Thursday, March 21, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 16- March 20th

We turned '33 weeks' pregnant today as you all saw on my Pregnancy Post yesterday :) Hard to believe isn't it? That means only 28-49 days until baby #2 arrives!  I shared this belly picture yesterday, but I thought I would share it as a part of my Project 365 as well :)

My growing girl :) We get to see her again this Sunday and I CANNOT wait!!!

And I thought I'd share a close-up too! I too this one yesterday too ;)

I love seeing that belly! I am so excited for her to get here, but I know part of me is going to REALLY miss that baby bump too!! :) It's a bittersweet thing. I'll be ready to get back in to regular clothes again, but I know how I felt after Tayler was born. You miss those kicks, nudges, and hiccups-- them being near you 24/7. Like I said-- bittersweet ;) I am SUPER STOKED for her to arrive though! Not much longer!

And today was...

'Lets attempt to potty train my crazy almost 2 year old' Day.

I just realized her little butt cheek was hanging out. Oops. But she's adorable. Things went ALRIGHT. I won't say amazing, but we are making progress, haha! :) 

And I worked on things for Tayler's birthday party today too!

I'm making 'name cards' for all of the food that will be there. They all have 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' characters in their names. Cute huh?? I CANNOT WAIT!! :) It's this Saturday. I have so much left to do, but it is soooo much fun, haha! But, it's bittersweet as well. Lots of fun, but lots of work. Thank goodness birthdays only come 1 time a year, right? ;)

And I have one amazing husband. Look what he brought home for me...

Raspberry Lemonade from 'Bob Evans.' Oh yes. I am addicted. He's the best.

And we had to giggle at Tayler. She was DYING to go outside today. Unfortunately, it looks beautiful outside, but it's still FREEZING! I felt so bad for her. She wants some warmer weather SO bad.  So, this was what she did all afternoon...

I know you can't see her face, haha. The sun was too bright, but she kept pushing that chair over to the window and just watching outside... bless her heart. Come on.. I could handle some 60 degree weather right about now and I know she could too! I feel terrible having to tell her no :(

After that was her dentist appointment and it honestly breaks my heart because I completely forgot to take pictures of her there :( It was her first dentist appointment EVER.. and I FORGOT!!!! :( It just went so quickly, ugh! She fell and chipped her teeth and they were starting to discolor, so we took her there. The dentist said he doesn't see any nerve damage, so that's a great thing! There are some things we could do cosmetically if we want them to look better, but he doesn't see anything wrong with them health-wise which makes me feel SO much better!

After that, we went to my sister's 26th birthday bash at the bowling alley. Tayler had a blast. She ran EVERYWHERE. My sister had her wig there that she has to wear for an upcoming show and so they tried it on Ethan, haha!

Ooo, you so sexy. HAHA!

All I could think about was CAKE. I had wanted some all day, so I was pretty stoked that she had some there!

Yes, even Tayler enjoyed it!! :) We were in heaven... we both really like cake ;)

Happy Birthday, Jenn!!

And cheers to Project 365x3!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 15- March 19th

I didn't have any sessions to edit today, so Tayler and I got to spend ALL day together :) She had her bath and breakfast and then it was 'reading' time :) She loves her chair that our sweet friends Brittany and Natalie bought her for her birthday last year and she decided to sit in that this morning and 'read' hehe :)

Doesn't she look SO big?? Goodness gracious!

We hung out with Gigi today, too! She brought the tutu she made for Tayler's birthday party and tried it on her. Tayler wasn't sure at first, haha! She kept holding her arms straight out and wouldn't let them touch the tutu, LOL! It was hysterical. But after that, she kept stealing it and taking it to her play room! :) I think she's a pretty big fan :)

All of that must have worn her out though because she climbed right up by my side, cuddled in to me, and fell asleep.

I love our snuggles :) Hard to believe we are going to have TWO to snuggle with before long!

We snuggled on the couch while Ethan and I watched 'Supernatural' on Netflix. We finished 'Rules of Engagement' Tuesday night and decided to start a new series today :) I have already seen the first 4 seasons, but it's an amazing show and I don't mind the refresher one bit! Who doesn't love the Winchester boys!

And my other munchkin was going CRAZY during the TV show, haha! I kept feeling like I was having a contraction and I finally lifted up my shirt and saw a little booty pushing up on one side of my body, haha!! She is such an active baby! And she stretches ALL of the time! Must be losing space quickly, haha!

