Friday, October 21, 2011

Project 365: Day 126- October 20th (and Project 52)

Tayler turned 29 weeks old today! :) YAY Tayler! hehe! She's ALMOST 7 months old... unbelievable. I started reading on our trusty on what to expect in her 7th month. It's kind of funny though because they said we could start introducing finger foods this month and once she got used to finger foods, then we could introduce sippy cups. Well, she already drinks out of a sippy cup perfectly, haha! So, I guess finger foods is next. I tried to teach her how to "pick up" her baby food (strawberries and bananas.. yum) with her index finger and thumb, but she didn't get it. She just wanted to make a huge mess. Maybe it will be better when she feels that the foods are "solids?" We'll see! Anyways, lets show you what our 29 week old looks like this week.

If you have a free moment, go to our main page and click on the link to the right that says "PROJECT 52" and cruise to March 31st. You'll see what she looked like as a newborn and what she looks like now. It's about 8" and 15 pounds later, haha! She's so cute. I love her jiggly belly. ;) She's such a blessing in our lives. What is she doing this week?

She is SO close to crawling it is insane. All she has to do is go. She refuses to just sit. Every time I sit here on the floor to play, she tries to "take off" only to find herself flat face on the floor, haha! She's almost there though! She ate spaghetti for the first time this week. I chopped the noodles really small and she did AMAZING. I am so proud of the big girl that she is becoming.

When Gigi came home, she had a witches hat she bought for her "Witches Dinner" tomorrow. She let Tayler try it on. Cute, right? :)

What witch DOES'T drink out of a bottle upside down, okay! haha!

And then, I decided to take a few pictures of her playing. Our friend Cathy bought her those stacking cups and boy she has a blast knocking them down, haha!

We had a fun day together! :)


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 125- October 19th

Not sure if everyone heard about it, but on the news they were talking about some exotic animals that escaped from a man's place... well.. that was here about a mile up the road from me! So, they were warning everyone to be safe and not go outside unless you HAD to, so Tayler and I stayed inside.. snuggled up today. She was enjoying it.. obviously! 

Such a hard life, right? ;)


My Scentsy stuff came in the mail. EEEEEEEEEK. I was stoked! I had been waiting for this! I purchased  a new warmer for our new house along with Blueberry Cheesecake (my favorite scent!), Autumn Stroll, and Ethan's favorite-- My Dear Watson! I set the new warmer up already. I was too excited!
If you're interested in Scentsy, shoot me a comment or check out :)
After E got home, we went to Gabi's house for her first birthday. They already had her party when her daddy was home, but we still celebrated since today it was officially her birthday! Here she is with her cupcakes:

There were tons of kids there. We had a blast with them all hehe! Ethan got on the floor and started biting Tayler's toes! She LOVED it... then she started stealing her Daddy's hat, hahahah!

What a great night, hehe!


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Project 365: Day 124- October 18th

Tayler and I hung out outside for a little bit today. :) Can you tell this is our favorite spot?
Then we got ready and took Papaw to drop off his truck at the transmission place so that it could get worked on. Mommy drove Daddy's biiiiiig truck! It was crazy! :)

I sent that to E to warn him LOL!

We came home and we all had dinner, then Tayler got a bath and we figured.. heck, you know what? Tayler has teeth now, we should probably start brushing them (we didn't use tooth paste though!) I took a few pics of that because I thought she looked too cute and too big! :)

Then she hung out with Papaw and Gigi for awhile and played while Mommy and Daddy snuggled up and watched X-Factor! :) Who's watching?


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Project 365: Day 123- October 17th

Since I rarely ever do laundry on weekends (hey-- that's our family relaxing time! :)) I had a TON to do today. Boo. But guess what? We got it done, that's for sure! And Tayler helped, obviously.

What a big help, eh? ;)

And I had to take a picture of her today. I thought she looked absolutely adorable in her purple outfit :)

Gigi bought that for her.... doesn't it look so cute? :) It was only $3.00 at Walmart! Can't beat that!

And she is trying to crawl... and crawl.. and crawl. She wants to sooo bad! Every single time I sit her down she tries to take off. It looks something like this:

Then she just falls on her belly LOL!

We're almost there, Tay!

