Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project 365: Day 214- July 2nd

I spent most of my day working on my final paper and final power point presentation... and when I say most of my day I mean noon to 6PM... yes, that long, haha! It technically wasn't due until Monday night, but I want to enjoy this long weekend with my boyfriend, so I got 'err done :)

And, yea, this sounds like bragging haha, but my blog was #5 on the Most Recommended list today! I am BEYOND ecstatic that my writing is being enjoyed by people.

And last night........ I drove stick shift for the first time ever in this car, haha!

And I will say that I did a pretty dang good job, haha! Even Ethan said so. I didn't kill it or sputter on the first take off. It was actually really smooth. It was the whole switching gears thing that I struggled with haha! Maybe that will happen in the future...

Cheers to Project 365!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Project 365: Day 213- July 1st

So, most of you probably aren't going to care about this, but I felt honored and quite excited :)

Yes it's Xanga... and yes it's only #12, haha, but I just feel so blessed that my blog got #12 on the "Most Recommended" list out of probably thousands of blogs. That's never happened before. Right now it has 97 views and 51 comments. If you're interested in checking it out, try:

So, after that accomplishment, haha, we went in to town and bought a HUGE two person intertube to drag behind our jet skis :)

Once we got back, we were starving! So, Ethan started up the grill and cooked some amazing hamburgers and bratwursts :)

[He's so weird, haha!]

Then, we decided we wanted to try this tube out! So, Matt and Carrie joined our adventure haha! Here's Matt and Ethan airing up the intertube at a gas station. Yes, it looks pretty darn funny, haha! :)

And Carrie and I were the, eh, brave souls? that tried this out FIRST haha! OMG, we were screaming! The water was freezing and splashing in our faces, Carrie fell off lol. I was laughing so hard and just kept screaming "Take us back to the dock!" haha! Here's our after shot:

Then it was the boy's turn! Here's Ethan after pulling Matt around.. and after Matt fell off, haha!

And there's Matt taking Ethan for a spin! Oh my heavens, it was hilarious haha!

And the last time, Matt took Ethan and I for a spin. It ended horribly haha! I was stuck in the water for what seemed like hours lol! But it was a good day :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Project 365: Day 212- June 30th

So, the first part of my day was spent grocery shopping at Mattingly Foods Cash n Carry :) I got that HUGE bag of chicken tenders for only $11.00! And the last one I got lasted us 3 weeks! You honestly can't beat that! Then I bought another thing of 12 hamburgers that are already made up-- genius! And tons of pizza snacks! Ethan loves those in his lunches haha! :) Then I bought some hamburger buns cause we were out! I can't wait to grill out tomorrow!

And then I came home (after an hour long traffic jam... ugggh) and relaxed for a few. Then Ethan wanted to go jet-skiing, so we did. Except, I didn't jet ski cause it has been VERY cold here recently. Not that I'm complaining, haha! I LOVE breezes and chilly weather. It's my favorite :) Here's Ethan jet-skiing:

And here's Ethan and his brother Jon. They were having a blast:

Carrie and Matt watching and being weird, haha!

And me.... watching? lol

Then we went to Ethan's momma's house, had steaks and corn on the cob, and went home and went to bed!

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Project 365: Day 211- June 29th

Well, as you can see... I ordered some new glasses today! I order from :) It's an amazing site hehe! Yes, these glasses are a little... odd, haha! But I LOVE them and cannot wait to get them.. hurry hurry hurry! This lady is impatient when it comes to mail, haha!

And then after ordering some new glasses, I headed to Kohls. They were having a sale on some of their shirts.... I got 5 shirts for $20! Sounds like a deal to me :) 3 of the shirts were for me:

I'm gonna wear the blue one on the 4th of July hehe! Yay! And then 2 of the shirts were for Ethan. That boy loves his muscle shirts.. PLUS they had cars on them! He was in heaven, haha!

And then I went over to Dollar Tree to get some cranberry juice! :) It's much needed considering how I've been feeling lately. UTIs are SO not fun!

Then, Ethan and I went down to the river to help his brother get the other jet-ski running. And it FINALLY did.... after all the smoke cleared, haha! :)

And then, I came home, scrapbooked, and watched "Pretty Little Liars." Here are the scrapbook pages I worked on:

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project 365: Day 210- June 28th

I legit spent 3 hours deep cleaning our apartment yesterday morning! The fridge has needed it for SOOOOO long... and it was just time to get it done. So, I cleaned out everything.. leftovers, old things, etc. If we weren't eating it, it was tossed out, haha! Then I wiped down everything, sprayed them with water, and scrubbed! I think it looks sooo much better than it did before and Ethan even agrees haha! After that, I cleaned out all of the cupboards and organized that, mopped the floors, cleaned the back bedroom, swept, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom.. and boy do I feel better! :)

After that, guess what I did the rest of the day? Yep, you guessed it! I scrapbooked hehe! I LOVE it :) Here's some examples of what I've been working on:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Project 365: Day 209- June 27th

I finally got to see my mom, dad, and brother today! hehe :) My dad and brothers had their last ball game.. and they kicked some BUTT. They beat the team that was playing for 2nd place which is awesome! They did so great and played together well! From L to R in the back row it's: Mojo, Corey (my brother), Justin, Adam, Shawn, Brian, & Ryan. From L to R in the front row it's: Mikey, Logan, Brad (my brother), and my dad! :)
And this is just a candid moment haha! I told them all to be serious, but Adam started making them laugh so that went down hill, haha!

Then momma, Corey, and I went to Steak-n-Shake and enjoyed some dinner! :) It was SO yummy! Oh my gosh, I'd been craving it! I got a double steakburger with lettuce, tomato, and onions... fries with honey mustard... and a salad with ranch! Yummo! :)

Oh and I must say: Ethan went and got a fitness pass to our fitness center and this morning he went to work out! I was SO proud of him, seeing as how when he left I was sitting there eating salt and vinegar chips and playing nintendo, haha! :) And he walked back through the door about 1.5 hours later.. sweaty.. and worn out! I told him how proud I was! And then... he goes into the kitchen, walks over to the bed, and lays down. I turned around about 10 minutes later (cause I was very wrapped up in Donkey Kong 3 haha!) and here's what I found:

So much for a work out, right? haha! Work out.... eat 2 hershey chocolate bars, lol! Gosh, I love him haha! He never fails to make me laugh LOL

Cheers to Project 365!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365: Day 208- June 26th

We obviously went jet-skiing again today, haha! This is Ethan wake-boarding behind Bobby jet-skiing it up, haha! He did a pretty good job, not gonna lie :P Here's another shot of him passing some people intertubing....

He loved it! I wasn't brave enough to wake board, haha, but I got on the jet ski with Ethan :)

And here I am just a'soakin up the sun:

Then, Ethan's mom told us we could have her old grill and her old patio table and chairs because she got some new ones. We don't live too far from her so we ROLLED the table and grill down to our apartment haha! We looked so "ghetto" LOL It was hilarious! haha! Here's Ethan pushing the table:

We grilled out once we finally got things down to the apartment! :) Ethan cooked some YUMMY hamburgers! Drank some smirnoff, played some cards, and enjoyed our 6 MONTH anniversary.

I love you Ethan!

Cheers to Project 365! :)