After that, we packed up our stuff and went to my parent's house for the evening. Y'all know we like getting over there once a week and we won't be able to do it Wednesday evening or Thursday evening, so we went ahead and did it tonight :) Tayler loves it there! I didn't get the best picture of her tonight, but she was having fun playing with Gigi in her room :)

She has so much fun there! I'm glad we have the opportunity to do it like we do!

And that was our relaxing day :) Hope you all had an amazing day too!! 


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Oh my heavens.

We are 33 weeks pregnant today.

I know I have said this before, but are Wednesdays getting here quicker and quicker or is it just me?? LOL

It's even scarier to think of things like this:


Yes... 28-49 days until our sweetheart will be here. HOLY FREAKING COW.


It's starting to really set in. 

I remember when I was only like 20 weeks pregnant and people were asking me if I was nervous about labor and I was like, 'Not really... I don't feel nervous at all.' And now, I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm like, 'Oh dear Jesus, I'm getting ready to give birth again.' LOL

Don't get me wrong. I had a pretty good labor with Tayler. Given, it was 18 hours long (haha.. she was so stubborn), but I had such a peace from God during it. I labored for so long... I was worn out.. and then wouldn't you know it.. they told me I was dilated '5' and that I could get the epidural... and I went from a '5' to a '10' in 10 minutes.... BEFORE they could even get the epidural to me (I said she was stubborn LOL) So, I pushed for an hour.. without an epidural, but honestly, it wasn't that bad. I remember the contractions hurt, but by that point, I was just ready to get her out, haha! :) I enjoyed labor with Tayler. I'm thankful I had the labor that I had with her. It taught me patience. I'm not good with medical things (I know, why do I keep having kids, right? ;)) so it really made me have to focus on the beauty in what was taking place as opposed to the 'I'm in the hospital and this freaks me out' that I wanted to think about. 

Now... about 2 years later.. I'm preparing to do the same thing. And I'll be honest, it IS making me nervous. I posted this on Facebook yesterday:

'-- Please tell me it's extremely normal for me to be having anxiety about having Quinn. I mean, I know it's my 2nd child, but I feel like I'm preparing to give birth for the first time all over again. I wouldn't say I'm 'worried' per se, but I can't shut my mind off. Could be why I'm not sleeping well at night?? I just keep thinking... 'How am I going to be a Mom of two kids? Will our house be sold by then? If so, where will we live? Will we find an apartment before then? I need to get all of these things still.. I need to make lists of hospital bag stuff... How is labor going to go? What is she going to look like? How will Tayler do being 'gone' from us for a few days?' I know it will all work out, trust me. I trust God... but my human side still has me up 'thinking' for hours! It's a lot to process... our lives are changing significantly in the next 50 days! It's crazy to think that :)'

 Lots going on in this mind of mine, haha!

Just soooo many thoughts consume me. I trust God, I just have so many questions that aren't answered and for anyone that knows me knows that drives me crazy! I like to have everything set in stone and planned.

I just keep praying that God will have His hand on our situation... on our labor... on our lives. I know He can do it. Like I said earlier, He gave me SO much peace during my labor with Tayler. I know He can do the same thing with Quinn. Just my human side takes over sometimes, haha!

 Alright, are you ready for a 33 week picture??

She's really starting to stick out there! :) I love going places now and someone saying, 'Man, when are you due, honey??' :) That means we're almost there!!

I love dreaming about when her birthday will be. I did the same thing with Tayler too, hehe! Just pictured how it would sound saying, 'Tayler was born ______________' :) And now I get to imagine doing the same thing with Quinn! LOVE it :) 

'The Bump' says the baby is the size of a Durian Fruit this week. (I looked that up because I had no idea what it was, haha! It is known as the 'King of Fruits' by people in southeast Asia. It is known for it's large size, distinctive odor, and thorn-covered husk. Awesome, haha)

They estimate she is about 17.2-18.7" long and about 4.2-5.8lbs. We will know a more accurate measurement because we have another ultrasound this Sunday! Lets hope Quinn is a little more cooperative than she was last time, haha!! I am crossing my fingers! I am going to try and drink a raspberry lemonade from Bob Evan's. That seemed to really get her active a few weeks ago when I drank one :)

I still have a ridiculous amount of heartburn (is her hair still growing perhaps??) and this poor girl has the hiccups ALL of the time! I posted a video on Facebook this week where you could SEE her hiccups, haha! It was incredible.

