Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Decoratin' the House!

We are preparing to do a huge home makeover on our house! There isn't anything it HAS to have done, but we want to spice things up a little bit! :) We want to paint and start working on some crafty decorations. I LOVE our house and I am SO thankful for it, but... I'm tired of bland white walls, haha! Any one else out there have white walls and desire to do something with them?? Please tell me I'm not the only one! 

I have been trying to get my ideas together and I think we have some themes for a few rooms. We are going to focus on 4 main rooms right now and as time progresses, we will move on to the rooms that we feel look 'alright' right now... even with the white walls :)

So, first on the list: THE OFFICE.

We are wanting to go with a soft baby blue and then black and white accents. For the walls, we are looking at something like this:

And then thanks to lovely Pinterest, I have our curtain/lamp inspiration

Aren't those just adorable? I am super excited to see how it all looks together. We already have a few things up on the wall that are black. I am also going to take some black and white pictures of Tayler and put those in black frames and make a collage on the one wall in our office. I am really excited to see how it all plays out!


This room is SUPER bare. Like literally all that is in there are the curtains, our dining room table, and a china cabinet. Ethan is currently working on building a wine rack (yes, we are wine drinkers. Don't let him fool you ;)) And then I want to purchase a wall quote from Target that says, "The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table." PERFECT. We are painting those walls a soft purple like this:

I think it will go really nice with ours tans and mauves that we already have in there. Next thing on my list is finding decorations for the walls because we have none, but that will probably come in after we paint so I can get a good idea as to what we need!

and after that, we are focusing on the LIVING ROOM.

For this room, we are going to do two tones. Two sides of the room are going to be tan and two sides are going to be a dark brown. Something kind of like this, but our tan is going to be a tad bit lighter.

And I am working on some decoration ideas for that. One, thanks to Pinterest, that I absolutely want to include is this:

I LOVE it. We can just keep adding times as we continue to have children :) Gorgeous!

And the next room is THE UPSTAIRS BATHROOM.

It is currently white with hunter green sinks. The hunter green is something that we have to work around to make sure everything matches accordingly. I figured my first task was to find a 'theme' and a 'shower curtain' that will tie things together. I found this one that I LOVE at Target:

So we are going to keep the hunter green sinks and paint the room a soft yellow and tie everything in together. I haven't thought of any decorations yet. We don't have a toilet paper holder or anything like that yet, but it's a work in progress.

So, that's what some of our plans are right now! I am working on something I want to hang in the laundry room and we are preparing to clean out our guest bedroom that is downstairs to make a sweet play room for Tayler, but that will come in time I am sure!

Are you working on any projects around your home?? Care to share??

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