Saturday, March 9, 2013

Project 365x3-- Day 4: March 8th

I'm not going to lie. We had a pretty lazy day today, lol :) I didn't feel too hot when I woke up, so we got our baths, got dressed for the day, and started our 'Bubble Guppie' adventure ;) My Grandma ended up stopping by with gifts for the girls :) She bought this adorable onesie for Quinn:

Isn't that cute??

And she bought Tayler some board books. Tayler LOVES them.

They're just these cute little books that she LOVES reading :) thanks Grandma!!

I had been having trouble with contractions all day yesterday and they really started to get intense through out the afternoon. I love having an app on my phone that keeps track of these kind of things because Lord knows I would forget... or lose my piece of paper, haha!

You just hit 'start timing' and then hit 'end timing' once the contraction is over. It keeps track of duration as well as the frequency. Life saver! After a nice, warm bath and a relaxing afternoon in bed, they seemed to be easing up. The doctor didn't seem extremely concerned, just gave me orders to keep an eye on things, drink lots of water, and keep my feet up!

After I started feeling better, we all got ready and went to the skating rink for my little cousin's 7th birthday! Hard to believe she's '7.' I remember holding her at the hospital when she was just born!

The good ol' skating rink. I haven't been there in years. My brother and I were joking that the place hasn't changed a bit since we were kids, lol :) I, of course, didn't skate, but Ethan, Dad, and I tag-teamed Tayler the entire time!

My Aunt Shelly took some photos at the party and I wanted to share a few of my munchkin:

She was wearing us out, haha! She wanted to be on the skating rink floor SO bad, lol! Maybe next year one of us can take her out there ;) but tonight, it wasn't happening, haha! I feel like she looks so big in these pictures. Gets me all choked up. My baby totally isn't a baby anymore :( Thanks for the pictures Aunt Shell!

And while being there.. and probably partially due to me chasing Tayler everywhere (haha), the contractions were back, so we ended up leaving early so I could come home and put my feet up. My little munchkin made it so much better though :) She is the prettiest little thing. She kept coming over to me and rubbing my arm and leg... then she curled up next to me while we watched 'Bubble Guppies' :) What a fun Friday night!

Such a pretty girl :)

It was a great day! Hoping Saturday is even better... and that there's no more harsh contractions for the time being ;) She needs to bake longer, gosh darn it!

Cheers to Project 365x3!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 3- March 7th

I spent most of my morning editing a maternity session from Wednesday evening. This was one of my favorite shots, so I thought I would share it with all of you! :) If you want to check out other work, here is my FB page:!/abayphotography :) Head on over there and add me as a friend!

I took a picture this morning of my belly... as of March 8th, we officially have 2 MONTHS until our due date. I know.. I take like 9,000 pics of this belly every day. I'm obsessed and I want to remember every single second of it :) 

She's just a growing... and kicking up a storm, haha! I swear this child never stops (well, unless we are at an ultrasound or someone else has their hand on my stomach, hahahaha!) I think we are in for it with her. Tayler was always cooperative... this one is stubborn. I think she's gonna LOOK like her daddy... AND act like him. Lord, help us! ;)

I have to tell you. Tayler LOVES 'Yo Gabba Gabba.' It's on here 24/7... I know every episode... every song. I jump up inside (and out) when I see there's a new episode so I can hear/watch something new, but she has found a new love... BLESS THE LORD, haha!


Yes, my friends. We can watch this.. and we laugh.. and laugh. I have watched this 'We Love to Rock' episode about 95x. I can't wait for her birthday... we are going to buy her some 'Bubble Guppies' DVDs so we don't have to watch the same ones on demand consistently. I am so excited... It's something new and I don't mind hearing it all day, haha! I love hearing her giggle too!

Later on in the evening, we went to Papaw and Gigi's house. That seems to be our Thursday night routine anymore. Tayler loves being over there, so we try and get there for her to play at least one night a week :) She is hilarious with this basket protector of my mom's... she is always sitting in it.. and tonight I went back to check on her (in her big girl room there...) and she was stuck in it. HYSTERICAL.

