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34 Weeks Pregnant!

We are....

'The Bump' says that Quinn is the size of a butternut squash this week. All I really know about squash is that that was Tayler's favorite baby food, haha. Still cool though ;)
They also estimate that she's about 17.2-18.7" long and about 4.2-5.8lbs which is pretty accurate. We had an ultrasound this past Sunday (I'll share pics soon!) and they said she's 5lbs 4oz and 17" long right about now :) 
They also said she had a ton of hair! I'm ready to see all of that :)
Also, we got some great news this week (but also stressful) haha! We put our house on the market when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. We had no idea in doing that... when we sold it.. we would be cutting it close to my delivery date, but we are! LOL We got the final word yesterday that everything is good to go... we just have to wait to close... IN THREE WEEKS, LOL!! Which means we will close between April 16th-April 19th (no definite date yet) and we h…