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Ultrasound Numeral Deux!

We had another ultrasound today :) I love seeing our little baby and knowing everything is going okay! Does a Momma's heart good as I always say :) 
They said that Bitty Bay #2 is measuring at 8 weeks 1 day which makes my due date

Yup. May 8th! Still might be a Cinco De Mayo baby, but that isn't it's EDD now ;) The baby had a heart rate of 175 which instantly made Ethan excited then like 'Oh my gosh, I bet it's a girl!' LOL You know I told you all earlier that he truly believes that old wive's tale that the higher rates equal girls! :) The ultrasound technician told us not to believe it because she's seen it proven over and over again, but I still have my hope! It's not that I'm desperately seeking a girl... it's just.. it would be WAY easier because I saved ALL of Tayler's clothes! LOL :) We will see in 45 days though! 
My day to switch over to a new week is Wednesday now as opposed to Sundays, so you may not see anything new from me u…


Okay. Is anyone else extremely STOKED for Fall to be here? This is my favorite time of year. I just want to soak every single bit of it up :) I love bonfires and smores and hot chocolate and warm peejays and big blankets... GAH! :) I am in LOVE with everything about it. I love being able to walk outside and take a huge, deep, cool breath. It's amazing! 
I love going through Tim Hortons and getting a dough nut and hot chocolate. I love the brisk wind. I love shopping for Christmas presents. I just absolutely adore every single thing about this time of year... It honestly cleanses my soul. I know that sounds weird, but it really does. It just renews something inside of me. I absolutely love it. 
I need to go shopping for some Fall clothes! I want to get some boots, sweaters, and scarves :) Does anyone else need a new fall wardrobe or is it just me? haha! Hopefully my husband doesn't mind ;)
I am so excited to be pregnant through the Fall again :) I was with Tayler and it was w…

8 Weeks

8 weeks pregnant 9/23/2012-9/29/2012 :)
 I cannot believe we are at 2 months already! I know that doesn't seem like too far, but I honestly cannot believe it has been 4 weeks. If this has flown by like it has, how fast are the next 32 weeks going to fly? Crazy to think!
This week was a vomiting week. It's a struggle to wake up in the morning. I feel like nausea is kicking my behind haha and throwing up is the only thing that makes me feel better! Well, that and toast haha! But let me tell you- getting tired of that lol :)
I am wearing the belly band almost full time now! I am sure it's due to bloating, but my size 4's don't fit anymore (well, they don't button haha.) So the belly band it is! I am glad I have done this before so I already have these kind of things :)
I have craved lemons this week. I had one in my water at a local restaurant and ever since then-- I just want to eat them haha! I had the same craving with Tayler. Sign or not? I had some lady tel…