Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project 365: Day 6- June 22nd

We did a lot of talking yesterday as opposed to a lot of 'acting' LOL But more about that later. Just please keep E, Tayler, and myself in your prayers about some upcoming changes that might be taking place in our life. We are anxious, but very excited! I'll fill you all in, don't worry!

But want to see something that made laugh hysterically yesterday?? 

Yes, my daughter freaks out about the light on my cell phone, haha! It always flashes when I take pictures when it's kind of dark and she just thinks it's FREAKY, haha!! I love that picture of her. Makes me giggle!

And then Tayler and I went and spent the night with Papaw and Gigi :) She played on her play mat there... she's mesmerized by those toys hanging from it!
And we spent a good bit of time on the front porch :) WE LOVE THE FRONT PORCH SWING... can you tell? And yes, almost all of my pictures in Project 365 are of Tayler. She's too cute for her own good, I swear.

She had some cuddle time with Gigi in some adorable peejays.. those are legit peejays.. they don't zip or button. How cute, right? :)

And look at this face.. she started pitching a fit, bahahaha!

We had a fun night! Cheers to Project 365!

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