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Project 365: Day 228- July 16th

All of my new scrapbooking things came in the mail today! :) I am SO excited to get started using it! I ordered them from:

Go check it out if you'd like!Here's what I ordered:

(Love Page Kit- hese creative kits are full of unique embellishments as well as the standard patterned papers; stickers rub-ons and more. Each kit contains enough supplies to create eight 12x12in scrapbooking layouts. This package contains the Love page kit: eight 12x12in acid and lignin free patterned papers; sixty-one cardstock stickers; twenty-two cardstock punch-outs; twenty-six chipboard punch-out alphabet and two layered cardstock embellishments.)

(True Love Paper pack.... TONS of paper obviously hehe!)

And here's the first page done with my new stuff:

*sigh*... Love hehe!

And 2 other pages I worked on today:

And I am so excited that one of my blogs reached #2 on the Most Recommended list today! That's the highest it's ever been!! I LOVE writing and I&…

Project 365: Day 227- July 15th

I spent the first half of the morning folding and hanging up 4 loads of laundry. I was a little behind, k? haha :) But while hanging up, I just decided to color coordinate and section off all of our clothes. Our living room looked like Walmart exploded haha! But the left half of the closet is Ethan's clothes... color coordinated and his T-shirts come first, then muscle shirts, then work shirts. The right half are my clothes... color coordinated and sectioned. The first half are tank tops, then t-shirts, sweaters, and dresses.

After working on that, I got started on dinner because it had to be in the crock pot for about 4 hours. What'd I make? Allow me to show you :)

Spicy Jalapeno Nacho Dip.

How is it made you might be asking?

Take a lovely crock pot and cut up 2 blocks of Heluva Good Jalapeno cheese into little squares and dump those suckers in:

Next take one package of Great Value Mild Sausage (or any other kind of sausage I suppose) and drop it in the skillet along with some …

Project 365: Day 226- July 14th

I hadn't been to my parent's house in about a month (since dad's graduation party) and my mom is on vacation this week, so I drove down to their house yesterday morning to spend the day! Plus, we don't have a washer/dryer at our apartment... so, she told me I could do laundry there, haha :) Dad said I'm starting to act like Corey, haha! :)

And once my mom came home, she said "Alyssa, I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT.... you have a flat tire.." *sigh* Go figure, right? haha! But I'm glad it at least happened when I was already at my parents! lol

Dad put the donut on later. Thank heavens! :)

So, mom and I spent the day by the pool. It was so relaxing! She made cheeseburgers and fries and we just chillaxed. I LOVED it :)

And after we spent the day by the pool, my parents packed up and drove up to where we live so we could all go out to eat with Ethan and Ethan's mom :) We went to our FAVORITE local restaurant and had such a great time! It was hot…

Project 365: Day 225- July 13th

I forgot to post a picture of my new do. Well, it's not necessarily "new" per se, but I've got more bang-ig. haha! My bangs are a lot fuller and cut across my forehead in a nicer way :) I LOVE IT. Plus I got a little bit of a trim for the summa time! :)

And I pretty much spent my day writing and working on homework assignments for class. I cooked roast for Ethan and I. We went and visited Matt... and then Ethan went to play some basketball and I settled down in my peejays to watch "Pretty Little Liars" :) I'm already excited for next week's episode!

Cheers to Project 365!! :)

Project 365: Day 224- July 12th

It was a good day today! :) Woke up this morning, got showered, and got ready cause my momma was picking me up so we could go meet my aunt at Roscoe Village! I was SO excited :D We were going there to have lunch, chit chat, and catch up with life :) My aunt is so ornery! We got there and she was already flirting with the 20 something waiter with an accent, haha! I had about 12 raspberry iced teas. And we all shared a yummy chocolate cake with a hint of cherry:

Here's a picture of the 3 of us: (Aunt Trudy, mom, and me)

We had so much fun! I shared my scrapbook with Aunt Trudy. We talked about life, laughed! It was a great day and I'm excited for us to do it again :)

Then mom dropped me back off at the apartment. Ethan had to work a long shift (6am to 10pm) so it was just me and the TV, haha! I did some scrapbooking (of course).

And then I watched Secret Life (shocked Adrien is actually having the baby!) and went to bed :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 223- July 11th

We woke up this morning, ate some cinnamon rolls, and went jet-skiing! Oh yea, son, haha! We had a total blast :D This is Ethan jet-skiing. I think that's a pretty amazing picture if I do say so myself, haha :)

And I decided to model our new life jackets, haha! PINK! My favorite :) And how gorgeous is that sky?

And here's Ethan tubing:

And me smiling for the camera getting ready to tube:

And giving Bobby the thumbs up that I'm ready to go haha!

Gorgeous day out:

And my mom and dad came by for a visit! I was so happy to see them :)

And I got published again here:

I feel so excited and blessed :)

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Project 365: Day 222- July 10th

I woke up this morning and went to Anne's bridal shower with my momma :) It was a pretty theme: like a light teal and green. And it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day for it :)

We played some games. Like, a purse scavenger hunt. Here are some of my items, haha:

And then we played a game where Anne & Kyle had to match answers. It was really neat and something I want to do at my own bridal shower one day! :)

And mom won a game :)

Then we went grocery shopping and I got "Hocus Pocus" on DVD :) So I ordered some pizza for Ethan to deliever, popped that sucker in the DVD player, and started my scrapbooking :)

(the rest of the Extreme Makeover page :))

(Alyssa's kitchen :))

(We each got a laptop, printer, and we got the internet scrapbook page!)

(Entwined.... that's what we are)

And we ended the night watching "The Book of Eli".... and then "Hocus Pocus" haha! Oh and we ate spinach dip and bread! It was like a slumber party, haha!

Cheers to Project 365!