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Project 366: Day 1 [February 17th]

We got a visitor today: my Grandma Smith.. which would be Tayler's Great Grandma! She came baring gifts as she always does even though we constantly tell her that she can just come to visit without anything at all! But she brought me some US magazines (yes, I read those trashy magazines about celebrities. I can't help it! They just suck me in, folks!), coupons (cause I clip like a fool), chocolate chip cookies (yes, I'm feeling better), and she brought Tayler a new lamp for her room. She LOVES it. It's just gorgeous and it matches her black, white, and hot pink polka dots perfectly!

We tried it out in the living room at first and Tayler was just mesmerized by it. Thanks Grandma! :) 
After Grandma left, Tayler was getting super cranky. It was probably because she was up until 2AM playing (my fault for letting her nap at 7pm.. but seriously, you should have seen how grouchy she was!! lol) Not to mention she woke back up at 830AM (yessss this mommy was worn out!) So by 1…

Weekly Meals 2/20-2/24

Alright, I have finally figured out what I want to make next week! How I have missed cooking this week. At times, I feel like it is a 'task' that I have to complete each day or we will starve, but when I didn't have the chance to cook the past few days, I actually really missed it.. which makes me think I might enjoy cooking even more than I thought I did ;) I always ask my husband what he wants for the week and usually he will say, "Eh, it doesn't really matter to me. Whatever you make, I'll eat." Whoo-hoo right? Such enthusiasm, haha! But this week, he put in a request! Taco Dip. I make this taco dip and really, I just throw in a bunch of stuff I think sounds good, but Ethan just loves it! So, I'll post that recipe this week along with the others on the day after I make them :) I'm really excited about the meals this week for some reason! 
Monday-- Homemade Crunch Wrap Supremes. This will be my first time trying this, so we will see how it all …

Project 366: The Beginning

I look back on stopping Project 365 (even though for me it was like a Project 642342 haha) and I regret stopping it. I love looking back at December 2010 and seeing what life was like at that point in time and it makes me sad that I won't be able to share in that for a few months. I stopped October 27th, 2011.. so I've missed about 4 months. Darn it.
I am going to start back up tomorrow. I still plan on posting the weekly meals and what not, but I'm going to start doing Project 365 again. I guess this year would be Project 366, but you get the point, haha! I am going to start taking a picture.. or a few pictures.. a day to just remember what life was like during this time. Our precious baby is almost a year old and I just want to capture every single moment that I possibly can with her! Want to see a picture of her right now?

She's 46 weeks old today. 6 weeks until her 1st birthday. Crazy isn't it? And she's not a huge fan of pictures anymore. Obviously.…

Feeling Better!

I had my surgery Monday morning and I am actually feeling pretty good, but let me tell you-- after having soup since Monday (and pudding, yogurt, and jello)... I am pretty soup-ed out so the soups that I had originally set aside to make this week AREN'T getting made, haha! :) We had take-out tonight. I was craving Taco Bell. Oops! But I am currently working on a grocery list and YES I am going grocery shopping this weekend. My husband asked me last night if I was going (he must realize we are running low!) LOL He even offered to stop on his way home from work. That's always a signal to me that we are in need! :) I am working on our weekly meals and I'll post those tomorrow once they are finished! Hope everyone has had a great week. I have been taken care of this week and it has been wonderful. My husband and family have been terrific. My mom made us food for Monday and Tuesday.. they have all gathered together to help with Tayler while I recooperated and her and I had our…