Not the best quality because they were on my cell phone, but you get the picture, haha! :)

And my mom and dad bought her a hot pink toy box that matches her room... but her favorite thing is to stand on it and 'jump' (I say jump, but really she just falls forward hoping someone will catch her LOL) This is what we did about 50,000 times last night ;) I won't say she was hyper because someone kept feeding her the puppy chow my mom was making.... DAD.

She is too cute for her own good sometimes. LOL

And we even paused for a photo ;)

Of course, she just wanted to keep jumping, but she gave in for one shot, haha! :)

We finally packed things up and headed home to watch 'American Idol.' If you remember correctly, they were picking the TOP 10 tonight :) So, we got all of our peejays on and cuddled in bed.

Yesterday, I posted that I thought these people were making it through:

1. Burnell Taylor
2. Curtis Finch Jr. (MY FAVORITE GUY!)
3. Lazaro Arbos
4. Nick Boddington Devin Velez 
5. Elijah Liu Paul Jolley

1. Angie Miller (MY FAVORITE BEYOND FAVORITES. I hope she wins the whole thing!)
2. Breanna Steer Janelle Miller 
3. Aubrey Cleland Amber Holcomb 
4. Tenna Torres Kree Harrison 
5. Candice Glover

I've x-ed out who didn't make it through that I thought and wrote who made it next to their name!

So, I was 5 for 10, haha! :) I honestly cannot believe Tenna Torres didn't make it. She was my favorite under Angie Miller, but oh well I suppose! That's the way the wind blew. What are your thoughts? Did your favorites make it?? My girl favorite/guy favorite made it through, so I am pretty happy! Can't wait for the real competition to start :)

Cheers to Project 365x3.. it's almost the weekend!!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Project 365: Day 2- March 6th

Good morning everyone!! :) 

We are on Day 2 of my Project 365X3. I am SO happy to be doing this again. You literally have no idea! 

I figured I'd start off my picture extravaganza with my 31 week pregnant photo in case you missed it yesterday ;)

And not only did I turn 31 weeks pregnant with our sweet Quinn yesterday, but I also turned

26 years old!!!!! 

That's right. My birthday was yesterday and what an amazing day it was :)

Ethan, my husband, took the day off work to spend with Tayler and me and it was just perfect. We pretty much relaxed all day long. I got a nice shower while he did the dishes, swept and cleaned the floors, vacuumed, and got Tayler ready. It was awesome! He's such a sweetheart. And he already gave me my present-- our 3D/4D ultrasound of Quinn! That's all I wanted :) AND we get to go back in 18 short days. YIPPEE!

We also got to catch up on American Idol yesterday! Are any of you fans of that?? I love it. I always say every year, 'I'm not watching it this season...' but I always get sucked in! :)

We got to watch the girl's performances from the night before thanks to DVR and then we watched the boy's performances last night before bed. :) What are my thoughts??? Here are the people who I think will be voted in to the TOP 10 TONIGHT!! (Are you excited???)

1. Angie Miller (MY FAVORITE BEYOND FAVORITES. I hope she wins the whole thing!)
2. Breanna Steer
3. Aubrey Cleland
4. Tenna Torres
5. Candice Glover

I'm on the fence about Kree Harrison. Everyone seems to love her, but I just can't get in to her music. Either way, those are who I think will be the top 5.. One could go home and add Kree could take her spot. I'm just not sure.

1. Burnell Taylor
2. Curtis Finch Jr. (MY FAVORITE GUY!)
3. Lazaro Arbos
4. Nick Boddington
5. Elijah Liu

I am not really a huge fan of the guys. I think it's definitely a girl's year to win. What are your thoughts???

After our relaxing day, I had a photo session, then it was off to dinner to LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE. Mmmm! I hadn't been there before and what a treat that was! We met my mom and dad there and we had so much fun!