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Project 365: Day 122- October 16th

We got up this morning and decided that we were going to go buy our TV stand for our new living room. Our goal is to have everything (but decorations) purchased prior to moving in there so that first month, we can focus on how much it is going to cost each month without having to worry about large furniture purchases. So, we headed over to Kmart and found a fabulous deal on a gorgeous stand! We LOVE it!

Isn't that beautiful? We love it and it matches everything perfectly! While we were there, we even bought a few glasses for our China Cabinet that were on sale and a beautiful table cloth for our dining room table. It's a deep burgundy color. I love it! We also bought some formal napkins with rings to put around them for the table. I can't wait to actually start decorating! Come on house! :)

After that, we came home and Dad had bought new boots so he let Tayler play with the box. She played longer with that than with her regular toys LOL! Goes to show money doesn't buy EVERYTHING, haha!

Then Dad had to work on some homework, so Mom, Ethan, Tayler, and me went to our favorite Mexican place... yes, that one I reference all of the time! I didn't feel too hungry today for some reason (I know crazy!) so I just got a regular hard taco and rice. It was still amazing!! :) Here's Tayler hanging out in her high chair. She was enjoying some bananas and strawberries :)

Notice how messy her shirt is? ;) haha! Forgot a bib. Genius!


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Monday, October 17, 2011

Project 365: Day 121- October 15th

It was game today.... as every Saturday is! And Tayler got in her gear. I added leggings and booties this week since the temperature continues dropping and dropping around here.

It's crazy that a year ago I was calling her "Baby B" and now she's Tayler, our big girl Buckeye!

We went to the grocery store to buy stuff for our wiener roast we were having later and guess what we bought Tayler?


I wasn't sure if she would understand the concept or not, but guess what?

Yummy ice water of course! She loves it!

After that, we started cooking and preparing for the roast later. And we dressed Tayler super warm. Check this hot stuff out ;) hehe!
That was just a preview for later on tonight. We had to try everything on. Shortly after this picture, she was fussing and was in dire need of a nap, so that's what she got. What came after that was hilarious. We were all losing it. Her hair was a royal mess LOL!!! It's funny that it's long enough to be "messy"  now!
See it standing up? Oh my heavens.

But we got it to lay down with some lotion and then we head out the door for a wiener roast. If any of you remember (which I highly doubt haha), we had a wiener roast almost a year ago today and I was 15 weeks pregnant for Tayler then...

Can you believe she's big enough to sit on the floor and play with kids after a wiener roast now? :( It's only been a year since she was 6" long in my tummy!

We had such a great day! Cheers!

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Project 365: Day 120- October 14th

Today Ethan and I did a lot of research to find a lovely, cheap dining room table for our new house. See, we used to live in a cute little trailer. It was adorable :) We had a little round table with three chairs. It was perfect for our little family. But it was sitting in an eat-in kitchen. Now-- we have a formal dining room. We were confused as to what we were even going to do! LOL We had nothing for such a thing and limited budget for purchasing things for it. After looking and looking... we found a GORGEOUS dining room table on Craigslist for superrrrrr cheap and guess what came with it?? A china cabinet!! YAY. More stuff to fill it up with :)

Here's a shot of them:

We are just so blessed and so happy with these! I couldn't have asked for anything better (or cheaper! haha!) It's amazing.. you really can decorate your house and get your essentials even when you are on a budget! There are always people out there willing to sell their things for a reasonable price and I am very thankful for that!!

After deciding on these, Ethan and I got ready because we had a DATE NIGHT tonight :) We haven't had one of those in awhile, so we were super excited hehe. Mommies and Daddies definitely need those! Every single time we go out, I feel like we re-connect all over again. I kept sending E pictures of how I was dressed LOL

I do that on occasion.

And even though I didn't take any pictures with my real camera all night, I took a picture of E and I in his truck heading home from good ol' Tumbleweed. We ate like piggies! I had a chicken fajita, waffle fries, salad, and we had an appetizer-- arizona egg rolls (plus 2 margaritas.... shhh!) E got some kind of huge burger and waffle fries along with a salad. He let me drink though.. bless his heart!

I love my husband so much! :)

But once we got home, we were so ready to snuggle with our baby girl! That's how we LOVE spending our Friday nights. With her!


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