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We are 38 weeks pregnant today [4.24.2013] Hard to believe we only have 14 days until our due date. This pregnancy has flown by! 
So what's a 38 week pregnant lady look like??

I feel like I look really tired in that picture. I feel it today, lol! I slept all night and when Tayler woke me up at 7AM... I felt like I hardly slept. I'm just worn out, haha! 
The Bump says that Quinn is the size of a Pumpkin this week. They estimate she is about 6.2-9.2lbs and about 18.9-20.9" long. The doctors seem to think she will probably be about 7.5lbs and about 20" long. 
We are finally all moved in to our new place if you couldn't tell by the surroundings of our newest picture :) We are completely ready for Quinn!! :) It's all up to her when she wants to make her grand entrance. 
I had an appointment yesterday and I am not dilated or effaced. The same thing happened with Tayler though, haha! I wasn't dilated or effaced at my 38 week appointment (I was 38 weeks 4 days) …