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Project 365x3-- Day 4: March 8th

I'm not going to lie. We had a pretty lazy day today, lol :) I didn't feel too hot when I woke up, so we got our baths, got dressed for the day, and started our 'Bubble Guppie' adventure ;) My Grandma ended up stopping by with gifts for the girls :) She bought this adorable onesie for Quinn:

Isn't that cute??
And she bought Tayler some board books. Tayler LOVES them.

They're just these cute little books that she LOVES reading :) thanks Grandma!!
I had been having trouble with contractions all day yesterday and they really started to get intense through out the afternoon. I love having an app on my phone that keeps track of these kind of things because Lord knows I would forget... or lose my piece of paper, haha!

You just hit 'start timing' and then hit 'end timing' once the contraction is over. It keeps track of duration as well as the frequency. Life saver! After a nice, warm bath and a relaxing afternoon in bed, they seemed to be easing up. T…

Project 365x3: Day 3- March 7th

I spent most of my morning editing a maternity session from Wednesday evening. This was one of my favorite shots, so I thought I would share it with all of you! :) If you want to check out other work, here is my FB page:!/abayphotography :) Head on over there and add me as a friend!
I took a picture this morning of my belly... as of March 8th, we officially have 2 MONTHS until our due date. I know.. I take like 9,000 pics of this belly every day. I'm obsessed and I want to remember every single second of it :) 

She's just a growing... and kicking up a storm, haha! I swear this child never stops (well, unless we are at an ultrasound or someone else has their hand on my stomach, hahahaha!) I think we are in for it with her. Tayler was always cooperative... this one is stubborn. I think she's gonna LOOK like her daddy... AND act like him. Lord, help us! ;)
I have to tell you. Tayler LOVES 'Yo Gabba Gabba.' It's on here 24/7... I know eve…

Project 365: Day 2- March 6th

Good morning everyone!! :) 
We are on Day 2 of my Project 365X3. I am SO happy to be doing this again. You literally have no idea! 
I figured I'd start off my picture extravaganza with my 31 week pregnant photo in case you missed it yesterday ;)

And not only did I turn 31 weeks pregnant with our sweet Quinn yesterday, but I also turned

26 years old!!!!!  That's right. My birthday was yesterday and what an amazing day it was :)
Ethan, my husband, took the day off work to spend with Tayler and me and it was just perfect. We pretty much relaxed all day long. I got a nice shower while he did the dishes, swept and cleaned the floors, vacuumed, and got Tayler ready. It was awesome! He's such a sweetheart. And he already gave me my present-- our 3D/4D ultrasound of Quinn! That's all I wanted :) AND we get to go back in 18 short days. YIPPEE!
We also got to catch up on American Idol yesterday! Are any of you fans of that?? I love it. I always say every year, 'I'm not …

31 Weeks Pregnant!

31 weeks pregnant today! [3.6.2013-3.12.2013]
I know. I know. 
I'm looking chubby, haha!

There's a close up of that belly! I'm gaining it in my booty and belly, haha! It's all worth it though! I'm just gonna have to work extra hard to get in shape before Summer gets here (especially because my due date is right before summer will arrive.. May 8th. Eek!)
So, how's 31 weeks?
We had our ultrasound Saturday and let me tell you. We have one STUBBORN baby ;) She would only give us one good shot of her, so we get to go back in 3 weeks to try again, haha! Here's the shot she did give us:

She's got some chubby cheeks, hehe! They are estimating her to be about 15" long and about 3lbs 2oz. The ultrasound tech said she would probably be about 7 1/2 lbs when she is born. Of course, they said Tayler would probably be over 8lbs and she was 6lb 3oz, so you can't always go off of that, haha! We will just have to see when she gets here :) 
They did say…

Project 365x3: Day 1- March 5th, 2013

I spent most of my day today getting things organized. I made a hospital check-list so we can start getting things organized and get our bags packed in the near future. I think I packed my hospital bags for the most part when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Tayler? It was a good system. I wasn't rushing around when my water broke to make sure I had everything. We have a lot more to pack now with having to send Tayler to my parent's house for a few days and what not. I love being organized... I am a planner when it comes to things like this. I even let myself indulge in a cup of coffee while doing it. Delish!

I also started working on the grocery list for next week. I had some spare time so I figured, heck.. why not get on Pinterest and kill a few hours, haha! I seriously NEVER plan on spending that much time on there, but it sucks you in! Between grocery planning, looking at meals, photography stuff... it's terrible. But I do believe I've got the list of meals together f…

Project 365 X 3

After much debating, I think I am going to try and start a Project 365 again. I really miss being able to look back and see what was going on in our lives this past year. It gave me motivation to be a better Mommy and start blogging some more memories!
So here we go...
Project 365 X 3. 
I really want to stick with it.. forever if I could :)