Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekly Meals and Other News!

Tonight we are having RICE BOWLS. I'll post that recipe either tonight or tomorrow when I wake up. They are really easy and something everyone loves around here (well, there's only 2 adults that live here, but you get the point, haha!) 

I think tomorrow we might just have spaghetti. Something simple to make before I run to the grocery. :)

As for next week...

I am getting my wisdom teeth plus one cut out early Monday morning. I would say that I am extremely nervous, but the pain that I feel EVERY day is kind of overpowering that at this point in time. I am terrified of being put under, but I know that (after the few days at first) I will feel tremendous. I have every tooth possible for a human being and with my wisdom teeth all being in, they have created some problems with my other teeth, ESPECIALLY the one right next to my top left, so the doctor said it would be best to just cut it out as opposed to trying to fix it. So, there you have it! 

I typically baby sit two babies a week, but the doctor wrote me off for a week of 'relaxing.' (As much relaxing you can do with a 10 month old, right? ;) haha!) Nah, seriously.. I will have a good bit of help those first few days which I am extremely thankful for! My mom, dad, and husband are extremely generous as our my grandparents. I am one blessed momma! 

Now.. I've said all that to say that I'm not going to have weekly meals those first few days. I'm not allowed to eat Sunday evening, so E will be fending for himself and Monday and Tuesday I doubt I'll be in the 'mood' to cook anything, but I guess one can never tell, right? However, I have planned out some meals for Wednesday-Friday night. I'll probably be pretty hungry by then considering my yogurt, pudding, and jello diet. 

And yes, E will have to suffer through soup (and sandwich for him) those three days. Hey-- why shouldn't I get to enjoy something right? :) 

Here's the menu:

Wednesday-- French Onion Soup (not the can kind.. I'm going to try my hand at making it!) and I'm going to make Swiss Cheese Grilled Sandwiches for E.
Thursday-- Southwest Tomato Soup-- I'm super excited about making this! (and of course grilled cheeses for E)
Friday-- Roasted Red Pepper Soup. I'm not really sure what to think about this one. I found the recipe and it looked delicious, but we'll see after I've tasted it!

I'll of course post a review of all of these so y'all know what I think... if it really matters to you! LOL

The good news about this upcoming weekend? While I'm bittersweet about Monday morning, Friday I get to clean the house (yes, I seriously anticipate this every week. I feel like I get a good exercise in with it and I LOVE having a clean house!!) and I'm going grocery shopping which I love... mostly because I get to do it with my mom and daughter. Perfection! Saturday we are making Tayler's play room which I'm ECSTATIC about, and Sunday I'm getting my hair cut! It's going to be a dramatic change, so get ready, y'all! I'll post pics, of course! :)

Have a great rest of the day ladies!

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