Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cubed Steaks... We Love Our Crock Pot!

We have a good bit to get done today. I have a sick husband, Tayler hasn't been feeling too good, we are trying to get our dining room painted, a closet that needs cleaned out, and errands that need ran... soo today is definitely a CROCK-POT DAY! Don't you just love that thing? If you're busy, you can just throw dinner in and let it cook! Perfection. I'd love to personally meet and thank the person that invented that sucker. He or it is probably a SHE ;) has made my life much easier! :)

Today, I am making Cubed Steaks for dinner. I've already had these before, but I'm pretty sure I haven't blogged about them. They are a favorite around here, so it's about time I put the information down for all of you to see!

I originally found this recipe here if you are curious!
Here's what you need:

 I used a pound of Round Steak.
1 packet of Brown Gravy Mix
1 packet of Au Jus Mix
1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup
1 can of French Onion soup

 (the pound of round steak)

Take the mixes and soups and mix them together in a bowl.

Put the round steak in your crock pot and then pour the mixture over that! 

Turn it on low for approximately 6-8 hours. We serve ours over mashed potatoes with a little bit of pepper, garlic, and salt :) We also have buttered bread and salads. It is a wonderful meal and SUPER simple! Hope you all enjoy it!

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