Saturday, September 25, 2010

Project 365: Day 298- September 24th

I woke up this morning.... really sick. I thought I had this morning sickness thing under control, but apparently--- not every day is going to be a good day LOL I had plans to head to my parents house, so I finally pulled myself together, gathered up my bags and laundry, and headed in town. It took all my strength to keep it together and just get there, but I finally did. Walked in, ate a little bit, laid on the couch, and fell asleep. I was exhausted, haha!

After sleeping for a few, I got up and did our laundry. There were 4 loads... so it took me a good bit, haha. But it's done... FINALLY! :)

Then I napped...... AGAIN. I was beat yesterday for some reason! And after waking up, we grabbed some Dominos pizza and headed to the football game. It was the homecoming game and they were announcing homecoming queen:

And my sweet friend Lyndsey won :) Congrats hunnie!

After that, the game got started!

And it was a great game to start off with-- and then it started to rain!! Like rain.. A LOT. We were all huddled under umbrellas.. freezing our booties off, haha! Here's a view of the umbrella and the rain:

Well, finally the rain stopped. And we all settled in for the rest of the game, but then I had a taste of little Ethan's pop corn and it made me want some, haha! So, I asked my mom if she would go to the concession stand with me. She agreed. And while we were standing in line... it started to POUR. I'm talking a torrential down pour. It was insane. We were trying to rush back to our seats and I was trying to not fall haha! We finally made it back to our seats and huddled together, but the umbrellas were draining onto my lap. My pants were drenched and sucked to my body. I was freezing. So, mom offered to drive back home! Thank God. Here we are once we finally got home... love our hair, huh? haha!

Once we got home, I changed in to some warm clothes, cuddled up on the couch, ATE SOME POP CORN, and talked with mom about life and stuff :) It was nice to just spend some time with the folks today! Then, I packed up my car and headed back home to see Ethan. He went to a cage fight all night.. I missed him!

Cheers to Project 365!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Project 365: Day 297- September 23rd

I woke up today and guess what?? I was 12 weeks (or 3 months pregnant.) Whoa-hoa. I know! Time is moving soooooooo fast. Want to see some shots of this belly now? Sure thing!

It's starting to pop out there, huh? hehe! And here's a "no-shirt-shot."

Gah, I'm already in love with him/her. What do you think I'm having? Any guesses so far??

And being pregnant means I was STARVING when I woke up, so mom and I met for some Chinese for lunch! Here's my plate... I had General Tso Chicken and Honey Chicken. Yum! Oh and fried rice-- my favorite!

And here we are after lunch:

I just love her! And oh my heavens, it was SO hot yesterday! After lunch, I raced him due to nausea and sweating, turned on the a/c, propped my feet off, realized the house was a mess and cleaned it, then just rested! Ethan came home, we grabbed some dinner, and he bought me some stickers and paint for my nails... here's the outcome:

Not too bad for my first time if I do say so myself LOL

We then climbed in to bed at like 845 and went to bed. I'm totally not kidding. We're so old, haha!

Cheers to Project 365!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project 365: Day 296- September 22nd

Yea, it was a lazy day for Alyssa today. I'm just being honest here, haha! :) I woke up not feeling the greatest in the world, so I chillaxed for a while in the morning, then I got started on my project AGAIN :) Things are a'rollin and it has to get done by October 1st. T-minus 8 days. LETS DO THIS :)

After working on my project, I signed up for Netflix. See, I live with a man that forgets to return movies for--- WEEKS, haha! I figured with the late fees we're acquiring, paying $14.00 a month and getting 2 DVDs per order, as many DVDS as I want a month and endless use of the instant watching wasn't too shabby! :)

After ordering it, I watched "Dear John" ... AND BAWLED LIKE A BABY. Hormones.. love.. leaving the one you love. It got to me, but to be honest, it wasn't the "feel good" movie I was looking for. I actually didn't feel "good" inside after watching it-- at all.

And then I watched a stand-up comedy routine because I needed a good laugh. And Ethan FINALLY came home. He usually has Tae-Kwon-Do on Wednesdays, but he sprained his ankle Tuesday night, so he stayed home from it. I was originally planning on driving out to the college and walking with my mom and grabbing Subway but we had some storms hit the area and my mom thought it'd be better if we just stayed home. I guess some of the winds up in Columbus were reaching 50-60MPH. Insane! It got really dark in our apartment, REALLY fast. This is at 6PM:

You can see our window and then see how dark the rest of the room was. Super freaky! But fortunately it didn't get too bad down here.

Then we cuddled up and watched a movie and hit the sack.

Cheers to Project 365!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project 365: Day 295- September 21st

I got my new glasses today! They're PINK. Oh yes, my favorite color. I absolutely love them hehe! I think they accent my face really well and they always make my cheeks look rosy pink hehe! :) And after getting these, I decided to spend my whole day with the internet off as well as the TV and work on a project I have been working on:

And then Ethan came home with YUMMY pizza hut! I got a meaty p'zone and breadsticks! SO GOOD!!

And Ethan brought home a maternity dress shirt and dress pants that his sister bought me. They are adorable! Thank you Susan!

