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25 Weeks Pregnant

We turned 25 weeks pregnant on July 16, 2014! 
A lot of people have asked: I got the shirt and skirt at Rue 21 online and I ordered the glasses from Zenni Optical! ;)
According to 'Baby Bump,' baby boy is about 13" long and weighing in at about 1.5pounds. They say he's the size of a rutabaga.
We are FINALLY getting things done for little man. I actually have clothes. That's still about it, but we are making some progress LOL
I am still craving omelettes something fierce. Egg with onions, green peppers, red potatoes, bacon, and lots of hot sauce. Delicious! Would you believe I HATED eggs before this pregnancy??? 
We only have 12-15 weeks left (that's only 84-105 days!) That just sounds too close LOL I'm starting to get really nervous!
We have 3 weeks (now- 20 days) til we are in the 3rd trimester. Does it seem like this pregnancy is flying for anyone else??
Now, for the weekly questions:
How far along? 25 weeks. Total Weight Gain? 7 pounds so far :) Mater…

24 Weeks Pregnant

How far along? 24 weeks. Total Weight Gain? 7 pounds so far :) Maternity Clothes? Not really. Just maxi dresses and maxi skirts!
Stretch Marks? I have some from both pregnancies already!
Sleep: Hasn't been too bad this week other than peeing a ton has come back with a vengeance LOL Best Moment of This Week: Feeling him up near my ribs :) It lets me know he's getting bigger! Miss Anything? I needed a beer this week LOL Movement: Yes! Lots :)
Food Cravings: OMELETTES.
Anything Make You Queasy or Sick? Just certain smells-- can't handle it!
Gender: BOY!!
Labor Signs: I'd sure hope not! :) Symptoms: Peeing constantly, feeling movement, back pain :) Belly Button In or Out? She's an innie!
Wedding rings on or off? It's hit and miss anymore! If I'm active (taking a walk) they're usually off!
Happy or Moody this Week?  I've been pretty happy this week!
Looking Forward To: Date night with my husband Saturday :)