Saturday, July 2, 2011

Project 365: Day 14- June 30th and Project 52 :)

We didn't do much today... we've been busy all week long, so I decided that today we were just going to stay home! :) I spent time cleaning out the car, packing our bags for our vacation, and watching Ethan sleep like a complete weirdo, haha! I walked into our bedroom.. and this is how I found him:

HAHAHA. He had a looooong night at work, so I knew he was beat, but seriously? haha! I woke him up and he didn't even realize where he was, LOL! Hilarious.

Also... big day today. It marked Tayler being 13 weeks old :) Yes, my sweet baby is growing!

She's 13lbs 11oz now and 25" long :) My long and big baby! 

She is learning so much. She has OFFICIALLY found her voice. She's 'talking' up a storm anymore. Laughing outloud. She's found her hands and rubs her eyes when she's sleepy... :) She is learning to grab things (like menus at restaurants.) We went out to eat the other day with her and she grabbed the menu and nearly knocked my tea off the table, haha! Hilarious! It's amazing to watch her grow :) We get to start her on rice cereal August 5th! It breaks my heart to see that she's growing up, but boy oh boy, am I excited!!

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