Thursday, September 1, 2011

Project 365: Day 76: August 31st (Project 52)

Holy friggin' cow.

Allow me to regroup here. 

It has been 5 months since my sweet baby was born. Does that even seem real? To me, it doesn't, but I know when I look at her, I see a baby that is changing to not being a 'baby' anymore (although she will ALWAYS be mommy's baby!) 

So what does this 5 month old look like now?

So big!

She is about 19 pounds now, 27" long.

Tayler, your sleeping is a little off again. Not sure what happened there, haha! At 4 months, you'd clonk out about 10PM and not wake up until 5AM... sometimes... 7AM. Now that you're a big shot ;) you're waking up like 3x a night to eat. Are you growing? haha! :) Either way, I love walking into your room and seeing that HUGE smile on your face when you see me! Makes my night :) But when you throw a temper tantrum, kick, and smack because you don't want to go to sleep... well, that makes me cry, haha! Not sure where this temper and attitude came from (I blame your father!!) but it terrifies me for the future, bahahaha!

You're sitting up with ease now (including in the bath tub!) You ate a WHOLE jar of baby food in one sitting for the first time this week. Impressive. 

Apple juice has finally grown on you.

Your first tooth is SO close to coming thru! We are all just waiting!

Naps are becoming non-existent. It takes me 4 hours to get you to lay down now. Then Mommy needs a nap, but you only sleep for about 20 minutes. I don't even get to sleep by then, haha!

You're saying a lot of sounds now! We're just waiting for you to link those to people! We're waiting for that first word :) We are super excited!

You're doing a scoot kind of thing with your little knees. You turned a complete 180 the other night.. then pitched a fit. Please note that you have the pouty face NAILED, future Mrs. Cindy Crawford, haha!

All in all, you make our world a better place. You are so sweet and so beautiful.. and not to mention smart! I cannot wait to see where you are in the near future angel of ours!

After that little update, lets discuss the rest of our Wednesday! After Daddy came home from work, we had dinner, then we all went out to get some snacks and rent a movie. Guess what we rented??


Super cute movie if you haven't seen it yet!

Sorry for the picture quality. My camera was clear across the room, haha!

Tayler enjoyed sitting up like a big girl and watching this awesome cartoon with Mommy and Daddy :)



Such a big girl!

Happy 5 Months sweetheart! We love you!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project 365: Day 75- August 30th

We had a Big Brothers Big Sisters Appreciation Dinner today :) If you are not familiar with this organization, please do! It is a wonderful organization that matches children with adults to give them a positive role model, someone to talk to, someone to confide in. We were matched when I was a Sophomore in college with a young man named Brad who has inevitably become my brother. I don't see any different between him and my siblings who are 'blood.' Then, a year ago, we were matched with a 9 year old named Ethan. He did not have a father figure and was in need of that male role model in his life. Well, he not only became our 'little'.... he became our family. So, we had a dinner last night to honor those that have had matches for 1 year (and other great honors!) Here is Tayler getting ready to head out the door for the dinner :)

And here's Tayler and Mommy before walking out the door:

Can you tell that we have a lot of fun together? haha! Cause we doooo :)

They had the place decorated sooo cute! The theme this year was 'Start Something BIG!' (Get it? :)) And they had it decorated with a 'school theme.' They had 'Thank You' in foreign languages, erasers on the table, markers on the table, flash cards on the table... BEAUTIFUL :)

The dinner was amazing too! We had lasagna, salads, rolls, succotash, and brownies... mmm! :) Plus they served us Coke. My favorite, haha! 

Here is the crew after the dinner and awards ceremony:
Tayler LOVED Ethan's hair apparently, haha! Notice his look? LOL!
Unfortunately Ethan is leaving us soon :( They are relocating and it just breaks our hearts, but I hope we can get a new match because I LOVE doing this program! 

Once we headed out, Ethan had a bouquet of balloons and Tayler was mesmerized by them, haha!

She is the cutest thing EVER! :)


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project 365: Day 74- August 29th

Since Ethan works right down the road now, we are learning some new benefits. Ethan previously worked about 1.5 hours away from home..... but NOW? He gets to come home for lunch!!! How exciting is that? It's so weird! He's 5 minutes up the road but I miss him like crazy when he is gone! :) So, when he said he was coming home for lunch, I freaked out, haha! And of course, started making lunch. What did we have? 

Peanut Butter and Jelly, macaroni and cheese (I added jalapenos to mine!), and tator tots :) Yes, we were very much like 4th graders, haha! But it was yummy! Ethan even said so! 

