Saturday, December 18, 2010

Project 365: Day 382- December 17th

I had an "off" day today-- I really didn't feel good for some reason, so I relaxed today. Tayler was moving around A LOT (i just love that, hehe) but it was hurting me because she was stretching some things out I do believe, haha. I was hungry all day. Just plain ol' didn't feel the greatest... but I had a boost of confidence and "goodness" when I saw this in my e-mail account:

It's the cover to the book I have had the privilege of writing!!! AHHHHHHH!! Is that not exciting?? I could not even believe it!! I feel so overwhelmed... so excited... soo anxious.. so nervous! It's not available for purchase yet, but I will definitely keep everyone posted when it is :) thank you EVERYONE for your support thus far with this dream.... it is finally coming true :)

After that good news, Ethan and I got ready and met my parents at Tla Que PaQue for some yummy dinner! :) Ethan and I split the fajitas (steak, chicken, peppers... YUM), I had one glass of sweet tea (I saved up on my caffeine this week to have one, haha, then converted back to sierra mist LOL), and I ate TONS of chips and salsa! (They have the best chips and salsa. PERIOD.) After that, mom and dad headed back to our house and we waited for Corey and Marie to get there so we could celebrate Christmas with Marie :)

This is a picture of Corey (and Marie) opening their present from Ethan and me :)--- Cavs vs. Trailblazers tickets :) We were SO excited about them and I think Marie and Corey were pretty stoked too!

Then, Ethan and I opened our gift from Corey and Marie---

Snacks, an Applebees giftcard, and they even included hot cocoa, a Christmas movie, and popcorn : ) Perfect evening, if I do say so myself!

Then we all got to open ornaments from Mom... "Here's your orna--- I mean present" haha! Corey got a golf club that says "How's my driving?," Marie got a snow globe that says "Snow Fun," and Ethan and I got a couple that says "Ethan & Alyssa" and of course-- the momma is pregnant and the daddy's hand is on her belly hehe! How cute is that?

Mom and Dad got to open a present too. Not their big presents, of course, but smaller ones :) Mom got "Rules of Engagement: Season 1" (She LOVES that TV show) and Dad got "The Dark Knight" (a movie he enjoyed the first time he watched it :))

Brad came over and got a present from us and then I took a few photos of Corey and Marie.. but Corey decided to be WEIRD and so did Dad! LOL

We had such a good time last night. I miss them all already! And it was soo cool. Tayler was kicking last night and Marie finally got to feel it. Yes, my daughter actually let someone other than her daddy and me feel her kick, haha :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Project 365: Day 381- December 16th

24 Weeks pregnant today :) Can you believe it? 6 months pregnant and only 16 weeks to go! Eek! :) That's unbelievable! Here's a couple belly shots:

There's our full body shot :) And I have two belly shots, hehe:

I did the white shirt shot to make a comparison collage. Wanna see?

Same shirt... 14 weeks later :) Crazy, right? I can't believe how much we've grown!! 

After taking these pictures and uploading them, it was time for lunch. Growing baby= hungry momma :) So I made tomato soup with some cheese and peppers and a PB sandwich.YUMMY! 

And after working on my homework, I relaxed today :) Until about 3:30PM when I started making dinner for Ethan. We had "Shrimp Stir Fry" tonight. It looks really messy in this picture, but it wasn't haha! We even sprinkled sesame seeds over it with some white rice! :)

Ethan loved it-- because he loves shrimp. I ate the vegetables and rice, LOL. No shrimp for me! 

Then, we relaxed for a few and Matt and Carrie came over. We watched game shows, talked, made Rice Krispie treats, ATE rice krispie treats (haha), and had pizza! We had such a good night :)

Cheers to Project 365!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Project 365: Day 380- December 15th

I woke up this morning to a terribly messy house. I didn't clean it Monday.. I didn't clean it Tuesday, so it obviously HAD to be cleaned today. Cleaned the living room, bathroom, our bedroom, and the kitchen, did some dishes, did 2 loads of laundry, and washed our bedding :) I LOVE those days, hehe! Here's a view of our clean kitchen:

After cleaning, I relaxed for a few and then started making dinner. We had "Loaded Potato Skillet with Chicken" last night. How is it made? Well, allow me to explain :) 

Cut up some chicken and potatoes (I used diced chicken and cut potato wedges) and sauteed those in butter until they were like a golden brown.
I threw in some frozen broccoli and sauteed that for a few minutes until it was warm. 
Then, I add...ed cheese soup (like Campbells) and heated it up for a few minutes (but be careful because if you heat it too long, it starts sticking to the pan)
Then I took it off the skillet and added bacon bits over it :) Takes like 15-20 minutes to make as long as everything is thawed!! I hope you guys enjoy!!! :) We loved it in our household, hehe! :)

After dinner, we decided to run to the store real quick for some boots for me :) Ethan bought me this pair-- I just LOVE them.

And once we came home, we played "Deal or No Deal" on the Wii. Ethan beat me-- DANG IT! lol!! 

After that, we watched the Celtics/Knicks game and went to bed :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project 365: Day 379- December 14th

With the cold and snow comes that dreaded word---- ICE. And for any person (especially PREGNANT women)... that's a nightmare. I'm terrified of falling because I never want Tayler to be hurt or injured. :( And unfortunately, I was trying to do my own thing and stumbled down on the sidewalk in front of our house. Fortunately, I landed on my booty and caught myself with my arms/shoulders... unfortunately, I am terribly sore from the fall :( All I could do was start crying-- not from pain, but from worrying about my sweet baby girl. I came inside and sat here for probably 30 minutes with no movement from her... and FINALLY, I felt a kick. It was so relieving. Everyone told me falling on your booty was "no big deal," but I had to feel her to assure myself. Thank the Lord He kept us both safe.