Here's Tayler waiting on Pap and Gigi to get there. She had three whole slices of bread, haha! She had been battling with the flu for about a week and I am so relieved that she finally has an appetite back! Ethan thinks he 'restarted her metabolism' when he gave her two chocolate chip cookie bars Tuesday night... LOL

She looks a mess, but I promise her hair looked absolutely adorable, haha! She even had skinny jeans on and boots that go almost to her knees. She is too stinking cute for words!

We had such a good dinner! We ordered a Texas Tonion (onion petals.. yum), salads, and I had the chicken tenders/fries (I shared with Tayler!) and Ethan had the Parmasean Crusted Chicken. He said it was amazing! My mom and dad had steak and trout! :) It was DELISH.

Ethan even told them it was my birthday (I was so embarrassed! LOL) But they gave me a sundae with it so that made it all better!

I even got to blow out a candle! :)

And I shared it with Tayler. My mom took these pics on her cell and sent them to me, haha! I loved them. She usually HATES us feeding her anything, but she was perfectly fine with this lol!

Yum! She had it everywhere :)

And Mom and Dad bought me some gifts!

They bought me chocolates (any girls dream haha) and tons of make-up. Make-up is one thing I NEVER splurge on. I wait til the last possible second to purchase any of it.. like I seriously have to be completely out of whatever I am using, so this was HUGE for me :) They bought me two things of blush, two new eye shadow kits, mascara, eye liner, and nail polish. I can't wait to get ready today and use all of it!

I had SUCH an amazing day! So much love on Facebook it was insane. The fire department even let off sirens (just kidding.. it wasn't for me. I think there was a statewide tornado siren test or something? haha) but either way, it was awesome!

I loved it :)

I hope you all had an amazing day today!

Cheers to Project365X3, 26 years old, and 31 weeks pregnant!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

31 Weeks Pregnant!

31 weeks pregnant today! [3.6.2013-3.12.2013]

I know. I know. 

I'm looking chubby, haha!

There's a close up of that belly! I'm gaining it in my booty and belly, haha! It's all worth it though! I'm just gonna have to work extra hard to get in shape before Summer gets here (especially because my due date is right before summer will arrive.. May 8th. Eek!)

So, how's 31 weeks?


We had our ultrasound Saturday and let me tell you. We have one STUBBORN baby ;) She would only give us one good shot of her, so we get to go back in 3 weeks to try again, haha! Here's the shot she did give us:

She's got some chubby cheeks, hehe! They are estimating her to be about 15" long and about 3lbs 2oz. The ultrasound tech said she would probably be about 7 1/2 lbs when she is born. Of course, they said Tayler would probably be over 8lbs and she was 6lb 3oz, so you can't always go off of that, haha! We will just have to see when she gets here :) 

They did say... and I quote, 'She has the most hair I have EVER seen on a 30 week baby!'

There it is sticking up on the ultrasound. I can't wait to see it. Eek! It makes me that much more excited :)

'The Bump' says she is the size of a pineapple this week. They are estimating her to be about 15.6-16.7" long and about 2.5-3.8lbs which is pretty accurate! :)

Heartburn has been kicked in to overdrive. I know I keep saying this, but this child better come out with a ponytail down her back after all of this, haha!! We will see, right?? 

We have 42-63 more days (6-9 weeks) until she is here. Doesn't even seem real! I can't believe I can officially say I could SO have a baby next month. *BIG EYES* Whoa! 

We still have nothing done. We are waiting for our income taxes to come back to really start purchasing things. I have made a list and a registry for my own memory... now we just wait, haha! We only need a few things like a baby bath, rocker for Quinn to sleep in, more wash cloths/towels, a 'coming-home' outfit, a diaper bag, and of course-- diapers! Come on, Lord. Send that money our way, haha! :)

Alright. Are we ready for the 31 week questions?? Are you guys getting tired of these yet?? haha!

