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Project 366: Day 83 [May 9th]

Good morning everyone! :)
As usual, we will start off with the May Photo Challenge! Are y'all having fun with it?? I sure am! I LOVE this stuff! :)
Today's task was:
Something You Do Every Day

Take pictures!
I LOVE it! :) I am so blessed to be able to do it on a regular basis. I am still learning and I know I have a lot left to learn, but it is so much fun! It takes me into a whole new world and I just love every single second of it!
And now for our day...
We had a visitor today!
He came to visit. Tayler crawled up into his lap and it wasn't probably 10 minutes later she was fast asleep in his arms. She does that with him quite often, haha! Doesn't she look so sweet? *sigh* Shortly after that, she woke up crying and I figured it meant only one thing... hungry! I had left over steak and mashed potatoes from the night before, so I cut that up and gave it to her..... with a fork. She's been doing pretty good with a spoon, but the fork was a whole new terr…

Project 366: Day 82 [May 8th]

The May Photo Challenge of the day was:
A Smell You Adore

This is BY FAR my favorite Scentsy smell!! :) If you haven't tried it... I highly recommend it! You will absolutely LOVE it, no questions asked, haha ;)
Now for our day!
I thought Tayler looked adorable today. Okay- who am I kidding? I think she looks adorable every day! But I digress, haha! She had a cute little blue outfit on with a blue bow. I loved it!

She's precious.
My mom came over today on her lunch and dropped off some clothes a lady at her work gave us for Tayler. There was some ADORABLE clothes in there!! I was in heaven!

Dresses, jeans... and SHOES. Oh yes, shoes! Adorable boots, sandals, and.....

I cannot wait until she wears these! Eeeek! 
It's hilarious.. I was so excited. You'd think they were for me, LOL!
After that, I got things together for our cubed steak that we were having. I was in the kitchen about 3-4 minutes and I got to thinking, 'Man, the kids are being reall…

Project 366: Day 81 [May 7th]

The Photo Challenge for today was:
Someone That Inspires You.

This little lady right here means EVERYTHING to me. She has inspired me to be a better person. When I'm getting ready to speak things... listen to things... watch things... I think of her. I wonder if I want her to do the same things... She has made me a better person. And I feel like I'm forever indebted to her because of that. She makes me laugh on a day to day basis. She is a joy to be around. She has such a personality.. and her smile is contagious! This little girl is all the inspiration I need to be the best that I can be. I love her so much, it's unreal!
And now for our day!
I went to the kitchen to make Tayler and myself some breakfast. I came back in the living room and guess what I found?

Tayler sitting on the end table like she's not suppose to.
Ornery little booger, haha! How can you not laugh at that? Ugh. We're in for it!
But.. as the day progressed, my sweetheart started not…

Project 366: Day 80 [May 6th]

Morning bloggers!
I figured I'd start this morning by posting the May Photo Challenge.
Today's task was:
I took this on my phone.. with instagram OF COURSE ;)

It was really hot today and I didn't feel like wearing my softball shirt to E's game, so I wore this tank top and my orange glasses. I figured that would be enough orange to support him ;)
But anyways...
back to our day!
I woke up this morning bright and early to get things done. Tayler, of course, was up with me, haha! And let me tell you... (well, I know I ALWAYS tell you... but my kid is freaking cute!)

How cute is that bed head hair.... and those peejays!
She is something special :) Just love her!!
We got up, got breakfast, got our baths, and headed out the door for some photo sessions. As I always say, I won't post pictures on here out of respect for their privacy, but if you're interested, check out our facebook page :)
We had a GREAT day and I feel like we got some great pictures d…

Project 366: Day 79 [May 5th]

The May Photo Challenge task today was:

Can you see the birdie on the power line? He was gettin' all warm :)
And now for an update on today!
How cute did Tayler look this morning??

She was getting on and off the couch... over and over again LOL Such a monster!! She is just hilarious, let me tell you!!
After awhile, we got ready and we met our friend Kyra at our favorite Mexican restaurant (did anyone else celebrate Cinco de Mayo?) I guess we weren't really meaning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo... it just happened, haha!! Kyra's birthday is Monday.. so we were celebrating that! :) They even brought the sombrero out and sang 'Happy Birthday' to her! :) I think she might have been a little embarrassed ;)

And Tayler REALLY enjoyed being there..

HAHA! She had lots of beans and rice.. and she was out on daddy LOL!! She is just too much sometimes!!
After we got home, we got Natalie, got our bags packed, and headed out the door for Ethan's softball game. We b…