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Project 365: Day 151- April 30th

Started out my day by going grocery shopping with my mama! There was a terrible accident on State Route 22.. and it took us about 20-25 minutes to get to Walmart, but we finally made it! I love going grocery shopping with my mom. It's nice to have someone to talk to while wandering around the store. Plus, we get to spend time together. It's quite the enjoyable experience!

While at Walmart, I bought a dresser to have at Ethan's house. It was on sale for only like $50, sooooo we definitely picked that sucker up haha! Here's a couple shots of Matt and Ethan putting the dresser together (with a little help from Matt's girlfriend Carrie, haha)

(And the journey begins, haha)

(Taking the dresser apart to put the center part BACK IN haha)

(Carrie helping the boys out.... they needed it LOL)

Then we all settled down with some wings, hot and spicy chicken bites, nachos and cheese, pop, and The Fourth Kind. A creeeepy, creepy movie, haha

And Ethan "found" a helmet at…

Project 365: Day 150- April 29th

Laurie Lee once stated, "But our waking life, and our growing years, were for the most part spent in the kitchen, and until we married or ran away, it was the common room we shared."

This holds true as of right now hehe :) The kitchen seems to be the place we run to right now. Ethan had his first breakfast there this morning. I am not a breakfast eater, so I rarely eat with him, but we both sat there and just enjoyed our time together. It was so awesome! Ethan had scrambled eggs and toast... I hate eggs, so I thought it smelled wretched LOL But oh well, he enjoyed it. I'm still getting used to his toaster. I nearly burnt the first 2 pieces of toast and it was only on setting 2.5! I'd hate to see it on 10 LOL

After he got breakfast, he rode his street bike to work (crazy man!) and I got ready for my presentation I had to give to a local school district about distance learning. Here's me all ready for that:

The meeting only lasted for about 20 minutes, but it appea…

Project 365: Day 149- April 28th

Ethan and I decided to take today to organize the apartment, put things in the storage unit, clean, and decorate... okay, I wanted to decorate, haha! But he pitched in. I met my momma at the store earlier that day and bought these plates, bowls, cups, and serving tray. I've always wanted to do a kitchen in these bright colors for some reason, so that's what I bought :)

Then, I came home, worked on some homework, and waited for Ethan to get off work. Once he got home, we got started! Ethan worked so hard piling things into our cars. He had a lot of heavy stuff like a fountain unit, dirt bike, couch, etc. so he loaded most of it, and we drove over to the storage unit. Thank God it is only like a minute away, haha, cause this is how Ethan moved the couch LOL

I was a nervous wreck all the way there, haha! But we made it! Once everything was out of the house, we started mopping. The floor where the fountain unit was... was a mess! LOL Sooo it took quite awhile to get the stains an…

Project 365: Day 148- April 27th

Walt Disney once stated, "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Now, this might shock and surprise some of you, but I moved a lot of my clothes in to Ethan's house. I am here ALL the time and it was just getting really old having to drive 40 minutes back and forth to get clothes, etc. So, yesterday I went through all my clothes, found the ones I want to have there, loaded them up in my car, and brought them here. I finally have pajamas, undies, bras, jeans, skirts, and shirts, haha! I am so excited! We're getting dressers for everything Friday! Yay :) The above picture is my bed at my parent's house.. that's me trying to organize everything I wanted to bring along lol. And here's the closet at Ethan's house:

I also brought my DVDs along, so we have quite the collection started if I do say so myself haha :) Remember the One Tree Hill episode where Haley…

Project 365: Day 147- April 26th

My lovely day started off by taking 5 Demonstration Tests for my Multicultural Education class and writing a paper concerning them. These IATs were to detect any sort of bias I might have concerning: religion, gender/career, old/young, sexuality, and political affiliation. It was rather interesting, but to be quite honest, I wasn't shocked my any of the answers. I know how I was raised, what has influenced me, and I know what to watch out for when I have a classroom of my own one day.

After finishing my paper, I went and met my parents for dinner at Tla Que PaQue. That's one of our favorite places to eat! And I hadn't seen them in a couple of days, so we decided to make a date out of it hehe :) Here's left overs of my meal-- a steak fajita taco salad. Yummy!

Ethan of course ate the leftovers when I got home, haha!

After Tla Que PaQue, we went to my little cousin Alexyus' birthday party at the local skating rink. She turned the big 1-0 last week! I feel so old, haha…

Project 365: Day 146- April 25th

Ethan's breakfast this morning. I love that little orange tray, haha! This is seriously my favorite thing to cook. Sausage biscuits and gravy... bacon... and bananas. Yummy! hehe :) And then Ethan went to play basketball and I headed to Columbus to visit with Corey and Marie along with my mom, dad, and Brad. We ended up going to Panera. Amazing! I swear. I am not even kidding. I am in LOVE with that place. I would take another Chipotle Chicken Sandwich with chips and a pickle hehe! Soooo good!

How good is that? Mmmm! Yummy! And then we went to Coldstone Creamery... Marie's treat :) I got a Berry Trinity smoothie (raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries). It was amazing! And I bought some Oreo Creme Cupcakes to take back to Ethan hehe!

Then we went back to Marie's dorm and the Columbus Zoo was there having a program where they were introducing animals such as the penguin, flamingo, alligator, porcupine, cheetah, and a snake! We got tons of information and just had a gre…

Project 365: Day 145- April 24th

We went with mom and dad today to test drive a Dodge Charger. Gorgeous car. But I'm more of a SUV fan to be quite honest with you, haha. The bonus of buying this car is that the car lot will give you free oil changes FOR LIFE. Amazing, right? And then I went inside to buy a sprite and look what was inside:

Oh yes, I want it haha! :) How amazing. I'm definitely in love :)

Then we went to Family Video and Brad was oh so proud haha! He's 18 now and can go in the adult video section LOL He had me take his picture. I teared up. NOT, LOL

Then Ethan, Josh, Kelly, and I went out to TJs garage. Yes, this is what it looked like:

Not a whole lot for a girl to do, right? haha So this is what Kelly and I did LOL

We did what girls do best... sat around and talked! hehe :) It wasn't exactly the sturdiest thing to sit on, but we made it work haha. Oh, well then Kelly and I decided that we had to pee.... it was rainy and dark and we had to walk to TJ's house from the garage. So, we …