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Project 365: Day 15- July 1st

Yes indeed. We headed up to the Kalahari.... my favorite place in the world. Seriously, if you've never been here. Make the trip. It is soooo worth it :)
We had a loong trip up here thanks to crazy construction and ridiculously looooooooooooooong trains!! It was craziness. Here's a snap shot of the trains and then a picture of E and me :) We jammed to some Kellie Picker while waiting for this train... 'I'll be there in the back of your mind!"

We finally got there at about 4:30PM and we were ready to hit up the water park :) It's amazing in there! Here's the wave pool. Can you spot E and me?

We put Tayler in a life jacket to go around the lazy river with Mom and me. It didn't fit quite right, haha!

She wasn't a fan of that, so we took her to the kids land! :) She LOVED that! Her and I went down the slide and we played in the water!!

That's my water baby :)

We are having a wonderful time :) It's absolutely gorgeous h…

Project 365: Day 14- June 30th and Project 52 :)

We didn't do much today... we've been busy all week long, so I decided that today we were just going to stay home! :) I spent time cleaning out the car, packing our bags for our vacation, and watching Ethan sleep like a complete weirdo, haha! I walked into our bedroom.. and this is how I found him:

HAHAHA. He had a looooong night at work, so I knew he was beat, but seriously? haha! I woke him up and he didn't even realize where he was, LOL! Hilarious.
Also... big day today. It marked Tayler being 13 weeks old :) Yes, my sweet baby is growing!

She's 13lbs 11oz now and 25" long :) My long and big baby! 
She is learning so much. She has OFFICIALLY found her voice. She's 'talking' up a storm anymore. Laughing outloud. She's found her hands and rubs her eyes when she's sleepy... :) She is learning to grab things (like menus at restaurants.) We went out to eat the other day with her and she grabbed the menu and nearly knocked my tea off the table, haha! …

Project 365: Day 13- June 29th

Today, Carrie and Matt came over to swim and eat some pizza! We were sooo excited to see them! Since we've moved about 40 minutes away from our friends, we've really started to miss them! As odd as it sounds, considering I moved back to my home, I don't have any close friends here. So, my heart aches a little when I think that my best friends were left behind in our move... but anyways, they came down and boy oh boy, we had so much fun! Tayler was kind of cranky because she hadn't napped all morning (when Papaw is around, there is no sleeping for her haha!) So, she was snoozing a bit outside while we were all hanging out. 

And it was the cutest thing... she took her binky out of her mouth and held on to it :) She'd never really done that before, hehe! I, of course, has to take pictures!! 

Carrie and I hung out... and had the boys doing an Olympics contest :) haha!

Their first task was to do a hand stand. Ethan's was pathetic at first, haha, but they eventually cau…

Project 365: Day 12- June 28th

We literally spent the entire day cleaning out the rest of my old bedroom and rearranging the room! We got all of our clothes in the room, the end tables set up along with a lamp, our bed in place, a fan for those warm evenings, our dresser, and our desk with our HUGE TV baha! It looks hilarious in this room, but we love it!

And here's how our TV looks in our room haha! I DVRed tons of shows yesterday.. thank God for DVR lol!

Project 365: Day 11- June 27th

Sunday night was our first official night at my parent's house... and by Monday morning, I think it was safe to say that Tayler had made herself at home, haha. Don't believe me? Check this out, haha!

Once she got up, we got up and moving and headed to Dresden for the day. We had some more things to get, we needed to pick up our mail, and we were gonna grab a bite to eat. When we went back to my old house, we checked the mail, and guess what? MY BUSINESS CARDS CAME! I ordered them through Vista Print and I receive 250 for $5.00. Chyeaaboii! :) Do you like them?

Then we went to Matt and Carrie's house and we tried Tayler out in Jaylee's bumbo seat. She wasn't a fan. She cried after this picture was taken, haha!

Once we got home, we got started cleaning out my old bedroom so that we could move on in it! We had a lot of work ahead of us, but we knew before we could move in to the bedroom, we HAD to get rid of my old bed. And guess what? It's sold! :)

We were up late wo…

Project 365: Day 10- June 26th

We got home from the hotel... TOTALLY relaxed of course :) We spent some time with Marie and Corey and we all enjoyed some Taco Soup made by my sweet, precious momma. Do y'all remember me posting the recipe to that? Here it is :)
It was super yummy!
Then we all got ready and Marie, Mom, Tayler, Dad, and Corey all headed out to the ball field to watch Dad and Corey's last ball game. Ethan had to go to work :( Yes, I missed him already. I'm that pathetic, haha! But on a positive note, Tayler looked absolutely adorable if I do say so myself. Who do you think picked out that shirt? haha!

I loved her pink high tops haha!
But I have to tell you. It was soooo cold out when E and I were on the way home from the hotel. Like, we didn't even have the windows of the truck rolled down, so when I got home, I dressed Tayler warm (as you can see)... long sleeves, jeans, socks, tennis shoes. Then, we get out to the ball field (which is by the river... you'd think it'd be cooler t…

Project 365: Day 9- June 25th

Well, guess what? We decided to move out today, haha! I know, we're crazy! We are moving into my parent's house. It was a difficult decision because we love our independence here, but it's the best thing to do for our finances. We really want a house (like the one I was talking about on Thursday!) sooo we decided to move in with them and save, save, save! We want a big family one day... and we won't be able to have a big family right now... so, this is the best thing for us right now and we are soo excited! (And yes, my parents are even more excited, haha! Not for us-- for Tayler!) So, today was MOVING DAY! :) We were working hard packing things up and here's what Tayler was doing.....

After moving, I went to a Cancer Benefit for my former Pastor Richard. He was recently diagnosed with cancer, so they had a benefit for him. Here is a picture of mom, me, and Tayler :) Thank you, Ashley for taking this!

We had a good time :) 
Then Ethan and I went on our date night! :) …

Project 365: Day 8- June 24th

We woke up in the morning, Tayler got her bottle, and we relaxed while we watched 'Baby Einsteins!" She's getting so big.. she actually enjoys watching cartoons like that :) She was even laughing! It was the cutest thing!

Then Ethan, Tayler, and myself went grocery shopping! We needed some food DESPERATELY in that house, haha! :) Here's Tayler surrounded by yummy food:

Everyone kept saying they wanted to steal her, haha!
And here's a SAD ETHAN because we played a game where we guessed how much the total would be at the end. The grand total was $42.19 and I guessed $41.50. BOO-YAH! haha!

Then it was time for Carrie's Scentsy party :) I went over to set-up and here's what the table looked like when I finished:

Fortunately Ethan stayed there and watched Tayler for me :) She was out like a light on his chest hehe! I love this picture :)

Project 365: Day 7- June 23rd

We went and looked at a house today! :) We REALLY would like to purchase it so that we can save up money and fix it just how we like it :) Here's what it looks like:

It has a master bedroom with a master bathroom and YES, the master bathroom has a jacuzzi tub :)

Then there is a beautiful kitchen with an island where I can set up barstools and serve the kids breakfast! A dining room with a sky light. A huge living room with gorgeous windows. Two bedrooms, another bathroom, and a huuuuuge room we're going to make into a game room (with a pool table and a bar!) I hope we can get it!! :) Just keep your fingers crossed and pray for God's will!