Now, for some 33 week pregnant questions:

How far along? 33 Weeks
Total Weight Gain? 23 pounds total. I'm still pretty proud. Now if I can just keep it below 30 I will be ecstatic, haha! I gained 40 with Tayler.. and I don't want to go anywhere near there LOL!
Maternity Clothes?  Oh yes. Pretty much everything I put on is maternity anymore, haha!
Stretch Marks?  I had them with Tayler! lol 
Sleep?  Alright. Like I stated in my post... I think a lot at night time! It's taking a toll lol!
Best Moment of This Week:  Seeing Quinn's hiccups :)
Miss Anything? Comfortable sleep. Having a stiff drink after a stressful day LOL!!! Drinking a buttload of sweet tea. Having a skinny body lol!
Movement? Oh my heavens, yes! You can see it SO well on the outside anymore. Sometimes I feel like she's trying to break free, haha!
Food Cravings? RAISING CANES.
Anything Make You Queasy/Sick?  Poopy diapers. Trash. BLEH.
Gender: GIRL!! :) Our Quinn Makenzie!
Labor Signs?  Braxton Hicks. That's about it!
Symptoms: Constant peeing. Back pain. Braxton Hicks.
Belly Button In or Out?  Quinn almost has her completely out, haha!
Weddings Rings On Or Off? On for now! :)
Happy or Moody this week? Very happy! :)
Looking Forward To: Tayler's birthday party Saturday... Quinn's ultrasound Sunday! 

Cheers to 33 weeks! On to 34!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 14- March 18th

I woke up this morning and my mom had sent me a text with the outfit she is making for Tayler for her 2nd birthday party which is this weekend!

She still has to add a '2' on the front of the shirt and a bow but how adorable is that??? She's wearing some adorable black tennis shoes and white socks to go with it!! EEK :) 

And we got all of the decorations for her party.. and some other goodies yesterday too!!


I have a few things left to pick up.. and of course, I've got to get all of the food and a few other gifts for Tayler, but it's all coming together finally! I felt so behind this year... but I am feeling much better about the situation now, haha! I have an awesome Mom that is helping me get everything organized. I truly appreciate her! And I cannot wait to share the pictures from her birthday party with all of you :)

All of this planning must have worn Tayler out though because it was nap time quickly in our house, haha!

She is the cutest sleeper ever.

And she's the cutest eater ever too. (Is that a word? LOL) Either way, she's adorable. She's too big (well, she THINKS she's too big) for her high chair anymore, so lunch has to be served at her big girl table in her play room. She just looks too stinkin' grown up here.

I can't believe we're going to have two of these munchkins soon! We were talking last night about how crazy it's going to be to see her and Quinn playing together in 6-9 months :) I am sooo excited. I can't wait :) I love my sweet, sweet girls.

That was our day today! I had a lot of editing to catch up on, so I got that done and got some planning done for her birthday and that's about it LOL!


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Monday, March 18, 2013

Project365x3- Day 13: March 17th

Today was....


And guess what??

All of us forgot and did NOT wear green. Go figure, haha! But Tayler looked cute anyways.. as always ;)

Her Aunt Susan and Uncle Tim bought that dress for her for Christmas and she FINALLY got to wear it :) Didn't she look adorable?? She seems to really be getting in to dressing up for church. 

Speaking of...

this was our 2nd Sunday at a new church. It's called 'House of Grace' in Zanesville. I will probably be the first to admit it. I was skeptical. Not of the people.. or the church as a whole.. just concerning 'going back to church.' I haven't really been an active participant in a 'church building' since I was 20. It wasn't that I didn't have a relationship with God or still love Him with all of my heart. I just felt indifferent about some things, so I decided to develop my relationship with Him at home as opposed to at a church. Ethan and I talked about going to church often. He didn't really have a church background and he wanted to learn about God.. and we wanted Tayler to know who He is. God has been the peace and rock in my life and I, of course, wanted Tayler (and Quinn) to have that as well. 