And guess what Ethan got in the mail today??


Congrats baby!

I'm not going to post pictures on here because that has a little too much info on it, but know that they are amazingly cool and colorful :)

And after Ethan got home from work last night, we were playing with Tayler on the floor. She is starting this 'scoot' thing now with her knees, but after awhile, she gets REALLY tired of it and starts pitching a royal fit....

So, then Daddy tries to console her...

And she's so much of a drama queen that even his kisses don't quite work.

And the fit eventually ends like this.....

I know! How can we resist that face? She's freaking adorable! We have our hands full from this point on out..... ey yi yi!


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project 365: Day 73- August 28th

We went to our hometown today to drop off some Scentsy things, then we met my parents at our local welcome center to see my sister and my aunt perform in our local talent competition. I was doing great. Had everything packed for Tayler, a water for me (gotta stay hydrated, y'all!), and I had my new camera. Yea, Yea! Things were good..

Pulled out my camera to start taking pictures and guess what?

NO SD CARD. *smacks head* I left it at home. Boo! Soooo, all of these are phone pics. Sue me :(

But here is my sister singing her little heart out:

She did soooo good! She sang 'Then You Look at Me!' If you're reading this, you tore it up Jenn and I am so proud of you! :)

Then my Aunt Shelly sang with her friend from college, Aaron. They ended up winning! Woot woot!

Here is where they were preparing to announce the winner:

Tayler was JAMMING to some of the music, haha! They had some country tunes, some pop tunes... she was loving it. Tons of lights and some loouuuuud music! Her favorite! (Yes, you know she's my kid!)

And after, we went to 'Steak n Shake' with the fam and Papaw was being BAD!!! HAHAHAHA!!

And for all of you out there preparing to yell at me for letting my daughter eat ice cream... she didn't REALLY eat it :) Papaw just thinks it's funny to say 'Mommy......' and hear me say 'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!' 

They are too cute together. He can't wait for her to be able to eat that kind of stuff :)


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Project 365: Day 72- August 27th

I have been SO excited for Saturday, August 27th. Why you might be wondering? 



Yea, yea, yea.. you've probably seen my pictures I posted before in July of our family reunion. I didn't lie. We had one then, haha! :) But that was for my Grandma's side of the family. Today was for my Grandpa's side of the family :) Can you tell I LOVE family reunions? I love seeing everyone, having a good time, the yummy food (my family can cook, y'all!), and of course, showing off my BUG! :)

But of course, Papaw had her most of the time ;) I think he's a tad bit smitten!

And oh my word, look at them rolls--- HAHAHA! Yes, my daughter is WAY too cute ;)

And my sweetheart hanging out with all of us. We were watching Papaw, Adam, Audra, and Gigi play some cornhole. She was sitting on the soft blankie (also watching the doggies!)

Gah. I can't believe all of the amazing things she is doing so early in life! :) She just shocks me every single day!

And she posed with her momma too. I think I am her favorite ;) haha!

Unfortunately Daddy couldn't be with us today. Darn it... But he came home shortly after we got home and we went to the ALUMNI game! It was so neat! My old high school brought in alumni football players from 1984 and on to play against some alumni football players from another local high school! It was HILARIOUS and so much fun!

My cousin Adam played in it. Yea, yea #78--

It got REALLY chilly out after the sun went down thanks to the IMMENSE AND CRAZY wind! (Thank you Hurrican Irene!) haha! :) So we were all bundled up.. sweatshirts, jeans, socks, shoes... and oh, how cute was my sweet Tayter-Bug Saturday night?

That hat just fit her head so snugly. And see that ornery face? Yes, we have our work cut out for us in the NEAR future LOL!! I love that little girl! :)

We had soooo much fun today and it was sooo nice to spend some time with my hubby! I felt like I hadn't seen him in forever, haha!


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Project 365: Day 71- August 26th

We went to the first football game of the season for my old high school and of course, Tayler sported the proper wear for it ;) Would she dress any other way? I mean, come on, haha!

Before we got the the game, we went out to eat with my brother Corey and his fiance Marie. And guess what? Tayler sat up like a BIG GIRL. She sits up in a high chair at home to get her baby food, but she has never sat in a high chair at a restaurant. I was so excited and she thought she was big stuff :P

Here's a shot of the team out on the field... go boys!

And Gigi OF COURSE had to post with our sweetheart after she woke up :)

We had SUCH a good time today! :) It was sooo good to hang out with everyone!