Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeling Better!

I had my surgery Monday morning and I am actually feeling pretty good, but let me tell you-- after having soup since Monday (and pudding, yogurt, and jello)... I am pretty soup-ed out so the soups that I had originally set aside to make this week AREN'T getting made, haha! :) We had take-out tonight. I was craving Taco Bell. Oops! But I am currently working on a grocery list and YES I am going grocery shopping this weekend. My husband asked me last night if I was going (he must realize we are running low!) LOL He even offered to stop on his way home from work. That's always a signal to me that we are in need! :) I am working on our weekly meals and I'll post those tomorrow once they are finished! Hope everyone has had a great week. I have been taken care of this week and it has been wonderful. My husband and family have been terrific. My mom made us food for Monday and Tuesday.. they have all gathered together to help with Tayler while I recooperated and her and I had our first day alone together again yesterday. She even napped with me. She is such a sweetheart and I am thankful I have such a good baby. Makes feeling better that much easier! 

In other news...

My husband rented a room for us in a local 'bed and breakfast' this weekend since I was pretty 'under the weather' on Valentine's Day. Such a sweetie! I'll try and take a few pictures! We are having a wine tasting, dinner, a jacuzzi, and they even have DVD players in the rooms, so I am sure a few movies will ensue! I cannot wait! This is kind of like Valentine's Day and our anniversary wrapped into one. Should be exciting!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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