Friday, June 24, 2011

Rachel, 26, Virginia

This would be my gorgeous, supportive friend RACHEL:

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing a blog dedicated to the amazing singles out there (see here) so I figured why not write about one of my best friends: RACHEL.

I don't think it's fair to 'sum' Rachel up... seriously, men.... you just have to meet her :)

But if I have to, I will say this:
Rachel is one of the sweetest, most compassionate people you will ever meet. She loves young people. She is a school teacher and works with the young people at church... which means she has a heart of gold and patience. Whenever we talk, she is constantly trying to find some way to reach out to the children she works with. She wants to help change their life in any way that she can. I've talked to her on numerous occasions concerning students who appear to be struggling at school and she longs to help them in some way. She truly takes her 'school work' home with her.

Rachel is sacrificial. She works hard. And as I stated before, she is compassionate and dedicated. The past 2 years, Rachel has organized a drive at her school where students and teachers write letters to the military overseas to encourage them. Rachel receives no monetary rewards for this, but knowing that a military member across seas is receiving hope is enough for her. She inspires me (and many others) to go out and spread a smile to someone that is hurting, lonely, and even those who are being brave.

Now, apart from all that gooey-mushy stuff (haha), Rachel is HILARIOUS. Seriously-- if I could only print off the text messages I have received from this girl! You aren't bored spending time with her, that's for sure! She's always up for a good time whether it's bowling, line dancing, or reading! (And yes, we consider reading 'fun' thank you very much, haha ;)) I often receive text messages from her about reading at the beach. Jealous, right? I know! She's a beach bunny.. and wears that title well! :)

If I could only pick one single person in this world that deserves to find Mr. Right, it would be Rachel. But I don't want her to just find anyone, I want her to find someone that will cherish her in every way possible because I know that's what she deserves. Rachel deserves someone that appreciates her kindness. Rachel deserves someone that will encourage her in life, to follow her dreams. Rachel deserves someone who appreciates all that she is. Rachel deserves someone that is going to love her with ALL of their heart. She deserves the best and I hope through this..... she finds him.

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