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Rachel, 26, Virginia

This would be my gorgeous, supportive friend RACHEL:

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing a blog dedicated to the amazing singles out there (see here) so I figured why not write about one of my best friends: RACHEL.
I don't think it's fair to 'sum' Rachel up... seriously, men.... you just have to meet her :)
But if I have to, I will say this:Rachel is one of the sweetest, most compassionate people you will ever meet. She loves young people. She is a school teacher and works with the young people at church... which means she has a heart of gold and patience. Whenever we talk, she is constantly trying to find some way to reach out to the children she works with. She wants to help change their life in any way that she can. I've talked to her on numerous occasions concerning students who appear to be struggling at school and she longs to help them in some way. She truly takes her 'school work' home with her.

Rachel is sacrificial. She works hard. And as I stat…

Project 52: 12 Weeks Old :)

Our sweet baby is 12 weeks old today :) She's getting so big and so smart! She LAUGHED (I mean, a legit laugh!) for the first (other than when she's sleeping) yesterday :) It was adorable! Gigi was even crying. Are you wondering what I'm waiting for posting a picture of this girl that's a'growin?

Isn't she just precious? She's 13lbs 8oz and 24" long. Growing like a weed, let me tell you!
She is still developing that personality. She's ornery. Don't believe me? LOOK.

And this shows a good picture of her size now:

She was drooling... and 'helping' Mommy clean of course :)
I fall more in love with her every day :)

Project 365: Day 6- June 22nd

We did a lot of talking yesterday as opposed to a lot of 'acting' LOL But more about that later. Just please keep E, Tayler, and myself in your prayers about some upcoming changes that might be taking place in our life. We are anxious, but very excited! I'll fill you all in, don't worry!
But want to see something that made laugh hysterically yesterday?? 

Yes, my daughter freaks out about the light on my cell phone, haha! It always flashes when I take pictures when it's kind of dark and she just thinks it's FREAKY, haha!! I love that picture of her. Makes me giggle!
And then Tayler and I went and spent the night with Papaw and Gigi :) She played on her play mat there... she's mesmerized by those toys hanging from it! And we spent a good bit of time on the front porch :) WE LOVE THE FRONT PORCH SWING... can you tell? And yes, almost all of my pictures in Project 365 are of Tayler. She's too cute for her own good, I swear.

She had some cuddle time with Gigi in…

Project 365: Day 5- June 21st

First-- let me show you the cutie patootie I have on my hands every day, haha! This little girl makes EVERY day amazing. I honestly don't even know what I did before she came into my world :) Can you tell why I'm so in love with her??  We had a pretty relaxing day today. And we hit a milestone! :) E got Tayler asleep for the first time :) Aren't they just adorable? <3 Those are my babies! Then, E went to work and it was time for Tayler and me to get some cleaning done in this house! She was my little helper....

We got it all done! We re-organized E's closet, cleaned the living room, kitchen, bathroom, her bedroom, and our bedroom :) Here are some shots of the rooms and closets!


A Diaper Stacker/Holder

So, yes.... my daughter is 2 months and 3 weeks old and I'm just now coming to the realization that I NEED a diaper holder in her bedroom. I need organization... I'm desperate, haha! There are packages of diapers laying on her floor and it just looks sooooo cluttered! So, I'm slow... and... CHEAP. I want to make my own out of Zebra Striped fabric and hot pink fabric, but HOW? 
If you want an idea of what I'm looking to make, see here:

I guess they call it a 'Diaper Stacker' in this picture, but you get the picture, haha!
Now the question is... HOW DO I DO THIS?
I try to be crafty, but I'm sometimes terrible at it. I don't own a sewing machine, thread, or even a needle, so I figure my first step should be there. I do have scissors, so I guess I'm on the right path, right?
I think I'll start with the top thing and use a hanger for that then maybe wrap the fabric around it and make a base to it. Would cardboard work for the base? Diapers really aren'…

Project 365: Day 4- June 20th

Today, I had my mind set on cleaning out my closet. You don't even understand how TERRIBLE this thing was! I know that no one besides myself and E see it, so I just don't worry about it! It means nothing to just toss clothes and anything else in there while cleaning. I always said 'I'll clean that up later...' Well, today was later! And boy oh boy, did I have a mess! This was the pile of clothes I like to call my closet/dresser :/ Ick. I know!

And OOPS. I forgot to get an 'After' shot... but E is sleeping right now, sooooo I will take a picture and post it as soon as I wake up! You won't believe how organized everything looks now. YAY! :) Plus, I have 2 trash bags full of clothes to give away! :)
And while I was cleaning out my closet, I found like 14 3-9 month sleepers for Tayler in there. Yeah, I'm not sure why I thought storing those in there was a great idea, haha, but I found them and we are set to go in that area thank the Lord! :)
After cleaning…

Project 365: Day 3- June 19th

We spent the night with my parents the night before, so we woke up this morning to some yummy chocolate chip pancakes and eggs... thanks dad! :) Tayler looked absolutely ADORABLE... if I do say so myself, haha! :) She turned away from the camera here, but it's a great shot of her cute little outfit ;)

And here's a picture of Daddy and Tayler! Happy Father's Day, E! We love you!

Once we got home, E went and worked on his boat, so I decided to 'try' and build the hammock. Boy was that a lot harder than it looks, haha! I, unfortunately, didn't get it done before he got home.. but we built it together and I think Ethan loves it! I doubt he'll do anything again, haha! Here's how our yard is set up now (don't mind the sweet tea cups and the un-cut grass... Ethan...)

See his hammock over there? Love it! We are planning on sanding and repainting the table and building a canopy for our swing. All in good time! We'll get there! :) We want it to be our little…

Project 365: Day 2- June 18th

My day started with being UBER nervous! Today was my FIRST Scentsy party (outside of my own house!) Yeah... talk about being nauseous and hot haha! They were all asking that I bring Tayler, so my mom came along to keep an eye on her (feed her, change her... you know the drill LOL) We arrived and I got started setting up the table. I wanted it to look as professional as possible. Doesn't that McDonalds Sweet Tea cup look it? haha!

And here's Tayler and Gigi after Tayler got some grub, haha!! She was OUT!

Everyone passed her around.. hehe! I think they MIGHT have liked her ;) But how could you not, right? LOL! :) We had soooooo much fun! I can't wait for another Scentsy party already!
After we got home, we started running around, packing our bags, and picking up some things so we could head over to my parent's house. My dad said the only thing he wanted for Father's Day was his kids hanging out with him... eating, playing corn hole... you know the drill! :) So, we went …