How far along? 31 Weeks
Total Weight Gain? It was 18 pounds at the doctor two weeks ago. I always get nervous about getting my weight checked.. that number just keeps climbing LOL
Maternity Clothes?  Yes! Still wearing some pre-preggo shirts, but definitely maternity pants, haha!
Stretch Marks?  I had them with Tayler! lol 
Sleep? Not great this week! :( I have so much back pain with this pregnancy!
Best Moment of This Week:  Seeing Quinn on the ultrasound. She had hiccups--- it was so cute!
Miss Anything? Comfortable sleep. Having a stiff drink after a stressful day LOL!!! Drinking a buttload of sweet tea. Having a skinny body lol!
Movement? Oh yes! She is super active. I love it!
Food Cravings? Subway. Details? White bread with pepperjack cheese, pepperoni, salami, onions, vinegar, and black pepper... not toasted. YUM. 
Anything Make You Queasy/Sick?  Poopy diapers. Trash. BLEH.
Gender: GIRL!! :) Our Quinn Makenzie!
Labor Signs?  Braxton Hicks here and there.
Symptoms: Constant peeing. Back pain. Braxton Hicks. Hemorrhoids. Gross. HAHA. 
Belly Button In or Out?  Quinn almost has her completely out, haha!
Weddings Rings On Or Off? On for now! :)
Happy or Moody this week? Very happy! :)
Looking Forward To:  Our ultrasound on March 24th.. :) Hearing her heartbeat next Tuesday! 

Cheers to 31 weeks... on to 32 weeks!! 

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Project 365x3: Day 1- March 5th, 2013

I spent most of my day today getting things organized. I made a hospital check-list so we can start getting things organized and get our bags packed in the near future. I think I packed my hospital bags for the most part when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Tayler? It was a good system. I wasn't rushing around when my water broke to make sure I had everything. We have a lot more to pack now with having to send Tayler to my parent's house for a few days and what not. I love being organized... I am a planner when it comes to things like this. I even let myself indulge in a cup of coffee while doing it. Delish!

I also started working on the grocery list for next week. I had some spare time so I figured, heck.. why not get on Pinterest and kill a few hours, haha! I seriously NEVER plan on spending that much time on there, but it sucks you in! Between grocery planning, looking at meals, photography stuff... it's terrible. But I do believe I've got the list of meals together for next week! I'm excited! :)

So that was basically my whole day. I spent it with this munchkin too.

 Doesn't she look adorable in that git-up?

 And that juice-- a life saver. It has 1 serving of fruit and 1 serving of veggies in it. Perfect for a picky-eater (who was NEVER a picky-eater until recently... just like how she used to adore naps and now hates them.) She's turning '2' soon.. and I see it all over her, haha!

Oh and bath time was so much fun today. I took a pic to remember her hair haha!


We spent the evening attempting to keep her awake so she'll sleep tonight. For some reason, like I said, she's refusing to take naps anymore. I don't know if she thinks she's too busy for them or what. My mom said it's because she's scared she's going to miss out on something. Either way-- it makes for long evenings because we fight with her to stay awake until about 8:30PM. Not fun, haha! She crashed about 6:30PM.. and we let her sleep for about an hour...  She still went to bed pretty easily, so that was nice :)

As the evening progressed, we cuddled up and watched 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'Lying Games.' Any fans out there? They are our addiction! I DVRed 'American Idol' so I will have to give you my update on that later ;)

'Pretty Little Liars' was wonderful tonight.. as always. Spencer has obviously gone off the deep end... super sad :( I am so anxious to know how everything is going to tie together. And as far as 'The Lying Game' goes.. my heart is absolutely breaking for Dan! :( My husband has a theory that Thayer is behind the whole Theresa incident.. to set up Alec, but I'm just not sure! What are your thoughts??

Hope you all had an amazing day today :) Cheers to Project 365X3!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Project 365 X 3

After much debating, I think I am going to try and start a Project 365 again. I really miss being able to look back and see what was going on in our lives this past year. It gave me motivation to be a better Mommy and start blogging some more memories!

So here we go...

Project 365 X 3. 

I really want to stick with it.. forever if I could :) 

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