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Project 366: Day 36 [March 23rd]

Do I even have to tell y'all what today was?
It's Friday. I'll give you three guesses.
Nope, my birthday was March 6th.
Nope, Tayler's birthday is close, but not today.
YES. It was CLEANING DAY. That's my Friday morning ritual. Hopefully y'all are picking up on that by now, but if not, I'll certainly let it slide ;)
You know, it gets more and more difficult to clean with a toddler following after you and getting into everything that you have just put away or cleaned. I tried to keep her in her play room, haha, but that didn't work either! And then she ended up coming in behind me and falling on the freshly mopped floors. Yes, talk about stressful, haha! But we FINALLY got things finished. Don't you adore a fresh, clean house? Me too!
So, here's a few pictures of our clean, clean, clean home:

That was our front entryway, our kitchen, and our living room.
Do you have a cleaning schedule? I know a few women that clean a different room each day. I…

I've Been Tagged! So Have You!

I've been tagged!!
The rules: •You must post the rules.
•Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you; then create 11 questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
•Tag 11 people and link them in your post.
•Let them know you have tagged them
Here are my answers for the questions from Melissa over at When One + One = Four:

1.  What is your favorite childhood memory? I would have to say playing outside! I remember it so vividly. We had a 'club house' at one of our friend's slides. And yes, we were an official club!! We had a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Thank you Baby Sitters Club for creating that, haha :)

2.  What time do you go to bed at night? Usually between 9:30PM and 10:30PM. That's usually when Tayler falls asleep and believe me, when she's sleeping.. you learn to get yours as well haha

3.  How often do you get your hair cut? Usually once every 3 months or so!

4. Paper or Plastic?  Plastic. Don't hate me.

5.  What couldn't you…

Project 366: Day 35 [March 22nd]

It was yet another gorgeous day in our world today! But guess what? Our air conditioner wasn't working. I know, how devastating? :( So, Tayler and I had to hang out around the house and wait for them to arrive to fix it! It was freezing up.. who would have guessed, haha! The guy eventually came and we were joking around about how he's probably never had to go fix someone's air conditioning in MARCH before. He said it's definitely new to him! Crazy, right? I can't believe I'm actually getting tan and it's MARCH haha! At least it's a head start, right? haha! 
But anyways... thought I'd share a picture of our sweet Tayler. She turned 51 weeks old today. That means there's only 1 week left of 'Project 52' and mercy, I remember when I started it! Crazy to think that she's almost a year old.

That outfit was so cute yesterday, too! My Grandma Smith bought it for her! Thanks Grams! :)
Then we spent a LOT of time outside! :) It's too nic…

Project 366: Day 34 [March 21st]

I know, you're probably getting tired of me saying how beautiful the days are around here! Yesterday it was about 82 degrees, which is completely out if the ordinary for this time of year! It is crazy to think that this time last year, I was walking to get Tayler out wearing jeans and sweatshirts! But my question is this-- if Summer came in March, does that mean that Autumn is going to come in August. I won't be hatin', I'll tell you that much, haha! But anyways, Tayler and I went outside yet again today and boy oh boy, did she enjoy it! She loves hearing the birds chirp. It is the sweetest thing :)

And look at this happy smile:

She ain't no fool, haha! She knows what to do when the camera is out ;) We had such a good time! Since all of our chores were done Monday and Tuesday, we decided we'd relax today. Then, we went to Pap and Gigi's house. We see them often, but it's usually just for like 20-40 minutes at a time. They'll stop over on lunch hour…

Weekly Meals 3/26-3/31

I went ahead and made the grocery list for Friday already. With Tayler's party coming up, I just wanted to get it out of the way! :) So here we go:
Monday 3/26 Breakfast Casserole
Tuesday 3/27 Hamburger Gravy over Toast Wednesday 3/28 Hamburgers on the grill with Baked Potatoes
Thursday 3/29 Chicken Alfredo/Garlic Bread (we didn't get to it last week lol)
Friday 3/30 Skillet Meal
Saturday 3/31 It's Tay's birthday!
What's on your schedule for next week?

Project 366: Day 33 [March 20th]

Goooood morning my sweet friends out there! :) Don't you love gorgeous, sunshine-y mornings? I do! And I especially love mornings when there are packages on my front door step, haha! It was a Scentsy package, of course! We are preparing to re-do our office after we get the upstairs finished and we are painting it like a baby-blue color with black and white accents, so we purchased a black and white warmer to go along with it and I bought a new Summer scent: Sunkissed Citrus! YAY :) I LOVE that scent and I can't wait for my house to smell like it, hehe!

Isn't that a gorgeous warmer? *sigh* I just love it!
Then Tayler and I packed up our blanket, toys, and water and we went outside to sit for a little while. I hate to keep her inside when it is so beautiful out! This is the first summer that she can really, truly enjoy the gorgeous weather. Okay-- scratch that, I'm getting ahead of my self, haha! It FEELS like Summer but surely isn't! ;) Since today was the first da…

Project 366: Day 32 [March 19th]

It was such a Summer-y day out today and I was so excited for Tayler to wear this cute little outfit. It has strawberries all over it and oh my word, she is just too adorable in it!

Doesn't she look just ornery? Oh believe me, haha, she is! :) We went outside for a little bit and enjoyed Mother Nature, we saw Gigi for a bit, and then we came back inside. And wouldn't you know it, when we came inside I smelled 'something.' All of you parents know what I mean, right? Yea.. I smelled STINK, haha! I checked Tayler and sure enough, she had pottyed, but I'm not just talking a normal potty... this was explosive pottying and yes, the cute little strawberry outfit was 'ruined' for the moment. 
And thus, outfit #2 was placed upon her, haha! She's so ornery, but she still looked absolutely adorable!

I just adore that little girl. She is my whole entire world.
After that, we ran some errands with Daddy. We had to stop and pick up some pictures at Sam's Club. W…