And then Ethan and I cuddled up and watched "The Day After Tomorrow" and went to bed :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project 365: Day 294- September 20th

I woke up this morning and finished my project that I had to do for class. It was basically just explaining to someone how to utilize instant messaging in a power point message-- simple! Then, I got ready and met my mom and brother at my mom's work and we all headed over to Steak-n-Shake for some lunch! Oh it was SO good! I had a steak burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mustard, with fries dipped in honey mustard and a sprite--oh boy, I could go for one now, haha!! :) Here's mom, Corey, and me when we all got back to our cars and got ready to head to our various locations, hehe. We had such a good time! I am seriously so so blessed!

Then I came home and finished "Monster House" since I dozed off during it the other night and I made some stir fry for Ethan. I wasn't hungry at all! So he enjoyed some :) Sorry it's so blurry, but there you have it haha!

And after venturing to Dollar General to get some new candles and some shampoo and conditioner, Ethan and I cuddled up and watched "All About Steve." Ethan had never seen it and since I told him everyone tells me I'm like Mary Horowitz, he definitely wanted to watch it. We laughed our behinds off, haha! I LOVE that movie!

And then I talked to my dad on the phone for a few and I went to bed... before 10.. again haha! It's hard work growing a baby, let me tell you! LOL

Cheers to Project 365!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Project 365: Day 293- September 19th

We woke up this morning at lovely, beautiful Lake Seneca :) We ate some hamburgers, got ready, and set sail on Jon's boat to go fishing. I wasn't really motivated to fish, haha, so I laid out on the boat, while Arena, Jon, and Ethan fished. Ethan got a couple fish, as did Arena and bless Jon's heart, he didn't catch a thing, haha. Here's Arena and Jon fishing:

It got to be tooooooo hot, so Jon took Ethan and I back while he and Arena went for a little cruise, haha. Ethan and I packed up our bags and got ready to head home-- we were beat! Here's Ethan in the dining room area of the cabin, with all of our bags-- he's weird, haha!

And after one stop at the gas station to get snacks, we were off. Ethan told me I looked like SUCH a mom in my outfit and my hair-do LOL

He's too funny haha!

After an hour trip, we were finally home! We cleaned up the house and we visited with Ethan's sister for awhile. She wanted to see my baby bump haha! And she brought a onesie with her that Carol (Grandma Carol) bought for Baby B :)

How cute, right? hehe! And then once Susan and Brian left, Ethan and I went and grabbed some Subway, borrowed "Monster House" from Ethan's mom, and came home, cuddled up, and watched it :)

And then we went to bed! It was a long weekend and we both were worn out... so at 930, we were tucked in bed and out like a light, haha!

Cheers to Project 365!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project 365: Day 292- September 18th

We spent the day at Lake Seneca today! This would be Ethan and I's bedroom. We had the upstairs loft. It was so so comfy! And this made us decide that we wanted a new bed all to ourselves.. well, a futon LOL

The cabin was gorgeous! Like, I seriously NEVER wanted to leave, haha! Here's a picture of the living room area. Our bedroom looked down on it:

So, so pretty!

And of course the Ohio State game was on today at noon, so while Ethan and Jon were fishing... I spent my afternoon at the cabin listening to the radio... and tweeting the game. Sadly, I couldn't watch it, but hey, a radio is better than nothing, right? LOL

And I, of course, wore the wardrobe!

Bought that shirt yesterday :)

And WE WON 43-7! Go Bucks!

Then we went and got lunch at a local restaurant, watched Liar Liar, and settled in for the night!

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 291- September 17th

I woke up this morning and headed to meet my mom at her work so we could head to Columbus to help my brother move in to his new apartment. He starts school here soon and move in day was TODAY! Here's my brother at his old apartment as we were getting things moved out:

And here's my mom helping him pack. I was obviously as a HUGE asset. LOL

And funny story-- there was granola on the floor at my brother's apartment. Well, my mom couldn't pick it up with the vacuum, so I decided to pick it up and throw it over the railing. As soon as I threw it, a lady walks out from under the landing and it hits her! haha! I took off running inside the apartment.. so embarrassed, but kept giggling, haha! Too funny!

Then we headed up to Corey's new apartment and moved him all in! Here we are all posing in his new living room:

And then we all headed to North Market for dinner! We met Marie's parents there and it was super yummy! I had a hamburger with lettuce and tomato and mustard and barbeque kettle chips. Oh, so good! This picture isn't the greatest, but you get the point, haha!

And we headed to an Ohio State store and I bought a new shirt for me and my preggo belly, haha! I'll show pics of that later. And I bought Ethan a new shirt and bandana! :)

And Corey must have stole my camera, haha! DORK.

Then we headed back to town, I got in my car, packed my bags, and headed to meet the boyfriend and his brother at a cabin about an hour away. More about that... later :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 290- September 16th

I spent Thursday morning working on homework. I had a good bit of assignments that were due and it was time to crack open that book and actually read so I could do the work! And it finally got done.

And 'eh the rest of my day was spent being lazy and enjoying being 11 weeks pregnant! :) That's right... I turned 11 weeks pregnant today!

And here's an upclose tummy shot:

And I was craving some lasagna, but didn't really have the energy for it, haha! So, I ordered some in from Crenos and it was SO yummy! Lasagna, garlic bread, and salad... mmm! Doesn't it just look good?

And then we cuddled up and watched The Notebook the rest of the night :)

Cheers to Project 365!