Thursday, March 7, 2013

Project 365: Day 2- March 6th

Good morning everyone!! :) 

We are on Day 2 of my Project 365X3. I am SO happy to be doing this again. You literally have no idea! 

I figured I'd start off my picture extravaganza with my 31 week pregnant photo in case you missed it yesterday ;)

And not only did I turn 31 weeks pregnant with our sweet Quinn yesterday, but I also turned

26 years old!!!!! 

That's right. My birthday was yesterday and what an amazing day it was :)

Ethan, my husband, took the day off work to spend with Tayler and me and it was just perfect. We pretty much relaxed all day long. I got a nice shower while he did the dishes, swept and cleaned the floors, vacuumed, and got Tayler ready. It was awesome! He's such a sweetheart. And he already gave me my present-- our 3D/4D ultrasound of Quinn! That's all I wanted :) AND we get to go back in 18 short days. YIPPEE!

We also got to catch up on American Idol yesterday! Are any of you fans of that?? I love it. I always say every year, 'I'm not watching it this season...' but I always get sucked in! :)

We got to watch the girl's performances from the night before thanks to DVR and then we watched the boy's performances last night before bed. :) What are my thoughts??? Here are the people who I think will be voted in to the TOP 10 TONIGHT!! (Are you excited???)

1. Angie Miller (MY FAVORITE BEYOND FAVORITES. I hope she wins the whole thing!)
2. Breanna Steer
3. Aubrey Cleland
4. Tenna Torres
5. Candice Glover

I'm on the fence about Kree Harrison. Everyone seems to love her, but I just can't get in to her music. Either way, those are who I think will be the top 5.. One could go home and add Kree could take her spot. I'm just not sure.

1. Burnell Taylor
2. Curtis Finch Jr. (MY FAVORITE GUY!)
3. Lazaro Arbos
4. Nick Boddington
5. Elijah Liu

I am not really a huge fan of the guys. I think it's definitely a girl's year to win. What are your thoughts???

After our relaxing day, I had a photo session, then it was off to dinner to LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE. Mmmm! I hadn't been there before and what a treat that was! We met my mom and dad there and we had so much fun!

Here's Tayler waiting on Pap and Gigi to get there. She had three whole slices of bread, haha! She had been battling with the flu for about a week and I am so relieved that she finally has an appetite back! Ethan thinks he 'restarted her metabolism' when he gave her two chocolate chip cookie bars Tuesday night... LOL

She looks a mess, but I promise her hair looked absolutely adorable, haha! She even had skinny jeans on and boots that go almost to her knees. She is too stinking cute for words!

We had such a good dinner! We ordered a Texas Tonion (onion petals.. yum), salads, and I had the chicken tenders/fries (I shared with Tayler!) and Ethan had the Parmasean Crusted Chicken. He said it was amazing! My mom and dad had steak and trout! :) It was DELISH.

Ethan even told them it was my birthday (I was so embarrassed! LOL) But they gave me a sundae with it so that made it all better!

I even got to blow out a candle! :)

And I shared it with Tayler. My mom took these pics on her cell and sent them to me, haha! I loved them. She usually HATES us feeding her anything, but she was perfectly fine with this lol!

Yum! She had it everywhere :)

And Mom and Dad bought me some gifts!

They bought me chocolates (any girls dream haha) and tons of make-up. Make-up is one thing I NEVER splurge on. I wait til the last possible second to purchase any of it.. like I seriously have to be completely out of whatever I am using, so this was HUGE for me :) They bought me two things of blush, two new eye shadow kits, mascara, eye liner, and nail polish. I can't wait to get ready today and use all of it!

I had SUCH an amazing day! So much love on Facebook it was insane. The fire department even let off sirens (just kidding.. it wasn't for me. I think there was a statewide tornado siren test or something? haha) but either way, it was awesome!

I loved it :)

I hope you all had an amazing day today!

Cheers to Project365X3, 26 years old, and 31 weeks pregnant!

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