Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 125- October 19th

Not sure if everyone heard about it, but on the news they were talking about some exotic animals that escaped from a man's place... well.. that was here about a mile up the road from me! So, they were warning everyone to be safe and not go outside unless you HAD to, so Tayler and I stayed inside.. snuggled up today. She was enjoying it.. obviously! 

Such a hard life, right? ;)


My Scentsy stuff came in the mail. EEEEEEEEEK. I was stoked! I had been waiting for this! I purchased  a new warmer for our new house along with Blueberry Cheesecake (my favorite scent!), Autumn Stroll, and Ethan's favorite-- My Dear Watson! I set the new warmer up already. I was too excited!
If you're interested in Scentsy, shoot me a comment or check out :)
After E got home, we went to Gabi's house for her first birthday. They already had her party when her daddy was home, but we still celebrated since today it was officially her birthday! Here she is with her cupcakes:

There were tons of kids there. We had a blast with them all hehe! Ethan got on the floor and started biting Tayler's toes! She LOVED it... then she started stealing her Daddy's hat, hahahah!

What a great night, hehe!


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