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Project 365: Day 144- April 23rd

I'm not saying every day is going to be worth waking up for... but you have to, or you'll never stumble upon the days that really, truly are.

This morning was DEFINITELY a day worth waking up for, haha :) We woke up.. late. LOL Well, about 10:30 which rarely happens because Ethan's job has him waking up at the crack of dawn (and he's been on vacation this week which has been awesome!) so anyways, we woke up, got ready, and went and got "brunch" at the Dari Twist! It was soooo good! I got a hamburger with bacon, lettuce, and onion and some spicy curly fries with a sierra mist. Yummy! Ethan got a NASTY cole slaw dog. Yes, I just said that, and yes it smelled as nasty as it sounds haha! And he got cheese sticks. Those were at least partially good haha! But it was just an amazing morning. We sat outside on the picnic tables and enjoyed the day. I think he's really starting to enjoy those simple things that I like... like sitting outside on a sunny day, goin…

Project 365: Day 143- April 22nd

Bill Gates once stated "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." and I have to say that Ethan and I have been empowered... to get wireless internet, haha :) We FINALLY have it at the apartment, wahoo! It's a lovely thing. We've been dating for about 5 months... and well, life without the internet can get a bit boring, haha :) We felt like we were so behind... but thankfully, we were blessed enough to get it installed and I couldn't be more excited! It's a HUGE router as you can see haha. They usually use it in businesses, but it was the only one they had for us. We still love it hehe and you'll definitely see me updating this more frequently, and more promptly hehe :)

Then after we got the internet installed (which took FOREVER haha) we TOTALLY went four-wheeler riding. It was my first time ever. Here's a shot of Ethan and I on the four-wheeler :)It was SO much fun. We ramped over things... killed my booty ha…

Project 365: Day 142- April 21st

Oh, it was a great day in the world of Alyssa today. I FINALLY got my Title in the mail making my car...... OFFICIALLY MINE. I have seriously been paying on that car since 2007 and it was a great relief when I no longer had to worry about forking out money for it every month hehe! I am happy and so relieved :) God is so good for blessing me with that car and for making a way for me to pay it off!

And it was a pretty boring day after that, haha. Worked on homework.. and my mom and I went and got McDonalds. Mmmm. I know, I know.. I always hear how unhealthy that is, but oh well. I got a Big Mac, medium fry with sweet and sour sauce, and a large sweet tea. Oh, how I love it haha :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 141- April 20th

Brother she's all country
from her cowboy boots to her down home roots
She's country, from the song she plays to the prayer she prays
Thats the way she was born and raised, she ain't afraid to stay country
Brother she's country

Well... honestly, I'm not country. I hear I sound like a country girl a bit when I talk, but other than that--- nada, haha. However I LOVE that song by Jason Aldean and I tried to be a little bit country today hehe :) Ethan took me for a ride on his dirt bike... yes, it was freezing cause all I had were those shorts and a tank top.. and it was like 10AM... haha! But we had a blast! He's getting me used to fast, quick things... dirt bikes, street bikes.. it's pretty fun, I'm not gonna lie, haha!

And then the rest of the night, I watched American Idol.

I'm going to give my little American Idol thoughts here.. First of all, I'm Team Lee and Team Crystal all the way. I pray they are the top 2. Casey James.. he's good, but…

Project 365: Day 140- April 19th

What a life, right? baha. That's the boy chowin' down. We were out of sausage gravy, so he just got sausage biscuits, bananas, and a bagel today lol! Oh and what was he watching? 16 and Pregnant *smacks head* And he says he's a manly man... *psssht* hahaha! I just adore him :)

Then he decided to try on a sweater that he bought like forever ago for me to see. How handsome is he? hehe!

And of course, we had to pose together. Sorry it's so blurry, haha!

And then he was headed off to go ridin' and I was headed off to do homework. Oh yes, this is the life, hehe! I just love him... sooo it's an Ethan day in Project 365 today!

And I took a picture of the gorgeous sunset that was happening while I was driving back to Ethan's house. I LOVE driving about 7PM.... there's just something about the sky, the air... everything when it's dusk :) Makes you appreciate life that much more..

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 139- April 18th

John Rittman, coach for Stanford, stated "We will live for tomorrow and come out tomorrow ready to play." That's what these boys do. My Sundays are usually filled with softball, friends, family, and food, hehe! I absolutely love it! My brothers Brad and Corey play on a team with my dad called MRM Painting. We've been coming out to this softball diamond since I was a baby.. and here I am 23 years later sitting on those same bleachers (oh, I wish I were kidding, hahaha) I LOVE this game, I love watching this game, and I love being a part of this game.. even if it's just as a fan :) From left to right front row it's: Dad, Spank, Mikey, Logan, Brad, and Riley. From left to right in the back row it's: Shawn, Mojo, Corey, Kenny, Bucket, Adam, and Todd.

Here's my girls watching the game.. first, our serious, happy faces haha!

And our goofball, crazy faces, haha!

From left to right it's my momma, me, Marie (my brother Corey's girlfriend), Helen (one of…

Project 365: Day 138- April 17th

This is starting to be the usual, huh? haha :) Yes, Eth got breakfast in bed... again haha :P Bacon and sausage gravy and biscuits. Yummy! I bought stuff to make cinnamon rolls later this week and yes I am VERY excited about that one haha! We love us some breakfast foods, lemme tell ya! Here's the boyfriend and I after the scrumptious breakfast. He's so weird, bahaha.

And then it was off to good ol' Newark to see some of my favorite people EVER for Evan's 3rd birthday! Here's a shot of the birthday boy blowing out the candles on his cake:

And here's a picture of Evan opening up his birthday presents with his momma Lindsey:

And the birthday boy and "Issa" (what he calls me, haha)

Then on the way home, mom wanted to stop and look at some new vehicles for her. Here's a shot of her checkin' one out, hehe!

And the night ended with Ethan :)

Happy Birthday Evan and cheers to Project 365!