Fortunately we bought some salt and Ethan put some down so that won't happen again. 

Today I had a doctor's appointment for Tayler as well. Thursday we are 6 months pregnant-- amazing how fast it is going. She is measuring PERFECT. She is moving like a crazy (She kept kicking the heartbeat monitor the lady was using hahaha. She hates people messing with my tummy, I swear) And she had a good, solid heartbeat of 153. This appointment was a pretty easy going appointment compared to my last one.. just had to pee in a cup. Oh and I got my weight checked-- I was 136 when I found out I was pregnant and I am currently 144.8 with 16 weeks to go. Lets see how this goes, haha! We got some paper work yesterday to go get an ultrasound on Monday for our sweetheart and then for my glucose test/doctor consultation for the Monday after Christmas. Sounds fun, huh? haha! Thankfully Ethan was able to come with me today and my mom. It was wonderful to have them there. Please, if you can, just say a few prayers for us :)

After the doctor's appointment, we headed home, grabbed some food, and relaxed for awhile. PLUS, we watched "Letters to Juliet" hehe! Such a good movie-- well, until I fell asleep, bahaha! I always do that!

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 378- December 13th

Monday brought a great deal of snow for us! It was absolutely freezing outside... and too icky to go drive anywhere, haha! Don't get me wrong-- I LOVE the winter and I LOVE the cold, but I often refuse to drive in it, haha! :) Here's a view of the gorgeous snow out our front door:

And the cold and snow brought me staying indoors with my new peejays, (circa Saturday's blog), a fuzzy blanket, and my project for class. I'm struggling SO bad in this class it's unreal. I have the worst grade I've had in awhile and it's so frustrating because I'm just not that kind of student. I am seriously going to have to work extra hard the next few weeks to get that darn grade up. 

Ethan and I spent the rest of the evening cuddled up watching some TV shows :) 

Cheers to Project 365!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Project 365: Day 377- December 12th

We had a rather lazy day today. The morning started out POURING down rain.... then it quickly changed to SNOW. And yes, it was coming down full speed. Ethan and I went grocery shopping for some lunches for me and for some snacks... and we stopped at the local gas station because I was CRAVING a hot dog and they have an amazing deal-- 2 hot dogs, 1 bag of chips, and a polar pop for $3.00. Yes, you can't beat that! So, I enjoyed that while we watched the snow fall down and watched some TV shows, hehe! 

Since it was snowing, I had this brilliant idea to get pictures in the snow with 2 of my friends that are also pregnant and live near us-- Kyra is 28 weeks pregnant with a little boy named Bentley, Carrie is 25 weeks pregnant with a little girl named Jaylee, and I am 23 weeks pregnant with a little girl named Tayler :) So, about 5:30PM, Kyra and her boyfriend Austin and Carrie and her boyfriend Matt came over to get some "maternity" pictures hehe! They started out outside--

(A side view of our bellies hehe!)

And we were getting sooo cold, haha--

And the boys kept snapping pictures when we WERE NOT ready.... case in point-

But we finally got some pictures taken. We even took some "couple pictures" hehe. Here is Ethan and me:

And we were all ABSOLUTELY freezing, so we moved the party in to our house :) And we took a few pictures in front of the Christmas tree, hehe!

And once again, the boys were being dorks and taking pictures when we were not ready. I had to cross my legs, I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants LOL

But we got a few good pictures. This is one of my FAVORITES! Our Christmas miracles!

And the guys were telling us different poses today-- and NONE of them had to do with being pregnant haha! Oh, except for one-- "Act like you're giving birth" LOL! Here is one of his poses: 

HAHA, hilarious! :) Then we all got pictures alone in front of the tree. Here is mine:

We had such a fun time, hehe! :) After that, we all hung around talking. Kyra and Austin had to leave to go to dinner, but Carrie and Matt hung around for a few hours. He and Ethan drank a few beers (Ethan was so happy.. he rarely has someone to drink with anymore LOL) and Carrie and I talked about the babies and our plans! We all had such a good time! Definitely going to have to do this again :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project 365: Day 376- December 11th

Ethan went snow boarding today, so I went to the mall with my parents to do a little shopping :) Well, I was supposed to be going and getting a present for Ethan's stocking, but I bought things for Tayler instead... gah, it's a sad, sad addiction, haha!! :) We went to "Cardboard Heroes" and I bought her this dress that Kyra told me about:

And I bought her her first pacifiers:

Yes, my name is Alyssa and I have a problem, haha!

And we went to Sears for my mom and dad to get a present for my brother and I saw these adorable pajamas there.. and my mom BOUGHT THEM FOR ME, haha!! :) I'm so excited!! They are super comfy. I modeled the first pair:

And here's the 2nd pair:

Once I got home from shopping, Ethan got home from snowboarding and we had a relaxing night at home. We were both pretty exhausted, so we laid around watching TV... eating some pizza... and chillaxing. Oh, and check out my daughter and her action moves last night:

haha! She had her little butt pushed in the air hahaha. Sooo cute!

Cheers to Project 365!

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