Then this church opened up. My dad invited us and I am very thankful that he did. I feel my heart being filled with so much comfort there. It breaks my heart at times because I have heard negativity from other Christians about a new church entering the scene in our city. I'm thankful for it. More churches mean more hospitals for the broken hearted, right?  

We have been talking about 'grace' so much the past few weeks... it's a blessing. Because it's comforting to know that HE doesn't see through anything but EYES OF LOVE. (Lyrics to a song.. yes, I'm going to share it!)

We sang this song yesterday called 'If Not For Grace' by Clint Brown and let me tell you-- it BLESSED me. SO much! I can't even begin to tell you! Here are the lyrics:

Where would I be You only know
I'm Glad You see through eyes of love
A hopeless case, an empty place
If not for Grace

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
I once was lost but now I'm found
A hopeless case, an empty place
If not for Grace

Precious Lord please take my hand
Lead me on let me stand
A hopeless case, an empty place
If not for Grace


Here's a link if you'd like to listen to it.

Thank YOU JESUS for grace!!! Where would I be???? YOU ONLY KNOW!! 

I hope that touches you today!

After church, we went to 'Crenos' with some people from church and then we headed home. I was supposed to have photo sessions, but they cancelled due to the cold and sickness... completely understandable! LOL

So, we went to buy some snacks and settled in with 2 movies. 'Why Did I get Married' and 'Why Did I get Married Too?' was on TV. We were excited!

I kept trying to keep Tayler awake because she decided not to nap all day.. and she was getting extremely fussy at 6:00PM lol. I was not about to let her sleep and then not sleep tonight, haha! But guess what?? She climbed up beside of me.. and 2 seconds later.. was OUT, haha!

She's too stinkin' cute, haha!

I only let her sleep until about 7:00.. and then gave her bath to wake her up a bit. We finished our movie and then Ethan and I cranked up the music and did laundry together :) I love that he's my best friend!

That was our jam while folding clothes last night, haha! We were dancing and hanging up clothes. Tayler thought we were crazy, haha! So much fun! We cuddled up after that, watched a few episodes of 'Rules of Engagement..' and all 3 of us crashed!


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Project365x3: Day 12- March 16th

Saturday, Ethan had an all-day ball tournament, so Tayler and I got up and got ready to head to the store with Gigi. We had a kind of weird morning though!

I was getting ready while Tayler was still snoozing and I heard LOUD, PERSISTENT honking. I assumed it was the neighbors and kept going about my business. About 2 minutes later, I hear someone LOUDLY knocking on my door. Almost sounded angry. I looked out the window and saw an old man banging on my door. My heart started racing because it sounded like he could have just knocked the door straight over. I remained quiet.. and watched him drive away a few minutes later. After that, I was like 'I am getting the heck out of dodge!' I grabbed Tayler out of bed, got her ready, packed my diaper bag, and ran out the door. While driving down the street, there was a kid about mid-20s on my corner with a Barbie back pack around his back. All I could think was... 'Is it a full moon tonight?' LOL! I was freaking out and just wanted to get outta there, haha!! Fortunately, we were only a few minutes early to the grocery store. :)

We have so much fun on our trips to the store. It's nice to have someone to go with. We have had this tradition of going to the grocery store together every week since I moved out. It's just wonderful not to have to go alone because, well, who wants to do that?? We got some things for Tayler's 2nd birthday party (which is steadily approaching) but I still have soooo much more to get, haha!

I love a stocked fridge, too!

We went to Gigi and Papaw's house for the day since E was going to be gone and while we were there, my fingers were really cold and when my fingers get really cold, they get 'skinnier' LOL Do you know what I mean?? So, my wedding ring gets really loose on my finger! Well, I was telling my mom a story (and I use my hands A LOT, haha) and my wedding ring flew off my finger! I don't know how it happened, but it was legit.. gone. In the 2 seconds it took me to get up off the couch and get it, it was gone. My precious Mom had to lift up the couch, cut the lining, and get the ring from the bottom of the couch LOL bless her heart! Thanks, Mom! I felt naked without it :)

Once we got home, Tayler and I both took a nap, and then I made her some homemade pizza and Lucky Charms Treats! I got the recipe HERE. You make them just like you would Rice Krispie Treats :)

Tayler wasn't a huge fan (even though she loves 'Lucky Charms' cereal?? LOL) But Ethan sure was! This was our 'St. Patrick's Day' celebration!!

