl' shirt to the right is for Tayler of course to wear on her big day! And the pink shirt with the panda on it was for Natalie! We couldn't go to the store and not buy her something!! :) Here's an up close of Natalie's shirt and Tayler's new sleeper (they were all $3.00 there.. go now!! ;))

So cute!

After our shopping trip, we took the girls to the play place in there. Tayler was having a blast with Papaw and Gigi!! They were taking her on the slide...

(Isn't she adorable?? She was wearing jeggings. My favorite on her! Thanks Gigi!) And she was going EVERYWHERE. I don't know how they kept up with her, haha! She LOVED the mirror though. That baby looking back at her was hysterical!

And Natalie had a blast with these little girls that kept loving on her, haha! It was so cute. They kept asking if she would play with them hehe! I said, When she walks I bet she will! ;) It was just precious! But Natalie was just giggling and loving on them!  Adorable!

Wasn't that dress cute? Her mommy always has beautiful clothes for her! :)

And they ended up kicking us out. Seriously. It was 9:00PM and they were closing. It kind of frustrates me that the mall closes so early on weekend nights, but I guess it keeps the 'drama' to a minimum eh? 

We had a GREAT day and I hope all of you did too!

Cheers Project 366!

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