Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project 52: 12 Weeks Old :)

Our sweet baby is 12 weeks old today :) She's getting so big and so smart! She LAUGHED (I mean, a legit laugh!) for the first (other than when she's sleeping) yesterday :) It was adorable! Gigi was even crying. Are you wondering what I'm waiting for posting a picture of this girl that's a'growin?

Isn't she just precious? She's 13lbs 8oz and 24" long. Growing like a weed, let me tell you!

She is still developing that personality. She's ornery. Don't believe me? LOOK.

And this shows a good picture of her size now:

She was drooling... and 'helping' Mommy clean of course :)

I fall more in love with her every day :)

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