Once he got home, we all settled in for the night. I took a picture of my belly because I thought it looked extra 'poppin'' today, haha! 32 weeks 3 days..

There's certainly no mistaking that belly anymore, LOL!

Crazy to think we only have 31-52 days until she's here!!!

I was talking to my mom about it today. I told her I'm having a rough time sleeping anymore.. and a lot of it has to do with me not being able to shut off my brain. I wouldn't say I'm 'worried' per se, but I just think about everything. Like for example.. all of her clothes are in boxes, her crib is torn down, nothing in her bedroom because we are preparing to move even though we have no idea when we will be moving. I know we made the decision to put our house on the market, but that was in August LOL I had no idea we would be so close to closing (hopefully) and so close to having a baby too! Our tax money is delayed due to the education credit which is frustrating because we haven't bought things we need for the baby. Tayler's 2nd birthday party is quickly approaching and any extra money we have is going towards that. It just feels like a stressful time. I don't feel 'sick to my stomach' over it.. I don't even feel worried.. I just have a ton of questions that don't have any answers.. and that frustrates me. I'm a planner. Not a HUGE planner, but a planner nonetheless. I just would love to know WHEN we will be selling our house. That would be a HUGE help. LOL :)

I spent the rest of the evening with crossword puzzles..  :) My favorite! haha!

Ethan was watching 'Batman Begins'.. Tayler was watching 'Bubble Guppies..' LOL So this was my view for the night, haha!

Cheers to Project 365x3!

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Project365x3- Day 11: March 15th

Friday, I spent most of my day editing photo sessions. I wanted to get completely caught up before the weekend started.. and YAY :) I did! It was such a relief! 

Funny story--

We were supposed to get our house appraised Wednesday morning, but the appraiser ended up cancelling due to sickness. Well, our realtor called me and told me that she would be coming by at 11:30AM Friday. So, I woke up this morning, got ready, got Tayler ready, and cleaned up the house.. I wanted to be completely prepared for her in hopes that our house would FINALLY get appraised today! :) I had the whole house straightened up and I finally sat down around 11AM to start some editing while I waited for her. All of Tayler's toys were still laying all around the living room where she was playing with them. I figured I could just clean them up about 11:15/11:20 and head out the door. Well, at 11:01 I hear a door... and I look out my window.. and the appraiser is HERE ALREADY!!!! LOL So, I started running around like a crazy person throwing all of her toys in to her play room, cleaning that up, throwing things in to a diaper bag, throwing shoes on Tayler, as well as a coat.. and I ran out the door. I couldn't believe she was early, but I wasn't complaining LOL! We were finally getting our house appraised!! :) 

I called my mom and told her what had happened and she said, 'You know.. you wouldn't have these hilarious stories if everything in your life went how you thought it was going to.' LOL! She is so right, haha! So from about 11:05AM-11:30AM, this was my view:

She said she wouldn't be long, so Tayler and I just hung out in a parking lot for a few :)

Once we got home, after I edited sessions, it was play time!

She kept dragging these blocks everywhere that her uncle Jon and aunt Arena got her :) So we decided to build with them. She had soooo much fun :)

And once Ethan got home, I had one photo session, then we decided to take her to the McDonalds Play Place! It has been cold since Sunday (we had amazing weather then!) and she's been dying to get outside, so we thought we would take her there. She had an absolute BLAST!

I love seeing her interact with people :) 

She even got some cuddles with Daddy while eating her chicken nuggets!

He doesn't absolutely adore her, now does he? :)

We hung out there for awhile... then headed home to throw her in the bath. I'm one of those weird moms that I think about all of the germs she touched.. and she has to have a bath almost immediately after leaving there, haha! :) She got a bath and I decided to try and french braid her hair in to pig tails so she would have curly hair for Saturday.

She wouldn't hold still for a picture, but I think they're cute! :) Unfortunately they fell out in the middle of the night, LOL, but at least I tried!

We spent the rest of our night cuddled up on the couch catching up on 'Vampire Diaries.' Anyone else watch?? Elena is breaking my heart right now. I do not like the person she is right now... at all :( Anyone else feel that way?? And is Jeremy EVER coming back or did they write him off the show completely? I mean, I know he's dead LOL but people always come back to life on this show, so you never know, haha!

We had a great day today!

Cheers to Project 365x3!

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