Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Child Prodigy?

I usually fill my blog with some deep thought I've had for the past few days, but today I am going to share a story with you. Hopefully it makes you laugh as much as it made me laugh. (Okay, hopefully not that much because I nearly peed myself.)

My mom and dad bought my daughters (Tayler and Quinn) a play center for Christmas. It has a book about the alphabet on it, a piano with a few keys, a phone, and more! They fight over it every day and usually it gets taken away for a period of time because we are still working on sharing. LOL :)

Well, I was in the restroom Friday and I walk out in to the living room and I hear Tayler playing the most beautiful song on the piano on her play center. I just stood there in shock. Every note sounded perfect... she was focusing.. it was an incredible moment. I honestly couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought to myself-- she hasn't even heard that song before, how is she playing it? Is she a child prodigy? Should I start making phone calls to record labels? Should I call American Idol and see if they need a piano player for Hollywood Week? What would Harry Connick Jr think?

She ran away and started playing with her Bubble Guppies toys.. and I just sat on the couch in amazement for about 10-15 minutes. I watched her play, thinking to myself, 'My daughter is a piano genius. She is a child prodigy. How did this happen?'

As she ran back to her bedroom, I walked over to the play center just to see if maybe she got this 'prodigy gene' from me. 

I started playing on the piano and lo and behold:


I didn't have music in front of me. I hadn't practiced once. And I was PLAYING IT! I was overwhelmed with joy. She might have got her aggressiveness from her dad, but she got her freaking piano playing skills from her MOTHER. 

And then I tripped getting up and hit a random key and it played the beginning of the song again. Coincidence? How did I fall and just randomly play the first note of the song? So, I pressed a different key than I did last time and it played the next note. Weird. Then it hit me...

I started just smacking random keys out of order and it PLAYED THE SONG.

It's fool proof, folks. Regardless of what piano keys you press-- it plays the song. REGARDLESS.

HA! I think I laughed for 20-minutes over this. LOL Who would have guessed!

So, no-- my child isn't a child prodigy as far as the piano goes (although, she is freaking smart in other areas of life.) Which also means that I wasn't playing the song without ever learning it either. Bummer. HAHA! 

But oh well. No, she didn't get her piano playing skills from me. But hey, she did get her attitude and lack of patience. Basically the same thing ;)

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