Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 14- March 18th

I woke up this morning and my mom had sent me a text with the outfit she is making for Tayler for her 2nd birthday party which is this weekend!

She still has to add a '2' on the front of the shirt and a bow but how adorable is that??? She's wearing some adorable black tennis shoes and white socks to go with it!! EEK :) 

And we got all of the decorations for her party.. and some other goodies yesterday too!!


I have a few things left to pick up.. and of course, I've got to get all of the food and a few other gifts for Tayler, but it's all coming together finally! I felt so behind this year... but I am feeling much better about the situation now, haha! I have an awesome Mom that is helping me get everything organized. I truly appreciate her! And I cannot wait to share the pictures from her birthday party with all of you :)

All of this planning must have worn Tayler out though because it was nap time quickly in our house, haha!

She is the cutest sleeper ever.

And she's the cutest eater ever too. (Is that a word? LOL) Either way, she's adorable. She's too big (well, she THINKS she's too big) for her high chair anymore, so lunch has to be served at her big girl table in her play room. She just looks too stinkin' grown up here.

I can't believe we're going to have two of these munchkins soon! We were talking last night about how crazy it's going to be to see her and Quinn playing together in 6-9 months :) I am sooo excited. I can't wait :) I love my sweet, sweet girls.

That was our day today! I had a lot of editing to catch up on, so I got that done and got some planning done for her birthday and that's about it LOL!


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